Monday, August 29, 2005

2 items from Democracy Now!

Good evening, I'm going to note some stuff from Democracy Now! and Elaine and I decided to do the same items again so be sure to head over to Sex and Politics and Screeds and Attitude to check out what stands out to Elaine.

Shiites and Kurds Agree on Constitution; Sunnis Reject Draft
In Iraq, Shiite and Kurdish members of Iraq's constitution drafting committee have agreed on a draft charter but Sunni Arab lawmakers have largely rejected the document. Some members of the drafting committee signed the draft charter but in a surprise move the full National Assembly never took a vote. A nationwide referendum on the constitution is now scheduled for Oct. 15. On Sunday President Bush attempted to downplay the Sunni opposition to the draft constitution. "Some Sunnis have expressed reservations about various provisions of the constitution, and that's their right as free individuals living in a free society," Bush said. "There are strong beliefs among other Sunnis that this constitution is good for all Iraqis and that it adequately reflects compromises suitable to all groups. Sunnis are warning that the constitution could lead to civil war because it will allow Shiites to create an autonomous government in the oil-rich south.

This is so screwed. And we've caused it and the longer we stay over there the worse it will get. And we act like we're going to save them like we're so much better than they are but reality is that since we've been occupied Iraq things keep getting worse and worse.

Thousands Rally At Camp Casey in Crawford Texas
In Crawford, Texas, the anti-war vigil led by Cindy Sheehan has entered its 24th day outside President Bush's 1,600 acre estate. Over the weekend thousands of military families, veterans and anti-war activists gathered for the final weekend of the vigil. Former U.S. diplomat Ann Wright -- who has been running much of Camp Casey -- is now estimating that up to 10,000 people have visited the camp since the vigil was launched on Aug. 6. This is Iraq War veteran Sean O'Neill: "I know too many good men that died out there who left behind families, widows, children that will grow up without their fathers. And for what?"

Why do I love Democracy Now!? Because they cover the real world. While a lot of other people are moving on to stories about nothing, CNN can fill hours with nothing, Democracy Now! brings you what matters. And if you didn't watch today's episode or listen to it you better go read it at Democracy Now! because this is the news you need.

You won't realize how many people are finding their voice thanks to Cindy Sheehan's lead unless you check out today's stories.

Loretta wrote in this weekend to say that she wanted to comment on Suzie being attracted to her new step-brother Tom. Loretta saw something like this happen in her family.

Her mother remarried and her older brother and her new step-sister started a relationship.
Loretta said they did it behind everyone's back and that it all ended up "messy without everyone screaming at each other." She points out that the answer I gave was about Tom's father and Suzie's mother but I didn't mention one word about the other siblings and step-siblings involved.

Loretta's got a good point and thank you for catching that.

So Suzie, that's one more thing to consider.

How are your siblings going to feel if something happens? Are they going to be happy for you? Or are they going to be upset and feel like they were lied to?

I want to note something from The Common Ills. I don't have time to copy and paste tonight but do yourself a favor and go read C.I.'s "NYT: Scott Shane on CIA report and my op-ed comments on the Times" because it's really worth reading.