Monday, January 18, 2010

In Massachusetts, the view's far different than in NYC

I wasn't planning to post but I went into my e-mails and I've got 37 e-mails from readers who live in my state complaining about Danny Schechter who has made the CHOICE to live in NYC. Translation, Danny butt the hell out of our election.

At Third, there was talk of doing an endorsement but Third (Jim, Dona, Ty, Jess, Ava and C.I.) felt 'We don't live in Massachusetts, it's not our place to do any kind of an endorsement. If Mike and the others want to do an endorsement, we'll run it with their names attached to it.' And I understood that. What I don't understand is why some people can't just take their big noses and shove them up their asses?

Here's Danny:

Republican Scott Brown, a little-known state senator, has tapped into voter anger and anxiety over federal spending to pull even with Democrat Martha Coakley, the state’s attorney general. (The Coakley campaign had been lackluster, poorly organized and hardly inspired. Friends there tell me the Dems took it all for granted and “misunderestimated,” to use a Bushism, the impact of all the right-wing money and manpower pouring into the state. Special elections like this don’t ordinarily get big turnouts. I remember years back when the late Alabama Governor George Wallace won a primary in Massachusetts because the party was so out of touch.)

Now I supposed I could scream my head off about how Danny's saying Scott Brown should be shot! Danny said Scott Brown should be shot!!!!!!

Remember when Hillary gave a list of comparisons and the pathetic NYC set started screaming, "She wants Barack killed!"? Remember that crap?

If I was a punk ass bitch, I could do that right now. But I'm not. I'm not an effete and neutered male living in NYC the way so much of what passes for the 'left' is. That's not to suggest that these effete and neutered males are supportive of women. They aren't. They're sexist pigs. That's why they attacked Hillary and, yes, that includes Danny. Hillary? Funny how Danny-Know-It-All forgets to mention Hillary, isn't it? Hillary's a primary factor of the Martha story -- when it was a success story, when Martha had the support of Big Mass.


Martha Coakley is 'little known.' Before this year, there's only one time she achieved massive awareness: the day of our 2008 primary and the day after because she was our highest ranking rep who endorsed Hillary. All the others hopped on the Barry train. And our state? We went with Hillary. Other than that, you're kidding yourself if you think Martha was a big name. She was elected statewide but she's not that well known. That's true of most states except for New York which has is press heavy and yet their residents still have to jump into our business.

Jump back out, Danny.

Now notice his little Ann Coulter trick. Ann does what Danny did. She'll think of someone repugnant and make a comparison and then, when people are offended, claim she wasn't suggesting where their minds automatically (as she knew they would) went. Which is why Danny drags George Wallace out of mothballs. Somebody try to explain to Danny that it's a new century and he's a part of an old one.

Later on Danny's got a video that's supposed to shock us all (followed by a Time story apparently insisting: UNTRUE!) about Barack's parents.

Scott doesn't think they were married?


Whether they went before a justice of the peace or not, THEY WERE NOT MARRIED.

Barack is a BASTARD.


Danny's like a little old lady clutching the pearls.

Barack's a bastard, born to unmarried parents. That's reality.

That's reality if they stood before a justice of the peace.

Barack Sr. came to the US to go to college, on a student visa. He did not move here. He just traveled here to study with the plan of returning after -- which he did. And when he came here, he left behind his wife. Now in Africa, he could have as many wives as were stupid enough to marry him but in the US, you were only allowed one spouse.

Barack's parents were not married. Bigamy is not recognized in the US. Barack is a bastard.

This is not debatable, this is not something you can split hairs over. The law is the law and the law did not and does not recognize or condone bigamy. Barack's parents were not married. If they went before the justice of the peace, Barack's father defrauded his mother or both defrauded the commonwealth (both if she knew he was already married).

But the two of them were not married. Barack Sr. was already married, he would continue that marriage when he returned to Africa. He was not divorced.

Though it makes no legal difference, he was not even estranged or separated from his wife.

So when Stanley Dunham enters the picture, she's dealing with a married man and, in the US, you could not have two wives then or now. Barack's parents were not married.

It's something he acknowledged when running for the US Senate. (Ava and C.I. covered all of this before.)

Danny's posted Scott's quote about "He should stay away and let Martha and I discuss the issues one on one." And Scott's right.

Barack's not a resident of Big Mass. He's got no business flying in -- on tax payer dollars -- yesterday to try to influence our election.

Scott Brown should be thrilled though. Martha stood apart from Barack in the primary. Danny Schechter doesn't know that because he doesn't live here. He doesn't know that Martha went up against Barack and Nancy Pelosi's handpicked boy. Capuano was going to do just what Barry O wanted and, if you doubted that, you missed Nancy telling us that too. We weren't too crazy about California Pelosi coming to our state to tell us who to vote for to begin with. We also weren't too crazy about sending a rubber stamp to Washington.

By contrast, Martha called out what was taking place in Congress. She stated she wouldn't have voted for those efforts to strip reproductive rights. And when she did that, when she stood apart from Barry, that's when she really pulled ahead in the polls.

That's why she won the nomination.

Then, in this general campaign, she's got a whole bunch of out staters running things and that's why her campaign's been in non-stop trouble. These people, like Danny, don't know the first damn thing about the mood of this state. They don't know the first damn thing about anything. They are as inept as the 'nationwides' who took over Ned Lamont's campaign when he won the nomination. (And the 'nationwides' lost that election for Lamont.)

They've had Martha meeting with Big Pharma and sending the message that she's a lobbyist's wet dream.

Danny forgets to include that because he doesn't know the first thing about the race he's writing about.

Martha's sounded entitled and smug. Especially in the debate where Scott had to remind her that it wasn't the Democrat's seat, it wasn't Ted Kennedy's seat, it was the people's seat.


Danny writes about "the impact of all the right-wing money and manpower pouring into the state." I'm sure Republican money is pouring in. Democrat money sure poured in. He forgets that, though.

Just as he fails to grasp that it was Martha's campaign to lose. We saw her as one of us and we stood with her and our thanks for that was she goes off to DC and entertains Big Pharma (that's not minor in Big Mass -- we know about health care, unlike in New York, we actually know about real health care). She also goes from gutsy outsider -- which is what she was when Barack and Nancy were trying to install Mike Capuano. She won the nomination and all these out-of-staters descended and took over the campaign. She shouldn't have let them. They don't know our state and they weren't there to work for her. They were there to make her into Mike Capuano.

They did such a good job of that Scott Brown may win tomorrow.

Danny can be a Smut Merchant -- that's all his post is, the man's gone crazy if he did that post. Maybe it was his ghost writer Cherie Welch? I don't know and I don't care. But I do remember Ava and C.I. being appalled when Punk Ass Bitch Clarence Lusaine declared, from DC, that Barack would win the Texas primary and the Latino vote in Texas. Unlike the girlish Clarence, Ava and C.I. were on the ground in Texas. Unlike Clarabell, they speak Spanish. Unlike Clarrypoo, they saw with their own eyes what was going to happen: Hillary was going to win the Latino vote (she did, she also won the primary).

The point here is, if you're not on the ground when things are happening, shut up. You're a dumb ass and a gas bag and hasn't 'independent' media spent over a decade calling out the gas bags in MSM for pretending to know everything?

Danny used to be better than this. Let's hope it was Cherie who fails to grasp just how many Republican readers Danny used to have. Not Bush supporters, but Republican readers. They've left. She's scared them off with all her crazy posts.

Which is a real shame because Danny used to preach non-partisanship and all kinds of people used to be welcome. He's run them all off. Let's hope he's not still under the illusion that Barack created a 'new coalition.' I remember the days when I was proud to read News Dissector because Danny covered everything and didn't preen like the fools at Think Progress. Now I don't know who he reaches. Near as I can tell, most who bother to read him these days do so just so they can get angry (knowing they will get angry).