Thursday, July 14, 2005

Pissed off tonight, warning you ahead of time

Sorry for the delay if anyone's been waiting.

Rebecca was really upset. It was time for dinner and I went to explain to Ma what was going on.
She said, "Talk to your friends, Mike, you don't owe me an explanation. You can eat later." But I wanted her to know what was going on.

When she found out, she was almost as mad as Rebecca. My parents already think the site ripped me off. If they did, I did do it better. If they didn't, it's awful funny that a new blogger happens to try to ape me. But like I told Ma, "If they ripped me off, it's because I was funny. They weren't. They tried to get all wordy and ended up blowing the joke."

So I stayed on the phone with Rebecca. And I'd do that for her anytime. I'm glad she cares so much about people who like her work. See, this guy got attacked for plugging her site and three others. And accused of all this nonsense.

It's an asshole that did it. We don't link to the asshole here and we never would because he's a real dope who wastes everyone's time with nonsense. He was one of the people I had in mind when I started blogging and said there were some people I would never link to. That was before I may have been ripped off. My bud Tone sees it and goes, "Mike, you were ripped." He's telling my ma and my dad and pretty soon my whole family's upset. I told him it could be just something that happened and I might not have been ripped off but that it didn't matter because it was really embarrassing the way they tried to do the joke.

That was before this jerk does this bullying and forces this guy to scrape and bow or else it will be curtains for Rebecca and the 3 others that the guy was saying wrote good stuff.

That's shameful and embarrassing. When I got off the phone, we all read Rebecca's post, Ma, Dad and my sister.

You need to read it too. Krista called me because she and Gina are discussing it in their newsletter tomorrow and they wanted a quote from me. I said, "Hey if they ripped me off, if, they weren't even smart enough to make it funny. That tells you all you need know about the assholes."

I'm going to be adding to my blog roll this weekend because there are a lot of people doing good work, real work. And we need to know about them. But I'm not adding bullshitters.

Are they against the war today? They never seem to make up their mind, do they? Should we pull out today? Or do we need to "fix" it? They're so wishy washy and anything that's good up there came from someone who's already good. We'll link to Guerilla News Network this weekend and Jude and BuzzFlash and some other people who know how to keep it real. But the crowd who can't seem to figure out from one day to the next what to do won't get a link.

They were already disgusting. You don't have to take my word for it, go here and read Tom Hayden.

Oh! Did I just blow my link at being linked by the mighty and powerful?

Like I give a shit. People are dying and they can't figure out where they stand. But they got time to bully people. They got lots and lots of time for that.

I'll note one item from Democracy Now! and there was a ton of stuff worth noting. They're the best. I'm just in a bad mood because of the crap other people who could be doing real work don't do. And won't do. Because they can't figure out from one day to the next "How do we frame it! How do we frame it! What do we stand for! What do we stand for!" They'd already made themselves a joke in my book. When they bullied that guy (read Rebecca's thing) they made themselves stupid. What they did was cowardly and embarrassing. I'd say they should be ashamed of themselves but like Dad said, "They don't have any shame."

When they turned their back on Tom Hayden, they lost this Irish Catholic household. So, as I once told the paper of recklessness, kiss my Irish ass.

Here's the thing from Democracy Now! make sure you're watching or listening or reading because you get truth there.

GOP Releases 'Talking Points' to Attack Joe Wilson
Meanwhile, the Republican National Committee Chair Ken Mehlman has been circulating pages of so-called talking points on the scandal that focus on attempting to discredit Ambassador Joe Wilson, the husband of the outed CIA operative. The talking points instruct GOP operatives to attack Wilson's credibility and his fact-finding mission to Niger, in which Wilson found that there was no evidence Iraq had attempted to import uranium from the African nation. Wilson has long charged that his wife was outed in retaliation for his debunking of one of the administration's key justifications for the invasion of Iraq.

We won't waste time on the cowards tomorrow. I've said all I need to say on that. And I won't lose any sleep that I won't be mentioned there. I think the company you keep says a lot about you and I don't keep company with "stay the course!" jerks who should get their own asses over there if they're so damn sure we need an international committment to more troops. Want more troops, you cowards, sign up. Till them quit smoking everyone's ass.