Friday, November 25, 2011

Thoughts on blogging

So I'm having a good Thanksgiving. Or had, it's almost over.

It was a lot of fun. A lot of good food. I hope for you too.

I'm not sure how much longer I'm going to be blogging. That's not a threat. I'm just ready to move on to other things. I would have done so already but, like Elaine, I want to stay around online as long as C.I.'s posting.

Back when I started, it felt like the left really had beliefs and ethics. And we wouldn't buy into all the lies. In fact, I could and did sneer at Republicans who defended Bush blindly. People who pretended that facts weren't facts.

Now I look around and that's the Democrats, isn't it?

They'll whore for Obama. They don't care about Iraqis anymore, or the people of Afghanistan or the people killed by drones.

Hell, they don't even care about themselves. Spying on Americans? They're okay with it. The PATRIOT Act? They're okay with it. Illegal detentions? They love them. They even got on board with Barack's 'right' to kill American citizens on his say so.

It's all so disgusting.

A functioning Democratic Party would demand Barack either not run or that the party not vote for him.

But that would require ethics and we don't have any left in the party.

And that's depressing as hell.

I've been blogging now for six years.

I really thought we were part of something, all the bloggers online, right or left, etc. But the reality turned out to be what C.I. predicted back in 2004 or 2005 at The Common Ills, we cut off the head of Cokie Roberts only to see a million new Cokies spring to action.

Assholes and liars.

There are people -- on the right, left and center -- online who try to tell the truth. It's a small number.

Even has become a little liar for Barack these days. I'm not referring to Justin Raimondo. But he might want to take a look at his site and see how it really plays as opposed to the way he thinks it does.

The Iraq War continues. And very few people acknowledge it.

But that's because Barack's in the White House.

God willing, PUNK ASS BITCH gets voted out of office in 2012. When that happens, we'd either have a Republican or independent or third party president. And you better believe all the whores will finally be outraged that the US is still occupying Iraq. Suddenly, they'll discover the issue all over again. Like Christopher Columbus.

I used to have some faith in the Democratic Party. What I blame Barack most for is ripping away the veneer that the party are those of us who were members were any different than Republicans.

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