Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas, Peace on Earth

Merry Christmas. We watched Desk Set this morning. Elaine and C.I. have a Christmas tradition of that. It was on TV their first Christmas together (in college) and they made it a point to catch it every Christmas. Due to both being busy, they had to watch it this morning on the phone together. C.I. watched it in the kitchen as she supervised the last minute touches on the meal they'll be eating later. Elaine and I watched it in the living room of my folks' home.

It stars Katharine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy. Katharine Hepburn heads the research department for a broadcast network. Spencer is a computer guy who's been brought in to make changes. Katharine and her employs are afraid the computer is being brought in to replace them. It's a funny movie. Katharine's very funny getting drunk and singing "Night and Day" as well as when she and Joan Blondell are discussing men driving past them slowly and then circling. :D

The most fun though was early this morning when we did gifts. My niece had a fit and a field day ripping open gifts. She did everyone's in the end. That's fine. She thought that was the fun part. She didn't realize that we got to keep gifts and there were things in the boxes. She just knew it was fun to rip wrapping paper off. :D

Here's a 2007 Christmas comic by Isaiah

Isaiah's The World Today Just Nuts "Scary Bullymas"


And we all thought when Bully Boy Bush left the White House things would be better!!!

In 2007, I couldn't wait for that day. Once I saw Corporatist War Hawk Barack steal the Democratic nomination and the cult that followed him, I knew we were only going to be in more trouble. And we are. They're extending the Patriot Act, if you missed that.

Barry O's Cult has a lot of explaining to do. A lot. Hey Naomi Wolf, why don't you explain how it was the 'feminist' thing to extend the Patriot Act?

Here's a list of who posted last night.

I hope everyone's having a good day. I'm eager to eat!!!! :D

I plan to post this evening or tonight as well. I'll be more 'political' then. This was just a quick post because I know so many aren't posting today and I don't want it to all be on C.I.

Are you looking for a good video? Elaine asked me to note this video at Information Clearing House of Noam Chomsky explaining how the US isn't a democracy.