Monday, July 04, 2011

BORING Flashpoints

Happy Fourth. We're at C.I.'s. A number of us turned on the radio to listen to KPFA thinking -- WRONGLY -- that we'd be hearing about Libya. Instead it was Japan, Japan and a lot of bad speaking. I've never heard so many unpleasant voices (I mean the sounds of the voices) or so many run on speakers. Or cowards. It was cute to watch the first guest, a woman from a Bordello posing as an outlet, sidestep the issue of Barack's involvement even when directly asked about it and how he had gotten so much money in 2008 (donations) from the nuclear industry. She just blew it off, steamrolled over it. Because she's not about truth or information, she's about defending Barack. What a cheap little whore.

So for a whole hour, Project Censored bored the hell out of everyone with their bad program. If there was anything of interest in there, they'd have to shape it. They didn't. They let people drone on and on -- even after they'd said 'we're out of time' -- and seemed to think that just showing up at the mikes produced a show. It produced an hour. A really bad hour. And if you can't say "Sengetsu News Agency," why did you decide to highlight their story?

It did not make for good radio.

I like Project Censored. I didn't care for the broadcast. I didn't care for the bad speakers, I didn't care for the lack of preparation. And I don't give a damn about that topic. Not for an hour. You bore the hell out of people. "Serious concerns for most people" -- maybe if you made a listenable 15 minute report. But you didn't. You droned on and on for an hour boring everyone. Learn to condense and learn that nobody really gives a damn about an hour everytime you get the mike on Japan. That accident was months ago. The Libyan War is right now. The Iraq War is right now. I hate these little pricks who talk 'holistic coverage' to begin with -- they sounds like such assholes.

Hopefully, they'll be gone tomorrow and Kevin Pina will be on and we can hear about the Libyan War.

Most are taking it easy today because of the holiday. I don't think anyone else is planning on posting today. C.I. posted today and yesterday:

And we worked hard at Third on Sunday:

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