Tuesday, November 09, 2021

Jimmy Dore, Aaron Rogers, Ava and C.I. (on TITANS)

First up, Jimmy Dore.

Now for Pete Davidson.

Can someone tell that piece of garbage to shut up. He was picking on Aaron Rogers in a skit he thought was funny on SNL. I remember when Pete Peanut -- that's what he's got between his legs, a peanut, and a leaking one at that -- mocked US Congress member Dan Crenshaw and then he had to apologize and then, like the non-man Pete is, he took back the apology. Because he's a little brat who never grew up.

That's why he pees the bed still. That's why he lived at home with Mommy.at age 27. He's not a man, he's a little brat who has drug problems and SNL needs to cut him loose instead of coddling him. When he ends up in the hospital or, worse, dead because of his drug addictions, we should all call SNL out. It's not 'just pot.' He's lied for years and after making that lie on a podcast, what did he do? Ended up in rehab.

Yeah, Pete, for pot.

What a liar.

He looks strange and always has. He has no film career. He keeps bombing over and over and the notion of him in a romantic comedy with Kayley Cuoco is hilarious. Neither is a star. The romantic comedy genre has been problematic at the box office in good times and she's nearly a decade older than him and has no film career herself. But, hey, she finds a time portal in a nail salon that lets her go back and redo a date over and over. No one's ever seen anything like that, right? (RUSSIAN DOLL already explores this on NETFLIX.)

He's a spoiled brat who needs Mommy and his blanket and then he needs his wet blanket washed because he pee-peed all over it.

Quit pretending he's got a post-SNL career, he doesn't.

Now for Aaron Rogers. PEOPLE MAGAZINE:


On Tuesday, the actress, 29, shut down a report that published photos claiming Rodgers stepped out in Los Angeles following his COVID-19 diagnosis.
"Literally ya'll need to calm the f--- down. This is straight up HILARIOUS. News outlets STILL grasping at straws to disparage Aaron. Finding random f---ing men on the streets of LA and saying its him," Woodley wrote on her Instagram Stories along with the alleged photos.
"I know Aaron's body VERY well. First off his feet, ahem and no offense to this rando dude, are a LOT bigger. Also, for those of us who know Aaron beyond the worlds of obsessed sport and s---- media, it's no secret he has the hairiest hands on the f---ing planet. This oblivious homie. Clearly, does not (go ahead, zoom in)," she continued.
He's got COVID. Stop attacking him and mocking him.
I don't have a lot of sympathy for those who would attack someone who was sick.
Maybe if Aaron was a War Criminal, but h's just a guy who plays football that got sick. Leave him alone already.


And be sure to read Ava and C.I.'s "Media: Save us from the know-it-alls."  My favorite part?  This:

We're not know-it-alls. We don't pretend to know everything. There are many things we do not know. And we long ago followed Ellen Goodman's very wise advice regarding the Sunday Chat and Chews and how the same group of people showed up week after week to weigh in as experts when no one could be an expert on everything. As Ellen noted, it's just not possible. Of course that common sense would have to come from a woman -- far too many male blowhards think that they are an expert on every topic in the world.

Know-it-alls, sadly, usually don't know much at all. That's been the message of season three of HBO's TITANS though, strangely, we feel it's a message that the writers of the program missed. In other words, they sent message unknowingly

The know-it-all in season three is Dick Grayson -- the superhero without any powers and, sadly, without any brains. How many people was he trying to get killed accidentally this season? He was responsible for a lot of carnage. He only thought he killed Jason (Red Hood). He was responsible for the death of Hank (Hawk). And poor Barbara Gordon who had enough to put up with made the mistake of trusting him because he 'just knew' what was going to happen only to end up, yes, wrong.

Over and over, he was the know-it-all who knew nothing. So we were really confused when season three finally ending and he was still calling the shots on the team.

In terms of a trained leader of a group of fighters, we think it's really just Donna Troy (Wonder Girl). There's Kory Anders (Starfire) who is a trained fighter and was being groomed on her home planet to be the queen.

But, honestly, after the year Dick just racked up, even Krypto (Superboy's dog) could do a better job leading the Titans.

What's especially sad is that as inept as the character is? The performance Brenton Thwaites is delivering is just as bad.

Why did they, for example, kill off Hank?

Alan Ritchson delivered a wonderful performance and created a unique character. Mike was not the only one upset by Hank's death.


And Hank provided a different type of male character for the show. Strong performances are being delivered by so many -- Anna Diop and Damaris Lewis are amazing as sisters Kory and Komand'r (Starfire and Blackfire). Ryan Potter (Gar), Leslie Conor (Donna), Joshua Orpin (Conner), Savannah Welch (Barbara Gordon) and Karen Robinson (Vee) are wonderful. And then we get stuck with yet another scene where we're supposed to be impressed with Brenton Thwaites where we're supposed to be impressed with his acting and the character of Dick Grayson and the whole illusion just falls apart.

TITANS would be so much better off without Dick Grayson.

Here's C.I.'s "Iraq snapshot:"

Tuesday, November 9, 2021.  A lot to cover, most of it not Iraq.

Starting in the US.  I do believe in fate so when I turned on the TV yesterday afternoon and it started playing THE NEWSHOUR, I figured there was a reason.  (I have YOUTUBE TV.  It click on the YOUTUBE TV icon and it opens and it automatically starts playing something -- usually what I've streamed before that's now airing at that time.  I do not watch PBS on YOUTUBE TV, I watch it on the PBS icon.

So it pops up with the menu of what's airing live while it's playing THE NEWSHOUR behind the menu and I see that dreadful face: Jennifer Granholm.  It's amazing the cults that develop around certain politicians and it's always the most useless ones.  Jennifer is Canadian (American! Canadian American!) and she first came on the radar of many when her cult was trying to insist that the Constitution needed to be changed so she could be the president of the United States.

The only thing that talk ever really produced was a question: Who's the bigger nutcase -- Jennifer or her supporters?

Last night, the country finally got the definitive answer as Jennifer showed up to whore on PBS' NEWSHOUR:


    And it took several months, but here we are.

    I'm asking you about when Americans are going to see results from this, because we know many Americans increasingly worried about the price of gas, about the cost of goods that are being shipped, the so-called supply chain problems.

    And it caught our eye that, over the weekend, the White House said this bill is going to ease inflationary pressures, strengthen supply chains by making these long — these long-overdue improvements.

    How exactly is that going to happen? When are prices going to come down in connection with this legislation in a way that Americans can see that, touch it?


    Yes, I mean, first of all, we know that a lot of the mismatch between supply and demand is the world and the economy coming out of COVID. The quicker we can ensure that everybody's vaccinated, the quicker we get back to normal, right?

    But there's also 17 Nobel economists who said that this bill will, in fact, address inflationary pressures, especially in addressing some of the physical bottlenecks that we have seen, so the investment in our ports and in our airports, in our railway systems. So that's important as well.

    There is no doubt there will be some natural evening out of prices and inflation, as soon as we get through this COVID. But it is going to take a few months before that — before that settles out.

  • Judy Woodruff didn't ask the Secretary of Energy an abstract question.

    But back seat Jenny (perfect for transportation) is jus another dirty whore in politics.  Her cult was apparently sexually turned on by her -- it's not like she ever did anything to help people.  She was another run of the mill politician who went running for the cameras unless there was a scandal that could be attached to her -- in that case she ran from the cameras.

    Such as with the water crisis in Flint which she sidestepped and ignored while pretending that just because she was governor of the state in the lead up to the crisis didn't eman anyone could attach the filthy water to her.  Filthy water?  It was probably run off from her body.

    At any rate, she's a lying piece of crap.

    Judy wanted to know "when Americans are going to see results" because they are "increasingly worried about the price of gas, about the cost of goods that are being shipped, the so-called supply chain problems."

    And Jennifer didn't answer about results, didn't answer about the price of gas (and why isn't the administration being asked when they're going to release from the reserves? -- that's a basic question that should face everyone in the administration when they go before the cameras) and didn't answer about the supply chain.

    The government exists to serve us.  That's news to Jenny who used state government to enrich herself and to raise her trashy profile.  Now she's Secretary of Energy and, other than taking a lot of money from big energy over the years, she has no qualifications for the job.

    Let's look at her 'answer.' 

    Yes, I mean, first of all, we know that a lot of the mismatch between supply and demand is the world and the economy coming out of COVID. 

    First off, lying trash, we're not coming out of COVID.  You're not medical and you're not really educated.  You're a blathering blond idiot.  That's all you are.  And a political whore, we'll give you that.  You should come with a warning so others aren't exposed to you without knowing the risks.

    Not only has the World Health Organization recently noted that the pandemic is not over, they're now insisting that the US government pay attention to the surge in COVID numbers currently taking place in Europe.

    So we really don't need a worthless whore lying to the country and insisting we're coming out of COVID.  Will she resign if the rates rise over the coming months?

    Of course not, that would require integrity and whores like Jennifer have none.

    Then the whore says:

    The quicker we can ensure that everybody's vaccinated, the quicker we get back to normal, right?


    Stop pushing the government's job off on the people.

    The people didn't take weeks off from their job as Secretary of Transportation.  That was Pete.  And was he right to do so?  He certainly had the right to do so, it's the law.  But we're in a pandemic and if it's important to Pete that he abandon his job in the midst of pandemic to play papa 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, hands on, then the thing you do is turn in your resignation.

    I get it.  There is no honor in serving with Joe Biden.  I get it.

    But people who take appointments need to take them seriously.  Taking weeks off and helping foster the current problem as a result (supply issues) requires some sort of comment grom the administration.  Some would argue it requires Pete's resignation.  He had an important job and he put it on hold in the midst of a pandemic.  If a woman had done that, we'd have a flurry of op-eds claiming that this demonstrated that women shouldn't be in the Cabinet.  

    All this demonstrates is that Pete is not up to the job.  And unless he can apologize publicly to the public for what he did, he better grasp this is now his issue.  If he had any dreams of a future in politics, he needs to grasp that opponents will ask him what the press won't.  He needs to grasp that this is a major deal.

    You don't walk away for weeks in the midst of a pandemic.

    It's an ongoing pandemic.

    And Jennifer's answer to what the government is going to do for the people is?  That the people need to get vaccinated.

    Because vaccines are the answer?

    I'm vaccinated.  I'll be getting the booster shortly.

    If others are, that's their business.

    What's the government doing?

    We're in an ongoing pandemic.  What is the federal government doing?

    Jenny Boo was asked that question and she couldn't answer.  All she could do was toss something back at We The People.

    I know it's confusing for her since she didn't really grow up in the country but we're not part of a monarchy and we don't answer to royalty.  We're an independent nation and in the United States, the government serves the people and is answerable to the people.  It's not supposed to be the other way around.

    Note that Jenny's not even preaching, 'we're all in this together.'  No, she's just pushing the failures of the administration off on the people, blaming the American people.  If they'd just get their vaccinations, she insists, the whole thing would be over.

    I think she honestly needs to be fired.  Joe doesn't have the backbone to do it.  He's not running anything.  He's barely holding on and his Cabinet is out of control and everyone in the press it seems wants to call me and whisper that to me.  And when I ask, "Why aren't you covering this?"  Instead of covering up for it?  The answer I get is the media can't.  They're only now, it's explained, at a point where they can note that Joe's got some problems.  And they can only note that because the American people are no longer believing lies from Cher that "Happiness is a thing called JOe."

    Cher, I love you.  But grasp reality.  James Brown and Elvis were both severely harmed by whoring for a politician (Tricky Dick Nixon).  You really need to stop using your name and your legacy to prop up a politician.

    Joe came into office with a pandemic raging.  And he's done nothing to help the people.

    He's done nothing to help the people and they realize that.  They realize that there were checks when Donald Trump was in the White House, stimulus checks, and that renters couldn't be evicted and that whores in Congress kept promising some extra money for 'heroes' but it never came about because Nancy Pelosi is a whore who never worked a day in her life and never had to worry about expanses.  "We feed them," lied the out of touch, elderly buffon.

    Donald Trump?  I think he was a disaster as president.  And I think there are many things he did that should be examined -- and should have been examined in real time.  But the media wasn't interested in real issue.  They lied instead to drive up their viewers and their clicks and their audience so they whored and lied each and every day, "Tomorrow, Donald Trump will be" -- what?  Arrested?  Removed from office/  What lie it was depended upon what day of the week it was.

    I think he was a disaster as a president.  In fairness, I will gladly agree that the media worked against him.  I will also note that, no, he was not the worst president the country has had or even the worst president of the last few decades.

    But to a lot of people right now, life in the US was better under Donald Trump's presidency.  And that Joe Biden has provided them reason to think that goes to just what a disaster Joe is as a president.

    Back to Jenny Whore:

    But there's also 17 Nobel economists who said that this bill will, in fact, address inflationary pressures, especially in addressing some of the physical bottlenecks that we have seen, so the investment in our ports and in our airports, in our railway systems. So that's important as well.

    STFU.  Seriously.  Is that how they tell you to respond because if you were told that you are even more stupid than whomever is advising you.

    That answer does not play to Americans in need.  They don't give a f**k about what some egg head economist says -- some unnamed egghead.  Are you really that stupid, Jenny?

    Then she says:

    here is no doubt there will be some natural evening out of prices and inflation, as soon as we get through this COVID. But it is going to take a few months before that — before that settles out.

    Dr. Jenny, you're findings are so different from those of the World Health Organization.  Where is your science?

    She has none.  She's a whore telling people to go on, in the midst of a pandemic, acting as they normally would and that it's okay because they got vaccinated.

    White House spokesperson Jen Psaki got vaccinated and then she got COVID.

    So let's all stop lying.

    A vaccination is hopefully a measure that will help prevent you from getting COVID as badly as you would otherwise.  It does not mean you will not get COVID.  QUit lying to people.

    And start doing your damn job.  That's what your paid for and if that embarrassing performance on THE NEWSHOUR is indicative of Jenny's work, she need to be let go immediately.  

    Those answers were insulting and out of touch.  And that's pretty much been the administration's response to the American people over and over.

    Two things in the e-mails quickly.  Alec Baldwin.  I'm not speaking on that topic to 'protect him.'  I love Alec but I've been silent because I wasn't there.  What happened on that set, my belief, is not that uncommon.  It's why we have had high profile deaths like Brandon Lee and Jon-Erik Hexum.  And unless we do what Dwayne Johnson's doing (not working with real guns anymore) it will happen again.  But Alec did not do anything wrong.  He trusted that others had ensured the safety measures were in place.  The same way the rest of us do in our day to day lives unless we're a safety inspector or those duties fall on us.  I am sorry Alec is in pain and I would say to him, "What happened was awful but it wasn't planned and it's not your fault."  


    I don't think I've ever noted him here.  Maybe I have at THIRD?  Martha counted 77 e-mails asking that i comment on what he's done.  

    Emilio has done what he always does -- stand up for freedoms.  His decision not to be bullied into getting a vaccine is perfectly in keeping with everything he's ever done.  I remember when he refused to register for the draft.  He stood up then and he's standing up now.

    Do I agree with his decision?  It's not the one I made.  But I am not the decider of the universe.  I respect Emilio's decision and I have nothing but love and respect for him.  I've known him for years.  He's a wonderful person.  He's a deep thinker and I have nothing but respect for him.

    The easiest thing in the world would have been to take the shot and keep banking MIGHTY DUCKS money.  Emilio's never been about doing the easy thing.  Martin's words growing up meant a great deal to Emilio.  He is the son that Martin raised and he will always stand up for what he believes whether it is popular with others or not.

    I support Emilio and have nothing negative to say.

    Let's move over to Iraq by noting this Tweet:

    News Media is awfully Silent ~ Who Bombed Iraq’s Mustafa al-Kadhimi? The attempted assassination of Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi at his Baghdad home Sunday represents a grave escalation in strife ~

  • It's almost as though people thought it could just be a headline and that no one would question or follow up.  I have no idea who targeted Mustafa -- if he was the target.  But he has publicly stated he knows who it was.  So why aren't the arrested?  

    There are a lot of dumb people in the world and maybe it's just expected that the dumb will carry the day?

    Like this idiot:

    Berners pilloried Hillary for her Iraq vote and never gave a damn about the reasons behind it. We owe them the exact same courtesy re this Infrastructure vote.

    Poor Nicole David.  A stupid idiot.  Bernie didn't go after Hillary on her vote.  If you believe that Nicole, then you're not just a liar, you're an idiot.  2007 and 2008, Barack Obama destroyed Hillary for her vote.

    So did his cult.  And his cult smeared her and Bill as racists.  That was in 2008.  That was Barack's core supporters.  You and Hillary are idiots for thinking that 8 years later the attacks could go unaddressed.  

    Hillary was never going to win and one of the main reasons is what Barack and his supporters did to her in 2008.  Get honest or STFU.  The world doesn't have time for your nonse.

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