Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Block ice fell from the sky Saturday

Good night. That's all. Good night. Go to sleep. :D Let's get things started with Democracy Now!

Report: Bush Admin. Suppressed Evidence Refuting Iraq WMD Claim
The Washington Post is reporting the Bush administration claimed to have found mobile weapons labs in Iraq after the invasion despite the explicit conclusions of a Pentagon-sponsored mission the claim was untrue. On May 29, 2003, President Bush cited the discovery of the trailers in an attempt to justify his decision to go war two months earlier. Bush said: "We have found the weapons of mass destruction." But just two days before, a Pentagon team sent to Iraq had concluded that the trailers were in fact "the biggest sand toilets in the world." One team member said: "Within the first four hours, it was clear to everyone that these were not biological labs." The Bush administration failed to make the findings public and continued with its faulty claim for more than one year.

Bully Boy, who can trust him anymore? His polls are so low but it's not like he's at zero yet. Makes you wonder what it takes for some people to say, "You know what, he is a liar." It's like they got a check list and haven't reached the big item yet. "Lied us into war? No, that's not enough. Outed a CIA agent? No, that's not enough. Lied to us after the invasion? No, that's not enough." I guess he's going to have to have an affair with an intern to make some people get outraged?

I think it was Matthew Rothschild of The Progressive who made the point that we have to hold him accountable and if we don't, what are we saying to future leaders?

If we don't say no to the Bully Boy, we better get ready for anything to be tolerated.

For a humorous take on the latest news of Bully Boy's lying, check out Wally's "THIS JUST IN! BULLY BOY GOT SOME HARD LEARNING DISABILITIES!"

Cheney Booed At Washington Baseball Game
And in Washington, Vice President Dick Cheney was greeted with loud boos Tuesday when he threw out the ceremonial pitch at the opener for Major League Baseball's Washington Nationals. This wasn't the first time Cheney has gotten a hostile reception at a baseball game - in June 2004, Cheney was booed at a Yankees game here in New York.

I wish I could see a clip of that. I listened today. We listened in the car on the way to Kat's to pick up her and Betty and I ran for the door saying, "Uh-huh, uh-huh, Hersh is on, outta' my way!" Wally was right behind me. It was the musical break and we were rushing to hear the rest of the interview.

If you missed it here's the link "Seymour Hersh: Bush Administration Planning Possible Major Air Attack on Iran." Here's a taste of the interview:

AMY GOODMAN: Sy Hersh, you write in your piece about a military official who says that the military planning is premised on the belief that a sustained bombing campaign in Iran will humiliate the religious leadership. Can you talk more about what this defense official said?
SEYMOUR HERSH: It’s a former defense official who still does a lot of highly classified stuff, so he has access and he was given a briefing or a look at what they’re planning. And, you know, it's hard to know. This is a White House that's very dominated -- this kind of planning is very dominated by the Vice President's office. In that office, you have a number of people who have been long associated with what we call the neoconservative point of view, the American Enterprise Institute point of view, which is a very hard line towards the Middle East. They've been the great pushers on this idea of democracy in that area, and it's those people who I think are pushing most effectively the President and the Vice President to believe that you can -- if you bomb and if you sustain the bombing, you will humiliate the clerics, the mullahs, who run the country.

Hope you already caught it but if you didn't catch it now. But back to Cheney, I'd love to see his face at the moment where he realized they were booing. That would have been so great. I'd put it on a t-shirt!

Now this is by Associated Press and it ran in the Lake Sun Leader Tuesday under the title "Odds and Ends" with other news items:

Even the experts are having trouble explaining why a solid block of ice fell from the sky, crashed and left a 3-foot hole in the grass.
The ice fell at Bushrod Park in Oakland when homeowner Jacek Purat was waiting to show apartments to prospective renters Saturday. No one was injured, police said.
"It was totally amazing. ... I saw this flash, like a streak," he said. "Then I saw this explosion, like a big boom. I came over and it (the field) was all covered with ice.
"Some were this big," Purat said, making a head-size circle with his hands.

Brooks and Judith Mencher said they were standing on their back porch when they heard a sound like a rocket. "It kind of went 'whoosh!'" Brooks Mencher said.
The ice block was about the size of the hole -- 3 feet wide and 2 1/2 feet deep.

Tony, in your face! :D Seriously, I was not making that up. It really did happen. That's pretty weird.

Check out C.I. on Kerry's "plan" & Dexy Filkins! Also check out Elaine's Like Maria Said Paz for some. Tomorrow I'll probably write about this trip and stuff but tonight I'm trying to get everyone rounded up to watch a documentary by Naomi Klein (The Take) that I've never seen.