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Jeffrey Epstein, Paul Craig Roberts, John Kiriakou, Richard Eskow, Joe Biden, THIRD ESTATE SUNDAY REVIEW

Here's Paul Craig Roberts writing about Jeffrey Epstein:

"Information Clearing House" -   I appreciate my readers’ confidence in me.  However, I cannot clear up the Epstein matter for you.  Perhaps I can help you to think about it in a careful way.
First of all, many jail “suicides” are murders.  In 1995 Jesse Trentadue’s brother, Kenneth,  was mistakenly identified as the possible “missing man” who was thought to be involved in the Oklahoma City bombing and beaten to death in a federal prison by federal agents.  The prison claimed Kenneth hung himself in his cell.  The state coroner refused to confirm the suicide verdict and only much later after much pressure ceased his resistance to the coverup.  The prison wanted to cremate the body rather than return the body to family for burial.  But Jesse, a Salt Lake City attorney was suspicious.  When the body was returned, it was covered in heavy makeup.  Investigation revealed head lacerations, bruises and burns all over and other contusions that obviously were not self-inflicted and could not possibly have occurred from hanging. Apparently, Kenneth was tortured and beaten to death in an effort to get a confession. Jesse has been trying to get to get justice for the family for 24 years, but has been stonewalled by the US Department of Justice (sic). 
It is not possible to commit suicide when a person is on suicide watch.  Former inmates and prison guards and correctional personnel have stated with certainty that Epstein did not commit suicide by hanging himself.
The only questions before us are:  Was Epstein murdered in order to protect members of the elite? Was Epstein switched out by the Deep State and a dead person of similar appearance left in his place?

Last week those who said that Epstein would not make it to trial because so many prominent people would be implicated were dismissed as “conspiracy theorists.”  This week we know the “conspiracy theorists” were right. Epstein did not make it to trial.

I do not believe that Jeffrey Epstein committed suicide.  John Kiriakou (CONSORTIUM NEWS) offers:

A cottage industry has been spawned over the past week for the chattering classes on every network to comment on the apparent suicide of Jeffrey Epstein, the millionaire financier charged with sex-trafficking of underage girls. 
The talking heads have also babbled on about the inner workings of federal prisons.  Nearly every word I’ve heard is either factually incorrect, out of context, or fantastical.  I spent 23 months in a federal penitentiary and served on  suicide watch over a fellow inmate.  So I can set the record straight about how suicide watches work in federal prisons, and about the conditions that led Epstein, apparently, to take his own life.  If Epstein’s death turns out to have been an actual suicide, it would be the result of a complete breakdown in the system that was supposed to protect him.

First, suicide watch in the federal prison system is a big deal.  When a prisoner is suicidal, or has attempted suicide, he is placed in a designated “suicide watch room.”  It is a physical room in the medical unit where one wall is a window.  The prisoner is stripped naked and given a paper smock to wear.  There are no sheets or pillowcases on the bed. So the prisoner doesn’t harm himself, there is nothing else inside the room other than a sink and a toilet. Outside that window wall, a rotating shift of prisoner volunteers sits 24 hours a day to watch the prisoner to make sure he doesn’t attempt suicide again.  There are also video cameras inside the room to ensure the prisoner does not try to harm himself.  Uniformed guards check on the prisoner every 30 minutes, and a nurse, physician’s assistant, or psychologist visits the prisoner at least once a day.
When the prisoner is released from suicide watch, which usually takes a week or two, one of two things happen:  Either the prisoner is returned to his cell, where he normally has between one and five cellmates, or he is sent to solitary confinement, where he can be watched more closely than he could be watched in the general population.  In most prisons, solitary confinement is not at all solitary.  Solitary confinement is usually grossly overcrowded with two or even three prisoners in each cell built for one.  One prisoner is in a bunk and the other one or two sleep on mats on the floor.  Depending on the prison, guards patrol the unit every 15 or 30 minutes to make sure than nothing untoward is taking place.  And don’t forget that there are security cameras that cover literally every inch of a prison every minute of every day.  At least, there are supposed to be.

Richard Eskow (COUNTERPUNCH) notes:

There are still the questions: Did Epstein work with or for the Mossad? Did he build his wealth through blackmailing? Did “intelligence” tell Alex Acosta to go easy on him when he was the local DA?
Most rumors are false. Some are true. Spies are figures of myth and legend. They also exist.
I thought of Bob Dylan’s “The Lonesome Death of Hattie Carroll,” a song the 66-year-old Epstein almost certainly heard in his youth, when I heard about Epstein’s death. Ms. Carroll’s death, caused by a blow from a cane while serving food at a society event, was presumably “lonesome” because she was surrounded by unsympathetic eyes. The white society patrons didn’t see her. She was alone in that crowded room, because she was black and poor and the others were neither of those things.

Jeffrey Epstein, on the other hand, was never alone. He had the politicians, the scientists, the assistants, the procurers. They looked at him when he wanted attention, and looked away when he wanted to hide. They were paying attention to him still, even in that cell. Many of them will now breathe a little easier.

In other news, Joe Biden's  having problems with Latino activists -- why is he still in the race?

  1. Dolores Huerta Accuses Joe Biden of “Speaking Just Like a Republican” on Immigration She supports decriminalizing border crossing.

Lite GOP POTUS candidiate Creepy Joe Biden camp now in damage control mode after upsetting Latino leaders parroting GOP immigration talking points.

I’d like to point out that Joe Biden is against legalizing marijuana, is pro-war, was an architect on civil asset forfeiture, & under Obama they were terrible on immigration. In my opinion, he is one of the worst democrats running right now. I think the only one worse is Kamala

  1. JOE BIDEN CAN NOW PRETEND TO BE PRO-IMMIGRANT, BUT HE CAN'T TAKE BACK HIS PAST WORDS. Biden’s Pre-Obama Immigration Policies Sound A lot Like Trump’s via

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This is a strong piece written by an incredible writer:  Me!!!! :D  It's just an okay piece but they wanted to repost C.I.'s piece about Tulsi Gabbard and she said fine but only if they also reposted my piece on Chrissie Hynde.
This is great.  C.I. wrote it, it's from Wednesday's "Iraq snapshot."
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And a look at the best recently on community sites.

Here's C.I.'s "Iraq snapshot:"

Wednesday, August 14, 2019.  Today, we look at the campaigns of a War Hawk (Joe Biden) and his enabler (Tulsi Gabbard).

Let's take a trip on the Tulsi train.   THE TULSI TRAIN DOESN'T STOP HERE ANYMORE, not since that laughable debate performance and the days that followed.  She wasn't willing to challenge War Hawk Joe Biden in the debate and then she goes around lying that Joe's said he was sorry -- no, what Joe said was he's not about sorry about anything in his life -- and that he said he was wrong.  He didn't say he was wrong to vote for the Iraq War -- or to silence Iraq War critics, or to support the war for years after it started or . . . -- he was wrong, he said, because Bully Boy Bush tricked him.


I believe the phrase we're looking for is "Bitch, please."

Tennessee Williams wrote THE MILK TRAIN DOESN'T STOP HERE about a dying woman who, no surprise, dies in the end.  THE TULSI TRAIN DOESN'T STOP HERE ANYMORE is about her dying campaign which, no surprise, dies in the end.

After the first debates in June, the press couldn't stop salivating over Julian Castro.  He dah man! They said it over and over.  He got bitchy with Beto O'Rourke and the press loved it.  They forgot or ignored that he didn't state his own case very well.  They were convinced Julian was going to be coming into double digits for his performance.  Never happened.  We said it wasn't happening, the snapshot the morning after, we said it's not happening.  This was based on the reactions from Democratic voters we were speaking to in New Hampshire.

The second debates were in July, the last week of July.  Tulsi's campaign staff -- such as it is -- was saying ahead of the debates that Tulsi was going to come out so strong, she was going to show everyone . . .

Well Tulsi's not running on domestic issues.  She's made her whole campaign about "I am the one who will end these endless wars."

She did prepare for the debates.  She prepared to attack Senator Kamala Harris.  She did all of her research to attack Kamala who, for the record, did not vote for the Iraq War.  She wasn't in the US Congress -- House or Senate -- then.  She attacked Kamala on Kamala's record as a prosecutor.

And she defended Joe Biden, she refused to call him out.

The press loved that moment.  But being a bitch onstage doesn't really work -- ask Julian Castro.  If you make your own case and you manage to take down someone else, it can work.  But you have to deliver on your own.  If all you've got to offer is attacks, you look like a bitch and nobody going to rush to support you.  Julian had to learn that lesson, can Tulsi?

Probably not, it's a dying campaign she's on.

We told the truth about Tulsi and the debates and that was the unspeakable -- how dare we!!! A friend on the left flat out lied about Tulsi.  When he did his commentary, I called him and asked WTF?  Did he not see the debate because she didn't go anti-war?  He said she was a huge disappointment but he had to make little steps and blah blah blah.

No, you were too chicken s**t to tell the truth.  Love you to death as a friend, but as a voice of truth you're a joke right now.

The pretense that she won the debate or that she had changed the narrative continued.

She didn't do a damn thing.

The proof is in the fundraising.

Still high on the media attention, Tulsi set a goal Thursday, August 8th of reaching 160,000 -- "past 160,000 by next Sunday" which would have been August 11th.

It should have been an easy walk for 'internet sensation Tulsi,' right?

She missed that self-imposed deadline.  Sunday, August 11th she was still begging people to donate so that she could reach that 160,000 unique donors.

That's bad.  Especially considering all the publicity she's received since the last week of July.

But it gets worse.

Reaching 160,000 shouldn't have been a hard climb for her.  At the time she announced the goal, she was at 157,045.  And when she announced the results of Sunday?  She was at 159,514.  Less than 2,300 people.

And she's the rising star?

She's cratering and she has no one to blame but herself.  She was supposed to be the anti-war candidate (she's really not, no one dares asks her about The Drone War -- that's another little trick that her left supporters in the press are playing on voters) and she went on stage and offered dull statements when asked about Iraq and Afghanistan -- asked not once but twice.  She didn't say a single word of value.

People watching the two debates the last week of July saw Jay Inslee desperately trying to speak about Iraq -- Don Lemon ignored him and aren't we all laughing about Don allegedly rubbing his hand furiously in his pubes and then shoving the hand in some guy's face and asking him if he likes p**sy or cock? whether the allegation is true or not, it does say a lot about Don, doesn't it -- and the people saw Bill de Blasio desperately trying to raise the topic of Iran -- of no war to Iran.

Tulsi, asked to speak about war, had nothing to say and, no, she didn't mention Iran once.

She's cratering because it should have been her big moment but it has people believing that all she really wants is to be Joe Biden's running mate.  And, yes, people ponder that online but we watched the debates and saw her supporters ask that during the debate, ask that after the debate.  If you think I was harsh to Tulsi here -- and I was -- that's nothing compared to the group of people we watched the debates with.

Here's what happens with gas baggery.  Stick Up His Ass Pundit sees some drama on stage -- it doesn't add up to s**t and it never will but he's bored and he doesn't know actual issues so he goes for 'heat' and 'drama.'  He speaks to Stick Up Her Ass Pundit and having both been broken -- and broken in -- by the infotainment system that passes for journalism today, the two highly paid corporate whores agree with each other.  And that is their 'polling' upon which they will now base their 'informed' opinion.  Thomas Friedman is a joke but at least he speaks to people -- taxi cab drivers -- both real and imaginary -- before he writes his column.

Insulated from reality, they make these ridiculous proclamations -- Julian Castro is what the people are talking about!   He is on the rise!!! -- ridiculous proclamations that never come to pass because no real person was impressed with Julian.  He slammed Beto but Julian never got his own point across.  He didn't the next day either.  It wasn't until the Sunday after the June debates that Julian could coherently explain to the media what his immigration position was.  I understood him.  I understood him in the debate.  But that's only because I knew his position before the debate.  His scattershot approach to presenting his belief in the debate wasn't going to persuade anyone.

I called a friend with Tulsi's campaign an hour ago to see if she'd reached her goal yet, all these days later.

Has she?

I got a lecture on how she's doing this and how she's doing that.

I didn't get anything about her fundraising.  I kind of believe that if she had reached it, that would have been the first thing I was told -- a snippy "Well she's reached it now!"

Bye-bye Tulsi.

One of us Tulsi's idiot supporters in the press is someone we can't mention.  I know both of his parents and I was asked not to mention him here.  He has drug problems among other things -- he's a hot head and always has had poor impulse control -- and they didn't want me to mention him here -- positive or negative because they knew he would implode (repeatedly) and he has.

So I have never mentioned him.  His name has popped up at the site -- as early as 2005 -- but that's when someone asks me to promote a show and he happens to be a guest on it.  I don't say anything about him.  I also believe he was noted in an interview we did with a journalist at THIRD.

All these years, I still have not mentioned him by name and my own remarks.

And, goodness, do I wish I could break my promise now.

I don't know what he's snorted or injected now but it's 'poor Tulsi that bad media!'

Tulsi, in the debate, was asked by Jake Tapper about the wars and she took a pass.  That's why, after Joe Biden spoke his nonsense, Jake went back to Tulsi, gave her a chance to speak again.  Those kind of gifts don't happen often.  She refused to take it.

The media attention after that debate?  Intense.  And she was asked a variety of questions.  But she can't handle questions, can she?

I didn't go to Syria and meet with Bashir al-Assad.  I also do not condemn her for doing so.  She did it.  She did it as a member of the US Congress which made it news.

She's acting as though they're asking her how long she's been sleeping with Nick Jonas.

This is a serious issue.

I think it's great that she went.

Up until the point where she can't defend herself.

What kind of an idiot can't defend themselves on a public action they took after planning it out?

She should be thrilled every time she's asked.

Those should be her first words, "I'm thrilled you asked me about that.  It's important for us to speak with other leaders, even leaders we disagree with.  Let me explain what I hoped I could achieve and what I think I did achieve because this was a controversial decision for some people -- and maybe still is -- and let me explain, since I'm asking America to trust me and make me their president, let me explain what I was trying to accomplish."

But instead, Tulsi -- and her druggy pal in the press -- keep acting as though she's being asked, "Did you sniff Nick Jonas' pubes when you went down on him?"

She's not being asked about rumors or about anything salacious.  She's being asked to explain a public trip she did press for both before and after the trip, a public trip that some people found outrageous.  She should have been grateful for the opportunity.

That opportunity has passed.  She wouldn't address it and she insulted the press with her Long and Whining Road.  If Bernie Sanders is punching the press, he's doing so for a reason other than "I'm tired of talking about my trip!!!"  Tulsi's press critique is actually an attack on the press for doing its job.

She was at 1% before the debate and she remain there after.  Maybe if she hadn't taken the BMW (Bitch Moan and Whine) out for a drive, she could have explained to the American people what the trip was about.  She can't and that's why she's not going to be the nominee.  She can't communicate with the American people about something as basic as why she went to Syria.  And without reassurance, most Americans are not going to support her for the presidency.

And even she, in all her great delusions, is finally grasping that reality which is why she spent her recent days campaigning 'for the presidential nomination' in her own district in Hawaii.  The second district hadn't seen her in some time.  She has a vocal group of people in the district who want to vote her out.  And she's acted as though that reality didn't exist.  Until the last seven days.  Suddenly, it was all Tulsi, all the time in Hawaii's second district -- the one she's supposed to represent.

I was supportive of her campaign and willing to highlight it here but I did not endorse her and that upset many.

She stands for what we stand for!!!!

We must stop trying to be the world’s police. As your commander-in-chief, I’ll end the wasteful regime change wars, work to end the new cold war, bring our troops home, and redirect our precious tax dollars into serving the urgent needs of our people here at home.

Yes, she says the right things in interviews.  And if she was Johnny Carson's braless second guest on an 80s episode of THE TONIGHT SHOW, that might be fine and dandy.

But she's a US politician seeking the presidential nomination of the Democratic Party and yet when she stood onstage opposite Joe Biden she didn't say a thing and then she made it worse by defending him after the debate.

Replying to  
What about Biden lying about Iraq having chemical weapons, biological weapons, a nuclear weapons program, long-range missiles and other sophisticated delivery systems, etc. in order to frighten people into supporting an illegal, unnecessary, and predictably catastrophic war?

There is no defense on Iraq for Joe Biden.  And if the issue is what has Tulsi running to begin with, she needs to be able to take on the War Hawks.

She didn't.

She talks a good game in an interview with someone she sees as a friendly but she can't deliver -- not with an interviewer she considers hostile, not in a debate.

So how the hell could she deliver from the Oval Office?

She's tanked her own campaign.

Maybe her two weeks of reserve service will give her time to think about that?  Maybe she'll try to fix it when she gets back?  Maybe she'll just continue floundering.

But while she uses this reserve service to raise funds, might we ask one more question?

Her remarks about Donald Trump have gotten ruder and ruder.  If that was Elizabeth Warren or Kamala Harris or Bernie, it wouldn't matter.

But they aren't in the reserves.  She is.

Donald Trump is not my commander in chief.  I'm not in the military and the commander in chief holds no role in the civilian world in this country.  The commander in chief is over the military.

Considering how she held her tongue on notorious War Hawk Joe Biden, I'm sure she could hold it on Donald Trump.

And, in fact, here's the point, she has to.  She's in the reserves.  She has got to find an appropriate way of discussing Donald Trump -- not because he's president but because she's in the reserves and he's her commander in chief.

Spread some aloha on that, Tulsi.

Joe Biden's spreading a lot of something.  He sent his staff out early this week to insist the press was being rude to him.

Isn't it strange how Joe always hides behind others?  He really isn't very strong at all, is he?

While the surrogates faced the press on camera, Joe worked in the shadows.

Joe Biden is very bad at running for president, pt infinity

You say stupid things, it's news.  Especially if you're running for president.  Joe is a f**k up and always has been one.  His mouth destroyed two presidential attempts already.

It is news and it does go to who he is.

The whores rush in as they always do.  Well, Ana tries to rush in but with those hips and that fat ass she's got to move a little slower than most.

I’m done w/“ gaffe narrative.

Now we've heard from Ana.  A Republican.  Who really shouldn't be voting in a Democratic Party primary, should she?

On her Twitter bio, Ana insists you better not tell her to go home, she's staying in the US.

Of course she is.  She can't return to Nicaragua.  She's a turncoat.  She left for a reason.  She would be killed and her body dragged through the streets.  She's their equivalent of Benedict Arnold.

Why someone thinks her fat ass belongs on TV is beyond me.  Oh, right, like Lily Tomlin says in 9 TO 5, "Well look who just got paid off for services rendered."

Joe's a joke and when the Ana Navarro's of the world defend him, he looks even more pathetic.

Ana's not just a fat ass, she's also a fat head -- as Ava and I noted at THIRD a few weeks ago.

Sunday, Elaine posted:


Gaffe-prone presidential hopeful Joe Biden put his foot in his mouth during an Iowa campaign stop on Thursday when he told a group of predominately Asian and Hispanic voters that “poor kids are just as bright, just as talented, as white kids.”
Biden committed the stunning blunder while speaking about education at a town hall with the Asian and Latino Coalition in Des Moines, where he’s campaigning and fundraising for the 2020 Democratic primary.

Oh, Joe.  Oh, Joe.  It really is time for him to go.  Julie Pace and Bill Barrow (AP) report:

At the start of the week, Biden got the locations of two back-to-back mass shootings wrong. And on Thursday night, he told voters in Des Moines that poor kids were as bright and talented as white children. He caught the flub and quickly added: “wealthy kids, black kids, Asian kids.”
Defending himself on Saturday, he told a reporter that he “misspoke” and said, “I don’t think anybody thinks that I meant something other than what I said I meant.”
But during the same exchange with reporters, he said he “watched what happened when those kids from Parkland came up to see me when I was vice president.” The shooting at the Florida high school happened in 2018, a year after Biden left office.
The former vice president’s ultimate success in the race will depend in part on whether voters’ warm feelings toward him will help excuse his frequent missteps or see them as a sign that the candidate — who would be the oldest president ever elected — has lost a step.
“He’s always been prone to gaffes. That was true when he was in his 40s, 50s and 60s,” Axelrod said. “The difference is because people are looking for signs of potential deterioration, gaffes that would be written off as Joe being Joe can become much more damaging to him.”

He needs to go.  He's too lost to be on the national stage and we can't pin our hopes on him in a general election -- not with his history.

Also Sunday, Mike Allen (AXIOS) offered:

Just in the past 2 weeks:
  • The stumble that got the most attention, of course, was when Biden said last week at an Asian & Latino Coalition town hall in Des Moines: "Poor kids are just as bright and just as talented as white kids." He quickly added: "Wealthy kids, black kids, Asian kids." Biden told reporters yesterday: "Look, I misspoke. ... I meant to say 'wealthy.' I've said it 15 [times]. On the spot, I explained it." (Politico)
  • Biden, in a line reminiscent of the Bushisms of President George W. Bush, said at the Iowa State Fair on Thursday: "We choose truth over facts!"
  • For the second time in 3 months, Biden on Thursday caught himself when he referred to Margaret Thatcher, who died 6 years ago and was last prime minister 29 years ago, when he meant Theresa May. Back in May, he corrected himself: "Freudian slip."
  • At a fundraiser in San Diego on the Sunday night after the massacres in El Paso and Dayton, Biden referred to "the tragic events in Houston today and also in Michigan the day before," then corrected himself, according to a pool report.
  • Biden looked out of step with these wired times when instead of giving his web address at the end of the second debate, he said: "[G]o to joe30330." He meant: "Text JOE to 30330."

Eric Lach (THE NEW YORKER) observes:

Trump’s supporters made similar arguments in 2016. We take him seriously, they said, not literally. Obviously, Trump and Biden are not comparable, politically or personally, but it is becoming easier to imagine that, if Biden does become the Democratic nominee, the Party and its supporters will be in for months of apologizing and explaining things away. After this weekend, Biden’s campaign criticized national reporters for focussing on Biden’s words at the expense of the issues. But Biden’s the one out there every day saying that “words matter.” Maybe that’s the gaffe. In Boone, the Washington Post reporter Matt Visor took a photograph of Biden standing to the side of the event as he prepared to speak, his arms draped over a fence, his head bowed, his aviators on. It was a look of quiet confidence, a reminder of the Biden of Wednesday. “America is an idea, an idea—it’s bigger than any ocean,” Biden said during his remarks. “The only thing that can take America down is America.” At that moment, a red S.U.V. drove past the event site. “Biden sucks!” the driver yelled out his window.

By the way, is there a reason that Joe Biden, a former Vice President of the United States, didn't Tweet or issue a statement or speak of Gunnery Sergeant Scott A. Koppenhafer?

He was one of the  two Americans killed in Iraq on Saturday.

Gunnery Sgt. Scott A. Koppenhafer was killed in Iraq on Saturday. He was Marine Special Operator of the Year in 2018 for his role that ‘directly contributed to the defeat of ISIS forces in northern Iraq'. The Gunny leaves behind a wife and two children.

Other politicians Tweeted.  For example Colorado Democrat Jason Crow who is a US House Rep:

My heart is with the family of Gunnery Sgt. Scott A. Koppenhafer, who was killed in Iraq last week. We honor his service and sacrifice.

And a Republican who is running for office can Tweet about Scott Koppenhafer.

Our nation suffered a tragic loss over the weekend. We lost another American hero. Gunnery Sgt. Scott A. Koppenhafer, 35, a critical skills operator with 2nd Marine Raider Battalion suffered fatal wounds during combat operations Aug. 10.

But Joe Biden can't?

The man who helped deliver the Iraq War all those years ago can't note the death of a US Marine in Iraq?

ISIS has claimed they are the ones who killed him.

The DoD is also investigating the possibility that this was 'friendly fire.' 

The following sites updated: