Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Short post because I'm doing an interview for tomorrow

Good evening, as usual will kick things off with Democracy Now!

Nearly 400 Arrested in D.C. For Civil Disobedience
In Washington D.C. anti-war protests continued on Monday. Police arrested nearly 400 people for taking part in civil disobedience. 41 people were arrested in the morning at the Pentagon. Later Cindy Sheehan and Cornel West were among the over 300 arrested at a sit-in outside the White House. They refused to obey police orders to leave. Sheehan was the first protester to be taken into custody.

I don't know, I understand that you go in knowing you'll be arrested but I just don't get how anyone can be arrested for a sit-down? The White House doesn't belong to Bush. It's America's White House so I just don't get how you can be arrested for peacefully sitting. I think, and I know this goes back before Bully Boy, but I think this is about the bunker mentality I saw in D.C. That was probably as depressing as the poverty.

Jess' Dad was telling us about you could walk around and all but with each administration it gets like there is less and less chances for you to move in. It's for "protection." But it's like all the people on the street are putting up fences and it's just you the guy or gal renting an apartment that's being kept out.

St. Patrick's Four Acquitted of Conspiracy Charges
In Binghamton New York, four peace activists known as the St. Patrick's Four were acquitted on conspiracy charges Monday but convicted of two lesser charges. Their legal advisor Bill Quigley declared the verdict to be a "major victory." The four defendants - Clare Grady, Teresa Grady, Peter DeMott and Daniel Burns - were the first peace activists facing conspiracy charges since the Vietnam War. They were all arrested on March 17, 2003 after spilling their own blood inside a military recruiting station. The jury convicted them of misdemeanor counts of trespassing at a government facility, and damaging a government facility. They each face up to 18 months in prison.

Again, I scratch my head and go what is going on here? Did the four slaughter Falluja? No. So what are the guilty of. Trespassing at a government facility. This ain't Los Almos, people. The "facility" expects foot traffic. They were in a government building open to the public. They made their statement, they were taken out by the cops. So what's still left to settle?

That took care of it right then. Print, process 'em, you send 'em home. So why instead did money get wasted on two trials for these people? What was there try?

They made a statement, they got escorted out. End of story.

Instead we tried them not once but twice. And now we're going to imprison them. This when prisons are overcrowded and funds are short?

I don't think they did anything wrong but especially when we're so short on funds and our prisons are already overcrowded. It makes no sense.

On the phone, Elaine and I both were talking about how C.I. was noting voices from The Third Estate Sunday Review's "'Why Are You Here' and 'What's Changed'" and how we should be doing that too so here's my pick for today:

24) Christopher, 28, firefighter: I wasn't in NYC when the towers went down. But after, when they were calling for assistance a few of us flew up. What we heard about was stuff like the radios didn't work and they couldn't communicate inside the towers. And there was George Bush saying he'd fix things, saying he appreciated the fine work and he didn't fix anything. Firefighters were just a prop. It's the same thing with the military. Where's the body armor?I mean that's so basic. But it wasn't a concern. Getting his picture taken holding a fake turkey was a priority. Doing anything to protect the troops wasn't a concern. It's all about the photo-op. And think about this, everyone seems to have forgotten, but think about it a minute, we sent our troops over there without the equipment they'd need if they did face a chemical attack. Now we know that Bush knew there were no WMDS so he wanted to be cheap and knew there was no risk. But explain the fact that they weren't furnished with body armor? You can't. It's because he will say anything to look good but as soon as he looks good, he moves on to the next photo-op and forgets every promise he made at the last one. The change is that people aren't looking the other way. He's been exposed for the fraud he is.

If you haven't read the piece, get over and read. Tomorrow, here, exclusive Betty of Thomas Friedman is a Great Man. (Read it like I'm talking like Larry King. :D) (This is short because tomorrow is church night for Betty so we're doing the actual interview tonight.)