Monday, January 02, 2012

Another year

Hope you caught all the year-in-review stuff. If not:

The Common Ills year-end coverage included C.I.'s "2011: The Year of the Slow Reveal," Ruth's "Ruth's Radio Report 2011," Martha and Shirley's "2011 in books (Martha & Shirley)" and Kat's "Kat's Korner: 2011 in music." In addition, community coverage of 2011 also included Ann's "2011 best in film (Ann and Stan)" & Stan's "2011 in films (Ann and Stan)", Cedric's "Barack finally gets something right!" & Wally's "BARACK BEST 2011 MOVE!," Rebecca's "best of fall tv 2011" and Trina's "New Year's Parties."

I loved it all.

So another year older for the earth. And you know what it makes me think about?

Remember Sheryl Crow and her girlfriend. Oh, I'm sorry we're not supposed to talk about that. We're all supposed to pretend she's straight, right?

Remember when Sheryl and her gal pal confronted Karl Rove and pretended like they gave a damn about the environment?

Where the hell were those two during the Gulf Disaster?

Sheryl Crow is such a loser.

She's a whore who pretend to screw Michael Jackson when she was his back up singer. Then she pretended she and Lance Armstrong were lovers. Lance who lost both testicles to cancer.

You'd think at her age, she could be honest about what she really is.

But she can't. So she whores that tired ass, that ugly horse face and sings her little ditty about a change-could-do-you-good and pretends that Barack is God.

She's a cheap liar.

But liars like her told us, in 2007, that this election was about the earth's future.

Do you hear the whores doing a thing today?

Not a damn thing.

We had prediction models, we were supposed to be focused, we were supposed to be moving to clean, green energy.

Apparently, it was all a damn lie.

Silly me, I actually gave a damn about the environment and thought a lot of other people did too. How was I to know it was just a lot of pretending and posing?

The greenhouse effect is real -- and man made. I'm not saying that was pretense. But people like Sheryl Crow pretending to give a damn about the environment? That was as fake as everything else about her.

Barack needs to be sent packing, if only for his lying during the Gulf Disaster and demonstrating he's as bad as George W. Bush.