Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas day flying

Flying Christmas Day? Crazy. And we hadn't planned it so we had to chart (I'm not the one with money, that's Elaine). Her brother was one of many guests celebrating Christmas at C.I.'s. That wasn't planned -- by C.I. or Brad. (I'm calling him Brad to have a name to refer to him with. Elaine's very private.)

But Brad ended up buying a ticket too the US, to California and arriving there yesterday. C.I. called Elaine to make sure she knew. (Elaine and Brad are very close but because he lives in Europe they tend to see each other about twice a year.) Elaine mentioned it to me in a I'm-surprised-kind-of-way. I ended up calling Rebecca because I figured we needed to go out and Rebecca agreed. She said she'd make arrangements (she may have paid and not Elaine, thank you to Rebecca for making arrangements, thank you to whoever paid). So we had Christmas morning at my folks with presents and then stayed until after lunch and then flew on out to C.I.'s and got there late. I don't know how long we're staying. (We can stay as long as Elaine wants.) Brad's planning on staying for about a week so we may stay that long as well.

His two kids (adults) spend both Thanksgiving and Christmas at C.I.'s. One is a college professor in the area and the other's in the computer industry. They like a traditional sit-down holiday and their father usually goes skiing instead.

So that's how we ended up in California for Christmas at the last minute.

Isaiah's The World Today Just Nuts "I See Ba'athists" went up this morning.

I see Ba'athists

It went up this morning because C.I. asked Isaiah, "What are you doing for a comic?" Isaiah tossed out three ideas he had. C.I. went for the middle one and said if he'd break and go do that, they'd post it at The Common Ills right away (they did) and use it in Third's editorial.

Yes, we finished early. There were two other features we wanted to do but in the end, we wanted to be done and we were done which was great. Ava, Jess, C.I. and Ty did the typing. But we were all done writing long, long before usual. That was very nice. Very nice.

Now you should be heading to bed but if you are a night owl (or in the Pacific Time Zone like I am currently), you may be looking for something to stream. I would suggest the Hulu page for Revenge. I always mean to watch the show but there's this thing called life. Still, everyone was talking about it at C.I.'s so I streamed the last two episodes and this is really a powerful, keep 'em guessing show. Basic overview:

Amanda Clark's a little girl. Her father falls for Victoria Grayson. They are in love. Or so he thinks. (Maybe they were?) Her husband uses her to pin a plane crash (terrorism) on Amanda's father. He ends up in prison. Amanda ends up in foster care and then juvie.

Years later she returns as Emily and, episode by episode, begins to ensure their downfall.