Monday, September 07, 2009

Labor Day post

Hope everybody had a good weekend. I had a good one but, for some reason, I got into a deep funk Saturday evening. Don't know what that was about. Lasted for about three hours.

I was thinking how meaningless everything is. Like the efforts to recycle. We recycle so . . . we can pollute more. It's not like we ever stop our pollution levels. Have you noticed that? We just find new ways to pollute or poison. And it's the endless loop. And I really just got fixated on that and just got stuck there forever.

It was really depressing.

I finally got out of it due to some good music but I was really depressed.

And I had sort of mentioned it to some people. And felt even more depressed and sad when they didn't seem to get how seriously depressed I was. Tony's out of town so I'm not speaking of him and I'm not speaking of family or anyone in the community with a blog. But I told three friends I was really down and even asked them to cover over and two had plans so that's cool but one was going to be home with his family all evening and I never ask him for anything. And he wouldn't come over and do something. I just felt so rejected.

Doesn't that really suck?

You've got a friend and you're always there for them and for the first time since middle school you ask for something and you get blown off. (Seriously, I asked him to trade lunches in sixth grade and that's the last time I can ever think of asking him for anything.) So I'm already stuck in this depressed state that I'm trying to climb out of and then I'm getting blown off.

And maybe it's not fair to focus on him because two others blew me off too but they did have plans (dates) and I do understand that. This third guy had nothing. He was going to be home at his parents for the evening. And I was just asking for a few hours of time tops.

So that ticked me off and depressed me all the more.

Then Elaine got back and I just had to say three words and not even ask for anything and she got that I needed a change of scenery.

So then I was better and the weekend was peachy keen perfect. :D

"Iraq violence claims 26 lives, leaves 44 wounded." If you missed it, it was a violent day in Iraq. C.I. didn't do a snapshot and Kat told me on the phone it was because she didn't want everyone having to miss a day off. (If C.I. had done a snapshot, we all would have posted.)

Kat did a music review: "Kat's Korner: Cass Elliot's buried classic surfaces."
Cass Elliot

We have the CD and love it. You will too. I called Kat to congratulate her on her amazing review and, during the call, I mentioned ____ which came out at the end of July and she said, "S**t! I completely forgot that one. I was hoping to do a review while we were home-based last month." Now she's going to try to write a review of ___ to go up this weekend.

Cass Elliot's album is really great. You really have to hear it. I like both of them, the self-titled one and The Road Is No Place For A Lady. But I think Kat called it right, Cass Elliot is the classic.

Isaiah's The World Today Just Nuts "Barack Prepares To Talk To The Kids" went up Sunday and I'll highlight it tomorrow. This is actually a pretty big topic. There were people on the local news this evening or was it tonight? It was tonight. There were people, parents, who are just really offended.

C.I.'s "The loons, the idiots, the crazies and the self-deceivers" and "Talking entry" are among the entries C.I. did over the weekend and I think you'll enjoy them. I know I did.