Friday, April 14, 2006

The lies and minimizing go on

Got home, flopped down on the couch and was talking the folks and must have fallen asleep. Wake up and see the scary Nick Lachey on TV. (My sister's watching some infomercial he's on.)
Does he tease his hair? What's up with that? Looks like he's carrying "break up weight." I said that to my sister and she threw the remote at me. :D

Okay, short post. Let's do Democracy Now!

Bush Criticized For Falsely Claiming U.S. Found Mobile Weapon Labs in Iraq
The White House is coming under intense scrutiny after the Washington Post revealed that the administration kept asserting it had uncovered mobile biological labs in Iraq even after a team of Pentagon investigators had concluded no such labs had been found. On May 27, 2003 the Pentagon made its findings available. Two days later President Bush said "We found the weapons of mass destruction. We found biological laboratories." Days later Secretary of State Colin Powell said "We have already discovered mobile biological factories… There is no question in our mind that that's what their purpose was. Nobody has come up with an alternate purpose that makes sense." The Bush administration continued with its faulty claim for more than a year.In Washington, Press Secretary Scott McClellan attempted to spin the controversy of mobile labs by criticizing the press for covering a story based on what he described as rehashed, old information. He called the story "an embarrassment for the media" and irresponsible because the Bush administration has already admitted its pre-war intelligence on Iraq was mistaken. But McClellan could not answer whether the President knew of the Pentagon's conclusions before he publicly said the trailers were proof Iraq had weapons of mass destruction.

When does the lying stop? You get caught in a lie and you keep on lying? Any six-year-old learns that doing that isn't smart. But whoever accused the Bully Boy of brains?

I really wish I knew how this played out to the last of the believers? I bet they just snort "liberal media!" and dismiss it. Why not? They've gone this far defying reality.

Powell Admits He Did Not Believe Iraq Posed Imminent Nuclear Threat
Former Secretary of State Colin Powell is now saying neither he nor his aides believed Iraq posed an imminent nuclear threat before the US-led invasion. In an interview with journalist Robert Scheer, Powell said the President was convinced by nuclear claims given to him by Vice President Dick Cheney and the CIA. Powell said: "The CIA was pushing the aluminum tube argument heavily and Cheney went with that instead of what our guys wrote." Asked about President Bush's faulty claim that Saddam Hussein attempted to buy nuclear material from Niger in his State of the Union speech, Powell reportedly answered: "It should never have been in the speech... I never believed it."

What do you say? He's still poking at his "blot" and acting like it's no big deal. He went to the UN and made it a big deal. Saying "I never believed it" now doesn't change what he did.


And give me a break, cut me some slack, I'm dead tired.

I see C.I.'s already got the "And the war drags on (indymedia roundup)" entry up. So go read that. I'm going back to sleep. And go to Democracy Now! and check out this "Village Voice Shakeup: Top Investigative Journalist Fired, Prize-Winning Writers Resign Following Merger with New Times Media" if you missed it yesterday.