Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Raging Grannies and the story we're not supposed to talk about: Cheney

Evening. I won't say "good evening" and I'll go into that after Democracy Now!

Report: Cheney Withheld News of Whittington's Heart Condition
Cheney is again being accused of withholding information on Whittington's condition. Over the weekend, the White House waited at least 19 hours before announcing the shooting. Today, the New York Times is reporting Cheney was informed of Whittington's heart condition when he arrived at the White House Tuesday morning. But according to senior administration officials, Cheney did not pass the information on to President Bush's aides, including White House Press secretary Scott McLellan. At a press conference later in the day, McLellan did not mention Whittington’s heart problems and even joked he was wearing an orange tie so he could be clearly visible in front of Cheney.

Scott McLellan made a joke. Does that mean a Scold's going to tear into him? Nina said I should write "Scold May I have permission to write about this topic?" In case you missed it, a scold's launched an attack on the left for writing about Cheney's shooting the guy. And the Scold's attacked people who've made jokes. "These aren't important topics!" screams the Scold who goes on to write about Willie Nelson the next day. Aren't we all a little better for having the Scold to write about the important topics?

I think she took a crack at my buddy Wally. Nina thinks so too. I'm still too mad to write about it tonight but I may write about it tomorrow.

This is a story. When someone's shot, it's a story. Scold or no Scold, it's a story.

Check out this by Matt Curry:

If the man wounded by Dick Cheney dies, the vice president could -- in theory at least -- face criminal charges, even though the shooting was an accident.
Dallas defense attorney David Finn, who has been a state and a federal prosecutor, said Wednesday that a Texas grand jury could bring a charge of criminally negligent homicide if there is evidence the vice president knew or should have known "there was a substantial or unjustifiable risk that his actions would result in him shooting a fellow hunter."

And check out this from Democracy Now!, "As Cheney Victim Suffers Heart Attack, Questions Raised About Secrecy and Cronyism:"

AMY GOODMAN: So, what do you think will now happen? Of course, we don't know right now the condition of Harry Whittington. I mean, we understand that he had a heart attack yesterday, has birdshot in his heart.
ROBERT BRYCE: Well, and that's really -- I mean, you know, I'm very concerned. You know, Harry is, as I said, he's such a wonderful guy, a very decent man. You know, he's 78. You know, you don't want to be having heart attacks, nor do you want to be shot, when you're 78. So, I think a lot of people are very concerned about his health and what this could mean if he, you know, God save us, that he would die. But, yeah, I mean, this is something that I think is not going to go away. And there was a very good piece in the Austin American-Statesman yesterday by Mike Leggett, who's their hunting or outdoors reporter. And, I mean, he just went right after Cheney, and he ended his piece by saying to Cheney, he said, "Stand up. Take responsibility. Be a man. You shot a guy." And I think that that really cuts to the heart of the matter, that for Cheney not to publicly apologize, for him not to, you know, say, "I made a mistake. You know, I made the worst error a hunter can make," I think it's just indicative of the arrogance that this White House, and particularly this Vice President, shows.

So it's news. And if the scold wants to have at Wally or C.I., she might want to try actually having something to point to with pride. Or maybe she thinks her Willie Nelson post today spread freedom and democracy online? While she's jerking off, Wally's making funny comments that have something to say. While she's jerking off, C.I.'s covering real issues. C.I. didn't make a 'Cheney joke' once but you'll note that Big Chin has one and she still links to him. She writes how sick she is of the left and how she removed sites from her blog roll that were focused on Cheney. Big Chin's must be her exception to her non-rules.

If you think I'm furious, I am, but it's nothing compared to Nina's fury. (Nina just said "I'm enraged.") (Nina said if I'm putting that in put in that Elaine doesn't have to keep noting that me and her aren't a couple. Nina's my girlfriend but a lot of people seem to think me and Elaine are a couple. Elaine's cool and pretty but Nina's my girlfriend -- and she's cool and pretty too.)
Poor Elaine had to hear me scream on the phone tonight. I'm sure she had to be thinking, "All day long I have to deal with crazies and now I've got another one!" :D

Nina says to note that Elaine "inspired her" when we all got together in D.C. in September so she decided to become a psychologist too. Sounds like good news until you realize that ever since Nina declared her major she's been all over my ass to declare as well. :D I'm still sampling.

5 "Raging Grannies" Arrested at Anti-War Protest Near DC
And just outside of Washington, DC, five women with the anti-war group the Raging Grannies were arrested Tuesday at a protest outside a military recruitment office. The women were arrested after announcing they intended to enlist. They chanted: "if someone must die in Iraq, let it be the old.” They were later released without charge. The protest was one of several held across the country Tuesday, including in Florida, California, and New York.

Give it up for the Grannies! Elaine's first words tonight were, "We've got to include the Grannies." I agree and that's about the only thing that makes me happy tonight. Good for those Raging Grannies. They are brave. If you heard about this, you know that the recuriters were scared of the Grannies and locked the doors in one location. They had this recruiter on the radio going, "Well, we were afraid that other protesters might show up too" but you know they were running scared from the Raging Grannies. Give it up for the Grannies.

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