Monday, September 06, 2010

Labor Day

Labor Day. Hope everyone's in the midst of a great weekend. Too bad it has to end, right?

We had a good get together today and I ate like a pig. :D

Did you hear the good news? Tony Blair's a War Hawk and the world won't overlook it. DPA reports, "Tony Blair on Monday canceled a high-profile book-signing session of his best-selling memoirs in the British capital, amid mounting security fears and expected large-scale protests." Ha ha. The Common Ills has been posting today.

This is a great piece by Kat on Cher and how she belongs in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.
C.I. covers Sunday's base attack and other violence in Iraq. And we're two days away from six months since the March elections and Iraq still has no government.

C.I. covers Tony's cancellation and the weekend appearance in Dublin where Tony was pelted with eggs, shoes and catcalls. :D

Yep, it's Barack's illegal war now. I love this comic.

Melanie's 2002 album is Kat's buried treasure for the decade.

C.I. covers the ongoing Iraq War.

And all I did was pig out today. :D

Oh, let me note the new content at Third:

Love it all. But I'm stuffed and sleepy so that's it. Hope you had a great Labor Day. Unless you were a War Hawk. In which case, I hope you were plagued with nightmares.