Monday, February 20, 2012

Happy TV Day!

Hey, hope everyone's had a Happy TV Day today. We decreed today TV Day in "5 Best Super Hero Shows (Live Action) of All Time" because it's better than celebrating politicians. :D

So what did you do for TV Day?

Sadly, I did not watch TV. A friend of C.I.'s in London had sent Elaine and me several discs that we hadn't had time to listen to yet. We only listened to one. It was a live disc of Joss Stone in concert. And we ended up listening to that over and over throughout the day. I love her on album but now I want to see her in concert. She's really something.

If I'm really honest, I think LP1 was my favorite album of 2011. The only one I've listened to almost as much is Radiohead's King of Limbs. Kat reviewed Joss' album here and Radiohead's here and picked Joss' as number one (tied with two others) for the year's best.

She's got a review going up and I keep going over to The Common Ills to check and see if it's up yet. Oh, good. It's up. It's "Kat's Korner: Absorb the Graffiti." Go read it. And Graffit6 is well on their way to becoming my favorite group of 2012.

Of the stuff I know that's coming out this year, I'm not excited by a lot. In April, I'll download Bonnie Raitt's new album and I'm sure that'll be good and bluesy. And we love Roberta Flack's new album. But hopefully there will be some surprises along the way like Graffiti6. Elaine's a freak for Jack Johnson. (I like his Sleep Through The Static.) So if he has anything new, we'll be hearing that too.

I like downloading because I can do it anytime but sometimes I do miss the excitement of going to the store, rushing there, maybe skipping school to be there, to get that brand new CD.