Wednesday, November 30, 2005

9th Circuit being split?

Good evening. Elaine called me and said "Stop the presses!" Why?

There's a story that no one's paying much attention to. C.I. mentioned it to Elaine on the phone and Elaine asked, "What are you talking about?" C.I. just assumed it was all over the news and all over online. So if you've missed it, you need to go read C.I.'s "Target: the 9th Circuit (The Republican war on the judiciary continues)" about how Republicans in the House snuck into the budget legislation a provision to break up the Ninth Circuit Court into two courts.

The Ninth Circuit is seen by conservatives as "the most liberal" of the circuit courts. They've had the Ninth Circuit in their sights for some time. So make sure you know about this.

Now we'll turn to Democracy Now!

US Paying Iraqi Media to Publish US-Authored Reports
The Los Angeles Times is reporting the US military is secretly paying Iraqi newspapers to publish American-written articles favorable to the U.S. presence in Iraq. The Times reports articles written by U.S. military "information operations" are translated into Arabic and then placed in Iraqi newspapers with the help of Washington-based defense contractor the Lincoln Group. The articles are presented to an Iraqi audience as unbiased news accounts written by independent journalists. The Lincoln Group’s contract is worth up to $100 million dollars over five years. A senior Pentagon official commented : "Here we are trying to create the principles of democracy in Iraq. Every speech we give in that country is about democracy. And we’re breaking all the first principles of democracy when we’re doing it."

We just make up "news." It's like Ava & C.I. said in their "TV Review: Barbara and Colin remake The Way We Were" - if the war was "just" like Colin Powell believes, why did he have to lie about it to the UN? If we're making headway in Iraq, I know we ain't, then why do they have to spend all that money (that's 20 million dollars a year) pushing & planting false stories?

Tells you everything you need to know.

Supreme Court to Hear New Hampshire Abortion Case
And the Supreme Court will hear arguments today that observers expect to shed new light on Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts' views on abortion. The case deals with a New Hampshire parental notification law that an Appeals court ruled was unconstitutional. The case will be heard as the Senate Judiciary Committee prepares to consider the nomination of Judge Samuel Alito. Twenty years ago, Alito said there was no constitutional right to abortion.

This is one of two cases on reproductive rights. I keep thinking about all the gas bags talking during the Roberts hearing about how abortion's not really an issue that matters. I agree with Ruth that it's interesting how those gas bags were all men. It's really easy for me to see it as not as important because I'm not going to get pregnant. But you can't just be in it for yourself. Being in it just for yourself is what being a Republican is about.

Also people, male and female, should realize that it's not just Roe v. Wade that's under attack, it's the right to privacy. The conservatives want to take away that right. When you hear them talk about that or anything to do with birth control or same sex relationships, they'll usually get around to attacking the right to privacy if they're not just some dope repeating what Rush said. Conservatives do not like the right to privacy and argue that it does not exist.

So I agree with Ruth, the gas bags shouldn't have been given all their air time to go on and on about how unimportant abortion supposedly was.

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