Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Medical Update

It is now Wednesday. So technically, I didn't blog Tuesday. If you missed it, C.I. had surgery Tuesday. She's fine, refusing all pain meds and planning to check out later this morning and hoping to attend the Senate hearing.

I'm not surprised about her rushing to check out because she hates hospitals. But I am surprised about her planning to go the hearing tomorrow.

She called Rebecca and me to let us know. Me so I'd tell Elaine and tell her not to worry. I found out right before she went into surgery. And it was lucky she hadn't eaten (although she often skips breakfast when they're on the road). I think she'd last eaten at lunch Monday.

She had a slight pain over the weekend but just assumed she'd pulled something. Then, this morning, she thought it was her gall bladder. She was wrong. It was the appendix. Ava was with her and Kat and Wally joined after (she begged Kat and Wally to go to the speaking thing they had Tuesday morning because she felt bad enough that she was going to miss it).

Elaine freaked, as C.I. was afraid she was. I promised I'd tell Elaine in person and I did. She assumed it was cancer.

And that C.I. was saying it wasn't so Elaine wouldn't worry.

That's why C.I. put up the note. She was just going to say "surgery" but she knew some would worry the cancer had returned.

Elaine cancelled her remaining sessions after I told her what was going on. We got on the plane and went there. She just wanted to be sure (a) C.I. was okay and (b) that it was what she said it was.

She had no color to her face (we saw her after surgery, long after surgery) but otherwise appeared fine. She did take medicine for the nausea but refused it for the pain. And what's weird -- or was to me -- there was that they didn't use needles to break her skin. They put this like catheter (is that the word) on the inside of her arm right below the bicep and they'd just flood that with liquid. I'd never seen anything like that. (But I don't think I've been in a hospital in years.) And they like held it down with box tape. I'm sure it wasn't box tape, but that's what the tape looked like.

So that's that and if anyone was worried, hopefully they aren't now.