Monday, July 06, 2009

Talking post

Not my usual Monday post.

This is just a talking post.

We're calling Monday our day off for the holiday. It was Friday or Monday and the feeling was that we'd prefer Monday because a lot of us were taking it off. Elaine took the day off. We had a pretty fun day and had blocked out time this afternoon to see Ice Age but it was sold off. Should have bought tickets online. So instead we saw Sandra Bullock's The Proposal again. It's worth seeing a second time. Which reminds me . . . Let me grab the paper. Okay, it made $12.8 million at the box office over the weekend. It was only $70 something million last week. I asked Elaine about that and she said, "Did you not see how many people were there?" It was packed today. I said uh-huh. She then said, "Do you not listen to C.I.? Theater owners love Sandra and Michelle Pfeiffer because they pull people in all week, not just on the weekends." Yeah, C.I. had explained that a few years back and how they're also loved by owners because they pull in the audience after opening weekend. Opening weekened is when the studios get the biggest cut of the box office dollars. After that, it's a more even split (unless it's a George Lucas Star Wars film) with each week benefitting the theater owners more. So someone like Sandra who brings in a steady flow for weeks is what the theater owners prefer because they make more that way than on some movie that's huge for two weeks and then fades.

C.I. No snapshot today but C.I.'s posted throughout the holiday. "Homeless female veterans," "Pilger, US role in Iraq," "And the war drags on . . .," "Rally for Kimberly Rivera on Wednesday" and "Biden in Iraq." I knew that unless there was a US military death reported, C.I. wasn't doing a snapshot today. The reason being, if C.I. did a snapshot, we would all post on what we agreed was our holiday and C.I. didn't want to force that.

Also working was Kat who did "Kat's Korner: Regina Spektor takes you Far." I really LOVE the Regina Spektor album. It's really something so check it out. My favorite song wasn't mentioned by Kat. I think it's called "Eeep."

After the movie, we went to some bookstores and then out to eat and just moved as slowly as possible throughout the day. :D When we got back, Elaine logged on while I was taking care of some routine things (checking the time to pick up my parents at the airport tomorrow among other things) and she started laughing out loud. "Pilger, US role in Iraq" is what had her laughing. Specifically, this by C.I.:

I'm not interested in your "What Jesus would do" columns. I'm a grown woman with kids. Would Jesus have done natural child birth? I don't know and I don't care. I certainly don't ask myself, when climbing into bed with a man, "What would Jesus do? Would Jesus go down?" Do you think Jesus would do that? I don't. Guess what, I don't have Christ complex or any desire to sit around sifting through simplistic columns wondering what ANY ONE would do. Like most people today, I'm living my life and making a thousand mistakes as I go along. You worry where Jesus would stand on the various political issues of today, I'm not a religious figure come back to life. I'm not Jesus, I'm not the Budda, I'm not Mohammed, I'm not Hera. I am a highly flawed human being and I'm really not basing my political decisions on what some religious figure might or might not do according to some half-baked crackpot who thought they stumbled upon a writing device but really just demonstrated the thin-to-non-existent connection between actual thought and writing.


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I hope everyone had a great weekend and holiday. I'll do a regular post tomorrow. If you're looking for a film to see, check out The Proposal. And grasp that it's about to cross the $100 million mark. Sandra Bullock did it. She carried that movie when they said romantic comedies were dead, when they said no one would pay money for a film starring a woman. Good for Sandra Bullock. Good for us because it's a great movie.

And Elaine and I go to Hawaii NEXT week. A number of e-mails are asking about that. Next week. Ann will be filling in for me and C.I. will be filling in for Elaine.

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