Friday, December 30, 2005

Blogging later tonight

Just a note to anyone expecting to see something up at the usual time. I'm going to be blogging later tonight.

C.I.'s going to scan something for me. I'd mentioned in an entry here earlier this week that I'd like it if Rebecca or C.I. would scan a cover for me. C.I. just called and asked if Rebecca had done it. Then C.I. said she may have thought C.I. was doing it since -- "you didn't ask either of us." My bad. C.I. wouldn't have even thought of it but Jess was going through the e-mails and found Isaiah's latest and had to tell C.I. about it. That's when C.I. asked Jess if there was ever an e-mail from me about that because I hadn't called about it.

It was a public notice here. :D I did mean to ask them both but I know everyone's busy so I kept putting it off. Jess said Kat's posting tonight so she'll probably have something up before me.

Be sure to check out The Common Ills and Sex and Politics and Screeds and Attitude. My shameless plugs after I forgot to ask them C.I. and Rebecca for a favor.

So Nina and me are going to head out and get an early start on our Friday evening.

She just reminded me to tell everyone to check out Wally's latest at The Daily Jot. He and his grandfather have picked ten important people for the year. They count the Manning brothers as one person. :D I called Wally about that and he said they wanted all the people on the list so they counted the Mannings as one. :D

Nina just said to note that Rebecca has a "huge picture" of Jake Gyllenhaal who "is not as sexy" as me Nina says but "still pretty hot."