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This is hilarious.

From Reuters: In battleground state, Mueller report could hold dangers for Dems

That would be so funny after the Dems in Congress have built this up and built this up if the report ends up backfiring on them and instead turns out Trump's supporters.

They're pretty much all crooked.

And incapable of accountability.  Hillary still can't take accountability.  I love this Tweet where she's held accountable.

girl bye. You didn’t show up in Wisconsin after one of Milwaukee’s biggest urban uprisings and 40% of black nonvoters all over the country said they just weren’t interested or disliked the candidates. Tell the DNC to do better instead of blaming Russia and facebook.

:D  Exactly.

US Senator Sandres: American troops have been in for nearly 18 years, Iraq since 2003 & in Syria since 2015. The American people do not want endless war. Congress must reassert its Constitutional authority over the use of force & responsibly end these interventions.

I liked Bernie last time.  Might vote for him this time, might not.  Glad he's mentioning Iraq.  Hope he gets serious about talking about it.

Right now, I'm supporting Tulsi for the Democratic Party's presidential nomination.

  1. We must never forget our dark and bloodied past, & the heroes who changed the course of our nation by courageously leading with love to defeat the hatred & violence that surrounded them. They inspire us to continue the march toward justice, equality & freedom
  2. My heart is with the people of Alabama and Georgia whose homes and lives have been so devastated by these tornadoes, and the loved ones of those whose lives were lost. Many thanks to the first responders who are working around the clock to recover survivors.
  3. As president, I will put service above self—the interests of the American people above any personal interests—and stand up against the powerful forces of greed and corruption.
  4. We need to end the new cold war. We need to halt the inflammatory rhetoric, pursue agreements like the INF treaty instead of abandoning them, and put the safety of our people and the entire planet before politics.

Here's C.I.'s "Iraq snapshot:"

Monday, March 4, 2019.  More US bases are built in Iraq while Iraqis continue to suffer from lack of jobs in their own country.

Calls for US troops out of Iraq have been a feature of the ongoing war for over a decade now.  Typically, the Kurds call for US troops to stay.  NIQASH's Mustafa Habib says they're not the only ones calling for US troops to remain.

During a secret meeting among leaders of tribal a few days ago, they decided to reject the campaign led by Shiite parties and factions to drive out US troops from the country, they stressed the need for these forces to protect Anbar from ISIS.

Regardless of where the leaders fall on the issue, the Iraqi people's position remains the same -- all US troops -- all foreign troops period -- out of Iraq.

Despite that fact, as we noted in THIRD's "Editorial: When does the US leave Iraq?" last night,  US bases are going up in Iraq.

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new Air Bases in , the first one near Al Rutba (Al Anbar Province) seems to be fully operational, sand bags on the runways have been removed. As for H-3 airbase, works are still in progress, southern runway is still sandbagged.

US Sets Up 2 New Bases in Western


"U.S. Has 31 Military Bases, 34,000 Soldiers in Iraq."

The war has been going on so long that now it is now possible to have children serving whose parents served.  Two e-mails came into the public account noting an article Saturday about a Tweet.  Didn't see that article and won't link to it.  Two Sundays ago, at THIRD, we noted the same Tweet in "Editorial: The silence is deafening:"

Editorial: The silence is deafening

It's a simple question.

My first born son was 14 months old as I talked to him the night before I deployed to Kuwait/Iraq in June of 2003. My son just received mail from a recruiter for the first time. How the f**k is it possible he could go fight in the same war I did before he could walk? ENDTHEWAR

Why aren't others asking it?

And if anyone was asking sincerely for that other site to be noted, it never will be.  I still have the January 2005 e-mail the head of that site wrote that was a racist attack on then-US House Rep Stephanie Tubbs Jones (she passed away in 2008).  That's why we don't highlight that site.  It's not that we're not aware of it, it's that we're far too aware of it.

We never highlight them.  We never highlighted Keith Olbermann even when he was our great hope supposedly.  Keith's anti-woman, sexist nature (among other things) was well known so we never highlighted him.  If there's someone we've always avoided in the 15 years of this site, there's generally a reason for that.

On the subject of Tweets,  Fadel al-Nashmi (ASHARQ AL-AWSAT) reports:

Twitter has closed the official account of the “Security Media Cell” that is affiliated with the office of Iraqi Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi.

The cell was initially formed under the name of the “Military Information Cell” after the ISIS terrorist organization took over large swathes of Iraqi territory in June 2014.

During the war on ISIS, the Cell played a pivotal role in disseminating combat-related military information and information from the Joint Operations Command.

It did not comment on the shutdown, but a source close to it told Asharq al-Awsat that “Twitter has suspended, not closed, the account.”

Adel Abdul Mahdi remains ineffective and ripe for removal.  Nouri al-Maliki, former prime minister and forever thug, is currently attempting to convince other politicians to support his move to remove Mahdi and step back in as prime minister.  Mahdi's inability to accomplish anything allows this to be a very real possibility.

At no time since 2003 has the president of Iraq (a ceremonial position) been elevated higher than the prime minister by the western press.  Now western outlets repeatedly report on Barham Salih and his pronouncements as though Barham is the leader of Iraq.  It as though they're preparing you for the end of Mahdi's rule.

Mahdi was, of course, the longtime choice of the CIA and his inability to rule says a lot about their poor analytics.  They pushed him hard every time starting in 2010.  He was the answer, they insisted.

He has turned out to be no answer at all.

Terrorism and violence happen for reasons.  These include economic reasons.  There are no jobs in Iraq.  That could have been addressed long ago -- and should have been.  But it's become a growing problem and one that Mahdi can't address apparently.

The graduates of universities have demonstrated in Alwai area in the middle of Baghdad to demand Baghdad government providing them with job opportunities .

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If you're not getting how bad the situation is, note this.

These stats on demographics and growth rates should keep you up at night

If the referred to article doesn't show in the Tweet, it's Chloe Cornish's piece for THE FINANCIAL TIMES which notes that overall joblessness in Iraq is at 13% but for the younger adult Iraqis it stands at 40%.  The article delves into the implications for Iraq's future as a result of the current babyboom taking place among Iraqi youth, so it's of interest for that as well.  But with protests in Baghdad over the lack of jobs, we're noting it due to the jobless rate.


The graduates of universities have demonstrated in Alwai area in the middle of Baghdad to demand Baghdad government providing them with job opportunities .

Replying to  
Sir i live in Iraq and I graduated from Computer engineering college two years ago and have no job yet, please help me sir

In Iraq, residents of Basra City protest in Bahariya Square near government council building. Demand jobs, better services, abolishment of Basra Council & accountability for the corrupt.

Again, this issue has festered for some time.  But Mahdi came to power after the protests began in Basra (July was when they started) so he should have had that on his lists of things to address in his first 100 days.  It's now around 124 days since he became prime minister and he's done nothing to address the lack of jobs.  He also still can't appoint a Minister of Defense or Minister of Interior.

Again, he's proven to be rather inept.

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