Friday, July 05, 2013

And God Created Woman (1988)

I don't really have much to write about so I'll note that over the weekend we streamed And God Created Woman at Netflix.  This is the film directed by Roger Vadim but starring Rebecca De Mornay and Vincent Spano.

I've seen the original with Briggite Bardot (also directed by Vadim) and it's a cultural artifact and a piece of French New Wave history.

But I honestly prefer this one.

The story is different and it's a more involving story.

Rebecca is in prison at the start of the movie.  She breaks out and gets a ride in a limo.  The limo has to turn around because the man forgot his brief case . . . at the prison.

She sneaks back in and almost gets caught but Vincent Spano is doing repairs at the prison and he hides her and they make out.

Then she finds out the man in the limo is running for governor and she calls him collect from prison to ask him to help her with her parole board hearing.  He tells her she needs a job or a husband.  And she decides to make a deal with Vincent.  She'll give him $5000 and live with him for a year doing the cleaning in exchange for him marrying her.

She doesn't really keep her part of the bargain but he's only agreed to it because he thinks the bargain includes sex.  It doesn't.  He goes back to some woman he's got something on the side with and she's sleeping with the politician.

When the two finally do have sex again, it's in a place he's working on -- a museum -- and pictures are taken.

Her parole officer takes the photos to the governor wanna be to avoid a 'scandal' and says he talked the museum into agreeing not to press charges and the politician says he is done protecting her.

So she's going to be busted for parole violation.  She makes love with her husband -- granted in public -- and this is a parole violation?


So anyway, De Mornay and Spano are good in their roles.  And you can see why she took it especially.  The film offered her a role where she wasn't 'the girl' and where she actually got to explore some things and portray an active character.  I think she did a great job.

I also think Vadim did a great job directing and love the colors.  He's got the best use of color he's had since The Game Is Over.

The film bombed at the box office and critics savage it.  But I really think the critical reaction is over the top and maybe a reflection of what they think about women (they're threatened by a strong female character) because it is a movie that pulls you in and holds your attention.

Okay, Kat and C.I. were busy today (or yesterday now):

So be sure to check that out if you haven't already.