Friday, November 26, 2010

Turkey day

Pretend it's still Thursday. :D

Seriously, I planned to blog Thursday (it's early Friday morning) but what happened was that I was waiting for Kat to finish her second piece so I could link to both. She just did a little bit ago.

Read "Kat's Korner: The 80s (where Cher proves them all wrong)" and "Kat's Korner: Cher demonstrates this is far from over" for the third and fourth part of her series on Cher.

I have really enjoyed that series.

I can give you a little background on it.

The topic -- women not being inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame (something like over 70 men are inducted as individual performers but only about 10 women) -- was something that Kat and C.I. and others worked on at Third in 2008 and 2009. I worked on it, we all did. But I mean Kat and C.I. -- and I think Betty -- led on the Third pieces. There was always talk of doing more on the topic at Third but it just wasn't happening which is when Kat decided that she would run with it for some music pieces at TCI. I don't know when she decided to make it Cher and she doesn't either. In 2008, readers of Third picked Cher as the most overlooked woman who needed to be inducted ("The winner and top ten runner ups"). And when I mentioned that to Kat, turns out she'd forgotten.

She's a big Cher fan and she thinks that's partly why she went with Cher but she also thinks it's because you can show Cher doing something that no one else -- male or female -- can claim -- hits in the 60s, hits in 70s, hits in the 80s, hits in the 90s and hits in the 00s. So why isn't she in the Hall?

It's a good point.

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. I'm stuffed and still considering grabbing a little more dressing. :D

I ate lunch and then I snacked all day. And still I want more!!!! :D

It was a really great day.

A few of us are still up and watching movies. Right now, we've got on Bob Hope's My Favorite Brunette -- where he's Ronnie Jackson, baby photographer -- but Dorothy Lamour shows up and thinks he's a private detective. It's a comedy and a pretty funny one.

And that's going to be it for me.