Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day

Memorial Day.  And you might think on a holiday the lying would stop.

You don't know Tom Hayden.  Here's the cheap whore whoring more for Barack:

First and foremost, the US-NATO war in Afghanistan is ending. Too slowly for the peace movement, but much too rapidly for the Pentagon, Hamid Karzai and Afghanistan’s Northern Alliance. There is no predicting what will happen on the ground in 2013-14. But American troops, American casualties, American budget costs – and presumably American public interest – will be lessened.

Last week Ruth called the idiot out in "America's Biggest Moron."  Can he just shut the f**k up already?  Who the hell made this 72-year-old a spokesperson?

He's not part of Occupy.  He's not part of anything.

He's got no history to brag of then the Port Huron statement that honestly didn't mean crap.

It didn't mean a damn thing.  His sexism did more to fuel feminism than his bad words did to fuel a movement.

He's a bad writer.  He's a dirty whore.  And he's old.  He needs to shut up already.  He's not Noam Chomsky or some wonderful thinker or writer.  He was, in the early sixties, an organizer.  After that, he used Jane Fonda's fame and money to buy his way back into the left.  He was raised by trash so he didn't have the manners to be grateful and instead stabbed Fonda in the back by sleeping around on her.  Without Fonda, he was nothing, even after he demanded a fortune in alimony.

 If you had a two rooms and Tom was speaking in one and Jane the other and you had 50 people, every one of the 50 would head towards Jane's room.  No one cares about Tom Hayden.  Why can't he grasp that?

How many books will he write that do not sell before he grasps that no one needs to hear him, no one wants to hear him.

It wouldn't be so bad if he'd write about something he knows.  Like coming on to his female students, maybe.  But instead, the old lech wants to pretend to know about Occupy and all these other things he doesn't participate in.  He wants to then use his tired name and push to the front of the line to tell you what Occupy means -- forget what those participating in it say. 

At some point, Tom Hayden should have gotten his ass kick.  I've found that the best cure for know-it-all-ism is a good ass kicking.  Of course, now he's too old for one and it would probably put him in the hospital.  So we'll just have to hang on for some more years while the know-nothing pontificates about everything and always while presenting himself as an expert and a leader.

I hope you had a good day today and if you worked I hope work went quickly.

Over at The Common Ills, C.I., Kat, Ruth and Isaiah have been very busy so make sure you didn't miss anything.

I'll blog again tomorrow as will other members of the community.  But I usually go ahead and blog on holiday weekends.