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Domestic threats of the week: Ronan and Dylan Farrow

Bill Maher is a pig.  He's sexist and racist.  I wish people would stop watching his program and HBO would kick him to the curb.  I wish that.  I'm not calling for HBO to fire him.  I'm an adult and I can avoid him.

If you missed it, fat tubby Dylan Farrow got her way again.  It's not America anymore, I guess.  The publisher dropped Woody Allen's book and will not be releasing it because fatty Dylan wants to pretend Woody assaulted her. 

Poor fat Dylan.  You know, at the age of 3, she was already masturbating constantly.  She'd lay on her chest, up on her knees, during naptime and just go to town with both hands in her panties.  That's the real reason Mia took her to a therapist to begin with.  She'd rub herself raw day after day. 

Four years later, the sexualized Dylan insists, she was molested by Woody.

No one believed in her 1992. 

But fatty plays the victim and her brother Ronan was a momentary celebrity.  He hasn't grasped it yet, but the conviction of Weinstein renders Ronan obsolete. 

They have no proof that Woody molested Dylan.  They only have fatty's ever-changing story.  Her claim -- which therapists and social workers didn't believe.

But she and her hag mother Mia have stuck to the lie and carried out little stunts to promote the lie.

People who should know better, don't.

Others who should speak out are too scared to.

So free speech dies a little more in the US. 

When Dylan dies, I'll dance for joy.  That fat little asshole.  She's a liar and she's a fraud.  She's got her first 'novel' due out soon.  Can't wait for that garbage and the reality that she's still the fat little girl who has no talent. 

Dylan Farrow “Grateful” After Woody Allen Memoir Axed By Publisher Hachette Following Staff Protest – Update via Dylan Farrow will burn in hell--as will Mama Mia. They're both sociopathic liars.

Isn't it curious how some people LOVE to call Allen a rapist and pedo, without even the slightest evidence? And they just don't care. The temptation to - falsely - allege is too strong. It makes them 'feel good'. When confronted with the facts, they ignore, deny, and run away.

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I am calling Dylan Farrow eager to please habitual liar Mia. That "judge" dismissed TWO agencies reports who found Mia coached and prodded a vulnerable girl.

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Woody Allen is innocent. Dylan Farrow is a liar. End of story.

Baby bitch Ronan needs to be called out too.  And he is in this editorial:

Ronan believes his sister Dylan’s claims that Woody abused her as a child in 1992, though two investigations (one by the state’s child welfare agency, another by the Child Sexual Abuse Clinic of Yale-New Haven Hospital) concluded the girl hadn’t been assaulted. It’s all complicated by Woody’s affair and later marriage with Soon-Yi Previn, the adopted daughter of Ronan’s mother (and Woody’s longtime paramour).
Apparently, Woody Allen doesn’t get to give his side of the story — or any story.
Yes, Ronan Farrow claims he’s upset because no one reached out to him to fact-check his dad’s book. Come on: No one’s doing deep checking (beyond libel-proofing) of a memoir these days.
Maybe Hachette made a cold business decision: Farrow, the lead journalist exposing #MeToo outrages, is surely the fatter cash cow. Maybe the publisher figures it can’t cross the PC leanings of nearly everyone who might work for it in this era.
But Ronan Farrow (and the Hachette staffers) are most in the wrong. No matter how deep his anger, it’s obscene for a journalist to be silencing anyone. He claims to stand against abusers of power — but he has just flagrantly abused his own.
Go put on some more make up, Ronan, bleach your hair again (no, it's not naturally that blond) and put in those fake contacts that make your eyes look bluer.  Then sit before the camera and pretend that you're keeping it real, Bitch Baby, keeping it real.

In this community, C.I. moderated "Gender and Politics Roundtable" today.  Here are the links to all those participating in the roundtable.

Here's C.I.'s "Iraq snapshot:"

Friday, March 6, 2020.  Senator Elizabeth Warren drops out of the race for the Democratic Party's presidential nomination, some try to play feminist in response and just sport sexism, while, in Iraq, protests continue.

Starting in the US where the Democratic Party's race for the presidential nomination is now a three-person race.  Yesterday, Senator Elizabeth Warren dropped out.

Our work continues, the fight goes on, and big dreams never die. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

That means only three people remain in the race: Senator Bernie Sanders, Iraq War veteran and US House Rep Tulsi Gabbard and War Hawk Joe Biden.

Exactly how much Elizabeth Warren's gender affected her run will be the stuff of months — or years — of study. There's already some analysis showing that sexism hurt women candidates in this Democratic field.

Don't talk about Elizabeth's gender if you're not serious about gender discrimination.  If you're serious about it, you'll be defending Tulsi from it.

If you're serious about ending it, you'll defend any woman who is targeted with sexism.

Was sexism at play?

Some don't believe so.

I would love in my lifetime to see a woman president but Elizabeth Warren did not fail to get votes because of gender... she was front runner until she had huge problem paying for her healthcare plan and then poll numbers hit the skids w/ that;women can win nominations:HRC

And Greta's got some good points.  There's also the Native American issue.  Elizabeth, once she realized she was wrong and was not Native American, could have made a joke to let everyone laugh together and end the whole thing.  Instead, she remained on the defensive about it.  That wasn't smart politics.

But, unlike Greta, I do see gender issues at play.  I see Joe Biden, for example, cutting her off in the debates, dismissing her, distorting her.  He did that with Amy Klobuchar as well and certainly with Kamala Harris.  This was a gendered response that he had and he should have to answer for it and so should the moderators who allowed it to take place.

Of the moderators, the worst were Norah O'Donnell and Gayle King who elected to dismiss Elizabeth and dismiss the discussion of harassment in the work place.  Yes, women can be sexist to other women and Norah and Gayle were an embarrassment.

Tiny Pete was condescending to Bernie, yes.  But that was nothing compared to the way he sneered at Elizabeth and Amy.  And he wasn't called on it by the press.  No, a day after the debate, he was seen as someone who'd really 'scored' by ripping apart a woman.  Contrast that with Chris Matthews attacking Elizabeth for asking about Bloomberg's history of harassment.  Elizabeth did not invent those charges, nor was she exposing them.  The harassment had been well documented by THE WASHINGTON POST.  But somehow, when Elizabeth is using that report, it's time to question her and attack her for believing a woman over Michel Bloomberg, as Chris Matthews put it.  First of all, THE POST had corroboration from others.  Second, a large pattern of harassment had been documented and it was not just one woman.

Sour Grape Girls?  They are sexists.  Here are two examples of filth and trash who ensure that gender discrimination will take place in future campaigns.

2016: "I'd vote for a woman--just not Hillary Clinton." 2020: "I'd vote for a woman--just not Kirsten Gillibrand Kamala Harris Amy Klobuchar Elizabeth Warren."
Thank you to Hillary Clinton, Kirsten Gillibrand, Kamala Harris, Amy Klobuchar and Elizabeth Warren for showing the world what it looks like when strong, qualified, tenacious women run for President. The world is a better place because of all of you. So grateful.

Do you get the problem?  Yes, I know Victoria Brownworth is a perv who thinks it's okay to look at the genitals of the underaged.  That alone should have had her evicted from the public square.  But notice what else she and Andrea are doing.

They're saying 'these women are good and deserve defending, the others don't.'

They pick and choose their personal favorites: Kirsten, Kamala, Amy and Elizabeth.

They ignore Tulsi and they ignore Marianne Williamson.

Marianne has built a business and she did that with brains.  You may want to dismiss her, you may want to insult her, but the reality is she is a very smart woman.  She used her campaign to highlight serious issues.

Tulsi?  I don't think any other woman who ran had a more equal division of supporters when it came to gender.  Men may have even supported Tulsi more than women did.

Six women ran for the nomination.  Only one remains.  In different ways, every woman who ran made a difference.  It's shameful and, yes, it's bitchy to act as though Marianne and Tulsi weren't in the race.  And don't pretend you give a damn about gender discrimination if you're not willing to recognize that Marianne and Tulsi brought something real and valid into this race.

Though not how I would word it, the next Tweet is a feminist Tweet.

I applaud Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris, Amy Klobuchar, and Kirsten Gillibrand for running & continuing the fight for women presidential candidates. I will acknowledge Marianne Williamson & Tulsi Gabbard despite my disagreements with them on several issues.

This is a sexist Tweet.

Shirley Chisholm Carol Moseley Braun Hillary Clinton (actually won) Elizabeth Warren Kamala Harris Amy Klobuchar Kirsten Gillibrand They all deserve to be recognized for the many barriers they have broken and paving the way for the first woman President. It will happen one day

I believe Tulsi, the first female combat veteran to run for the party's presidential nomination, broke barriers and did so long before 2019.  Who the f**k asked you for your take on women, Jack from Boston?  Maybe just shut the f**k up from now on.    You don't know anything about anything and you have a Little Golden Book synopsis of women.  So just shut the f**k up.

If you're not getting how obnoxious and ignorant Jack from Boston is, you may be just as stupid as he is.  Where's Pat Schroeder on his list, for example?  Huh?  Blowhards who know nothing think they can discriminate against Tulsi and Marianne but throw out a few names and we won't notice?


And let's not forget our lefty men who harmed women this go round.  Let's stay with Elizabeth Warren.  It's sexism for Norman Solomon to attack her the way he did -- and he's still doing it with his latest garbage which reads like a warning to Elizabeth.  It was sexist garbage for him to propose months ago that she drop out of the race because she'd make such a nice vie president.  Others offered that garbage as well -- including David Swanson.  It's strange, isn't it, how these men never felt the need to offer the same advice to any of the men who ran for the nomination.

But when it's a woman's life, when it's her career, well the sexist pigs think they know best.  DICKWAD KNOWS BEST starring Norman Solomon.

I'm sick of it.

Unlike Greta, I do believe gender played a big part in the way female candidates were seen and the way they were Tweeted.  When Kamala Harris dropped out, for example, we noted that Michael Tracey did one Tweet when Steve Bullock dropped out but that he Tweeted nonstop with glee about Kamala.  That's nothing but hatred of women.  You can try to dress that up, but the reality will always be that his obsession and hatred shined through in that moment.

In Iraq, the protests continue.  And looks who's back.

Sadr calls on his supporters to resume protests in Iraq on Friday

Yes, Moqtada al-Sadr wants the protest to resume.  This after he wanted them stopped.  When the cult leader found out that he couldn't command Iraqis from Iran, that the protests would continue, looks like he decided to try to save face and pretend like he was on board.

BREAKING: Number of victims of protests in Iraq rises to 19

Violent attacks on the protesters haven't stopped the protests, coronavirus fears haven't stopped the protests and cult leader Moqtada wasn't able to stop the protests.

Protests continue in Iraq despite the use of violence to suppress them

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