Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Iraq and Miers

Good evening and let's kick things off with Democracy Now!

Iraq Vote Results Questioned After "Unusually High" Returns
Iraq's referendum on a draft constitution is being called into question after the country's electoral commission announced it will audit what it calls "unusually high" voting results. Sunni leaders, who mostly advocated a "no" vote in Saturday's nation-wide poll, have alleged widespread electoral fraud, citing allegations of ballot-stuffing and unlawful absentee voting. The New York Times reports "yes" votes in areas with large Shiite and Kurdish populations - groups known to support the draft - were reported to reach over 99 percent. An official with the Independent Electoral Commission of Iraq told the Associated Press voting numbers seemed unusual in areas "all around the country", but it remained too early to draw conclusions. The referendum required a simple majority to be approved into law but can be rejected if two-thirds of the population in at least three provinces vote against it.

The New York Times is surprised. It's a Dexter Filkins article so I'm surprised that they still run his crap and that he hasn't been stripped of his award. When do you think that will come?
His purple prose for a slaughter (Falluja) in an illegal war won an award back when just about everyone in the mainstream press was still hurting after pimping the WMD lie. Filky's cheerleading a slaughter made 'em all feel like there was still hope.

How cool is my bud Wally? So cool that he takes on Dexy in Wally's first week of blogging:

Dexter Filkins goes all spaz and spaztic while reporting on the rumors of ballot stuffing in Iraq. Maybe he feared that a look into ballot stuffing might prompt one into crotch stuffing as well? Never did understand that. If you're looking to get with someone, really get with someone, how do you explain when the pitching mound is suddenly an ant hill?
Maybe Dexter Filkins can explain that in his next op-ed "live from the Green Zone!"?

How is everyone liking The Daily Jot?

I really like it. Wally said he was just going to be mouthing off for a couple of lines each day and I am really enjoying it. I hope you are too. I'll be interviewing Wally tomorrow so if there are any questions anyone has e-mail and I'll ask some.

Miers: "No One Knows My Views on Abortion"
Supreme Court nominee Harriet Miers denied a published report saying two close friends had said she would vote against abortion rights. Wall Street Journal columnist John Fund wrote Monday on the day she was nominated October 3rd, the two friends spoke with the Arlington Group, a coalition of conservative Christian organizations, in a conference call organized by Karl Rove. During the conversation, Fund wrote, the friends assured Arlington members Miers would vote to overturn Roe vs. Wade. Democratic Senator Charles Schumer met with Miers yesterday. After the meeting, he said she told him: "No one knows how I would rule on Roe v. Wade."

No one knows my views about abortion execpt for the fact that in 1989 I filled out a questionnaire pledging to be anti-choice. That news came out late this afternoon. She's a hack with no qualifications and no one should be shocked that she's anti-choice. But will Democrats do anything about it?

I'm sick of Harry Reid. I'm sick of his sucking up to the Republican Party and I'm sick of all his "Harriet is a great gal!" C.I. said over and over that Dems needed to get in there and start making their points but most of them have either stayed silent or been like Harry Reid telling the world how great she is.

I think Harry Reid needs to step down and let a real leader take over.

When I was talking to Elaine and we were picking which items to cover, the news on Harriet Miers was just picking up on the news. Elaine was furious so be sure to check out Like Maria Said Paz.

Now for an e-mail question from Terry who writes that he's 14 and in pain. I told Tony about this e-mail and he goes that it's got to be a joke. It may be a joke. I don't know. But it does happen. Terry's hand been overly friendly with 1 part of his body and there's redness and pain.
You're going to have to lay off for a bit, Terry, and let it get better. Terry writes that he has to jerk now to go to sleep at night and he it hurts everytime he chokes it.

Terrry, I hope you're using something other than a dry hand. You can use vasoline, baby oil, hand lotion, olive oil, anything. But if you don't use something, you'll keep having this problem because the friction is causing the redness.

I'm all for masturbation. I'd applaud it if I had a free hand. :D But when you encounter something like this, you got to take a break, dude. Go for a run or workout and see if that doesn't tire you enough to sleep without beating off. And when you start back up use something to cut down on the friction and you shouldn't have this problem again.