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Jimmy Dore to start with.


 Now for SUPERMAN & LOIS.  Finally.  The show airs Tuesday nights on THE CW.  Clark Kent and Lois Lane have moved to Smallville (back to Smallville for Clark) after the death of Martha Kent.  They and their two sons -- Jordan and Jonathan -- live in Martha's farmhouse.  

Lois and Chrissy run a newspaper.  It's in danger right now.  Lois' entire career is in danger.  Her sister Lucy was part of a cult. led by Ally Alston (HEROES REBORN's Rya Kihlstedt).  Ally is trying to 'come back' and she needs to destroy Lois' years ago journalism exposing her to do that.  

Lois goes to speak to Lucy who records it without Lois' knowledge and makes it sound as though Lois is a liar. Chrissy is not sure what to believe but I hope she's siding with Lois.  

Doomsday continues to be on the move.  The US military is using their 'supermen' to go after him and they're not ready -- as Clark has pointed out.  Clark and John do battle with Doomsday and John's injured.  Lois takes John's daughter Natalie to where John's being treated and she tells Superman that he's supposed to protect people like her father.

Jonathan's juicing on steroids -- supplied by his girlfriend -- to do better at football.  Jordan and Sara go to a store owned by one of their classmates' family.  Jordan sees some kids shoplifting booze and blows on the ground to freeze it and make the boys slip.  The bottles fall out and the shop lifting has been foiled but the whole thing is caught on the store's camera.  Jordan calls his grandfather (Sam Lane) to fix it which Sam does -- the video is no more.  He also tells Sam that his dad is going to need help and he asks Sam to train him.  


Lana and Kyle deal with her running for mayor and how Mayor Dean may go after their daughter (Sara).  They bump into him and he floats that he won't go after Sara but brings up Dean's drinking problem.



Here's C.I.'s "Iraq snapshot:"


Friday, February 4, 2022.  Joe Biden kills children, a man in Iraq kills his sister.  Hatred shouldn't make the world go round.

Starting with this from Human Rights Watch:

The Kurdish-led armed force in northeast Syria should ensure the humane treatment of all men and boys it has evacuated or recaptured from a prison that the Islamic State (ISIS) assaulted and held for several days, Human Rights Watch said today. The regional fighters and US and UK forces supporting them should assess whether their forces complied with the laws of war during operations to recapture the prison and take all feasible measures to protect civilians during operations to find ISIS members and escaped detainees.

ISIS fighters assaulted al-Sina’a prison in the Ghweran section of al-Hasakah city on January 20, 2022. The Kurdish-led armed force, the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), said it regained full control on January 30 following a battle backed a US-led coalition against ISIS that left more than 500 people dead. The prison held about 4,000 male ISIS suspects or family members, including 700 boys, most from Syria and Iraq and the rest from dozens of other countries. The foreigners had been unlawfully detained in dire conditions for nearly three years.

“The Syrian Democratic Forces began evacuating men and boys from the besieged prison days ago, yet the world still has no idea how many are alive or dead,” said Letta Tayler, associate crisis and conflict director for Human Rights Watch. “The detaining authorities in northeast Syria should end their silence on the fate of these detainees, including hundreds of children who were victims of ISIS.”

The SDF should immediately allow international humanitarian groups to visit the detainees it has evacuated or recaptured from al-Sina’a prison and provide them with essential care. They should make public how many detainees, including children, were killed, wounded, and evacuated during the battle to retake the prison.

The US-led coalition against ISIS said the detainees were being held at a more secure facility, which two sources told Human Rights Watch was a new, UK-funded prison near al-Sina’a. About 300 detainees were transferred on January 24 to Alaya prison in the city of Qamishli, the Rojava Information Center told Human Rights Watch, but it was not clear if they remained there.

As noted in Monday's snapshot:

I'm appalled by the report for anothe reason.  NPR wants you to know that, in Syria, the [prison] seige was carried out in part by holding children.  No one takes a moment to decry children prisoners.  No one takes a moment to call out children being in the same prison as adults.  It's just move on and skirt every damn issue in the world but pretend that somehow, for a few seconds this week, you covered Iraq and Syria and did a segment that didn't find the hosts chuckling at the end.  ("We haven't heard what happened to the children . . . We don't know how many died," Sarah declares.  Alright then.  Thanks for the information -- or whatever you want to call that.

Why are children in prisons?  Why were with they with adults?  Why is the US government participating in holding children prisoners?  This is outrageous.  It was outrageous when it was just Syria.  Now, the US government and its allies are openly participating in holding children in prisons.

It's outrageous and that an AP reporter thought it was acceptable to offer as an after thought ''we don't know how many died"?  That is the heart of the story.  Not the prison break itself but that children were in that adult prison and that children died.  You're wasting everyone's time on nonsense otherwise.


The White House issued the following:

Last night at my direction, U.S. military forces in the northwest Syria successfully undertook a counterterrorism operation to protect the American people and our Allies, and make the world a safer place. Thanks to the skill and bravery of our Armed Forces, we have taken off the battlefield Abu Ibrahim al-Hashimi al-Qurayshi—the leader of ISIS. All Americans have returned safely from the operation. I will deliver remarks to the American people later this morning. May God protect our troops.


Margaret Kimberley rightly Tweets:

This is BS. Poll numbers dropping, Ukraine hoax stalled, 2,000+ covid deaths per day. What to do? Easy. Find an Arab, claim he was an ISIS leader and kill him and his family. Later the story changed to say he blew himself up. Don't believe that either. #Bogus

9:47 AM · Feb 3, 2022

This is how bad things have gotten for Joe Biden, he's aping Bully Boy Bush and hoping that somehow this helps him look good.  

ISIS is not followers with one mighty leader.  ISIS exists to be a headless snake.  Is the White House not getting that reality or are they hoping the American people are too stupid to grasp it?  

Joe can't deliver and he's grasping at anything.  

Elizabeth Hagedorn (AL-MONITOR) notes:

For survivors of the Islamic State massacre against Iraq’s long-persecuted Yazidi minority, the death of terrorist leader Abu Ibrahim al-Hashimi al-Qurayshi brought some relief but little solace. More than seven years after al-Qurayshi oversaw a genocide against the Yazidis, countless other IS members go unpunished. 

“There is more that must be done,” Yazidi activist and Nobel Peace Prize laureate Nadia Murad said in a statement.

“The international community’s apathy towards these atrocities had left the community with little hope for justice and accountability. Until today,” she said. 

President Joe Biden announced on Thursday that al-Qurayshi, also known as Hajji Abdullah, was killed during an overnight raid carried out by US special forces outside the northwest Syrian town of Atmeh. The reclusive IS chief died after detonating a bomb inside his residence that also killed his wife and children, US officials said.

Killing chilrend in a bombing?  Targeting the wife?  It's easy to say, "That's gangster policy."  But, truth is, even the mafia shows more restraint and respect.

So if another country wants to go after Joe Biden?  Jill Biden and Hunter and Dasher and Vixen were all killed in an attack on Joe, that would be okay?

No, it wouldn't but when the US acts in this manner, it's breadking the rules and its losing any high ground.  

Who did Abu's children kill?  

How old were they?

Press reports say six children were killed.

Joe Biden declared, "The horrible terrorist leader is no more."

Were the six children "horrible terrorist leader[s]" as well?

This should bother everyone.  It should especially trouble Americans.  The US military actions overseas keep drifiting back domestically -- not just weapons but also tactics.  

So children are now targets.  There is no justice, just vengeance and destruction.  That's Joe Biden's America.

We should all be appalled.

Sarah Abdallah Tweets:

Joe Biden's "counterterrorism raid" has killed 13 people in Syria, including six children and four women. Liberal media applauds this as "bravery".

Richard Medhurst Tweets:

The United States kills the same terrorists that it created and funded in the first place. This is how it keeps perpetual war going and raking in profits for the weapons manufactures. There is nothing “brave” about slaughtering countless civilians in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan.

Violence never ends.  Dilan Sirwan (RUDAW) reports:

It was on Monday afternoon when Duhok police received a call informing them of the location of the body of a trans woman, murdered by her brother three days previously. By the time the police arrived at the corpse, the killer had long left the country. Another person had fallen victim to honor killing.

The call to the police came from a man who identified himself as the victim’s brother, explaining that another brother had killed his trans sister and left her body in the village of Mangesh, around 20 kilometers north of Duhok city center.

When police forces arrived at the scene of the crime at around 3:00 pm, they found the body of 23-year-old Doski Azad, a transgender woman, shot twice in the head and the chest.

The tragedy began for Doski when her long-gone brother Chakdar Azad returned to the Kurdistan Region over two weeks ago.

For Doski, who had left her family home over five years ago, her brother’s arrival in Duhok would have felt the same as the numerous threats she had received from her family over the years.

“She left the house five to six years ago, I had not seen her ever since,” Doski’s uncle Dlovan Sadiq told Rudaw English on Tuesday. “Doski made a mistake.”

Living in Duhok as a transgender woman was not easy for Doski. While she had established her own life over the years, working in a salon at Duhok’s Masike neighborhood and living her life as a woman, threats came thick and fast from her family.

Journalist Goran Shakhawan Tweets:

23 years old transgender Doski Azad from Duhok- #Kurdistan Region was killed by their brother who lives abroad. According to local reports their brother solely came back to kurdistan to murder Doski because of his gender change.

Bob Satawake Tweets:

#DoskiAzad was a human being and was murdered for being human.

Miss Trans Global Tweets:

PLEASE HELP US AMPLIFY THIS STORY BY SHARING HER STORY/PICTURE OR THIS POST WITH THE FOLLOWING: #JusticeforDoskiAzad #SayHerName #WeWouldNotBeErased Her name is Doski Azad, a make-up artist who was murdered in a so called 'honour killing' by her evil brother, Chakdar Azad!Pouting facePouting faceFace with symbols over mouth

Violence is all over.  You just have to marvel over the hate expressed -- whether it's a US president killing children or a brother killing his own sister.  

What did he think he was doing when he murdered her?  Did he think he was 'saving' her?  How much hatred did he have inside himself to kill Doski?  Like many victims, she had taken herself out of the orbit of those who could hurt her.  She'd restarted her own life elsewhere which had to have been hard for her.  But even that wasn't enough.  The family wouldn't accpet her and even her moving away wasn't enough.  The hatred was so intense that nothing would ever be enough.  So she was killed.  

Her murder, the murders of those children?  I don't see a lot of difference.  Innocent people should not be targets.  That should be the no-brainer.  In a better world, maybe it would be.

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Friday, February 04, 2022


Here's Jimmy Dore.




Talking THE GOLDBERGS tonight.  I had a headache when my daughter and I watched SUPERMAN AND LOIS and I need to rewatch before I write about it so I'll do THE GOLDBERGS.


A better show than some this season because it had Erica and Geoff in it.  

But so embarrassing as well.  Adam is too old for his voice to be cracking.  He's 18, graduating high school in a few months, headed off to college and his voice is cracking.  It's not funny.  Maybe it could be if he weren't still such a little boy?  So embarrassing.  

This episode just made it clear that for the show to survive another season, they'd have to ditch Adam.

Beverly is funny if Adam's against her.  But, this episode, her wanting to replace Lanie only is funny if Adam is pushing  back against it.  If Adam's okay with Mommy for his Valentine's Day date, it's just pathetic.  Not funny, pathetic.

Barry and Erica watched Geoff and his sister and father greet one another warmly and were . . . appalled.  Hugging.  Kissing.  Barry called an emergency meeting among his male friends to tell them about it and to shame and humiliate Geoff.  It did not go as he planned.  He found out that only he and Erica had been appalled.  The guys told Barry that he's the one who had the problem.  That he should be as close to Erica as Geoff was to his sister.  

So Barry's solution?  Spend time with Erica.  By hijacking Geoff's date!

Erica's reaction to this was funny because, unlike Adam with his Mommy, Erica wasn't okay with it.  It was Valentine's Day and she wanted to be with Geoff.  It was Valentine's Day and she didn't like Barry stealing Geoff's plans and his gifts. 

Adam never grew up on the show and he's pathetic.  


Here's C.I.'s "Iraq snapshot:"



 Thursday, February 3, 2022.  Is Joe Biden bound and dtermined to go down as one of the worst presidents in history?

Tucker Carlson.

The above.  Jen Psaki is not to blame for being a whore.  The role of White House spokesperson is a whore position that's only ogtten more whorish with each administration.

That said, she needs to grasp that it is her not her job -- or anyone in the White House t-- to police podcasts.  They need to shut the f**k up.  I get it, she doesn't want to talk about real issues.  If she prefers nonsense, should we discuss other topcis?  Abortions paid for by married men in the administrations by women who were not their wives -- never their wives.  They had wives.  At the time.  And then they said, for example, "I'm in Congress, if you have this baby, it's not just my marriage that's over, it's my political career."

Do we want to have those conversations, Jen?

I shrug at most of the nonsense out of Jen's mouth because it's her position.  The spoikesperson isn't honest.  And, especially under Jay Carney, they became attack dogs on the press.  They're kown liars.  I don't know the damage that does to your soul but I imagine it's intense.

But Jen's now ready to violate the First Amendment.  That's too far -- even for a whore position.

Joe Rogan can say whatever he wants and anyone who wants to listen can listen.  Jen Psaki needs to either move on treal issues -- and spin and lie about them -- or we can give her  'trivia' to talk about. 

This is another example of the attacks on the press.  At its most extreme, it finds Joe Biden persecuting Julian Assange.  

As for Harry . . .

You don't know our country, you odn't know our history.  We didn't beg you to come here and we don't need your ugly ass telling us what's what.

Some in the UK may be impressed with you.  We're not. You've done nothing with your life, Harry.  You're semi-famous because of your birth.  Stop thinking anyone needs your uneducated thoughts.  Want to boss people around?  Go back to England.  Stay there.  In the US, we don't need you and we know you're a spoiled brat who never lived a real life and who doesn't know anything about even the most basic events of life.  So be grateful that you were born into money and call that a win.  

Or, bettter yet, if you must speak publicly, tell us about your uncle the pedophile.  

We're interested in your thoughts on that, Harry.  

An American Revolution did not take plae so that a little princess named Harry could escape to the US and lecture us.  Princess can go back home if the US makes him so uncomfortable.  Can go back home and should go back home.  In the meantime, you're a guest, show the manners you were supposedly raised with.

Princess Harry -- a failure in the UK and now failing in the US as well.

Back to Joe Biden, the enemy of a free press.  He continues his persecution of Julian Assange.  The world is watching.  The whole world sees Julian being targeted for telling the truth.  The whole world watches as Democratic Joe Biden persecutes.  He mars not just his own image throughout the world but that of the Democratic Party's as well.  This is lasting damage and it is global.  Exactly what does Joe think he's accomplishing?

THEN 24 reports:

 A motion supported by around 60 members of all parties in the French parliament calls for asylum to be granted to the journalist Julian Assange, who has been imprisoned in Great Britain. The National Assembly will vote on the motion on Friday.

On Friday, France’s National Assembly will debate and vote on a motion to grant asylum to journalist Julian Assange, who is being held in Britain. Launched at the end of October 2021, the motion is supported by around 60 French MEPs from all political parties. The proposal is supported by Cédric Villani (Groupe Écologie démocratie solidarité), Jean Lassalle (Groupe Libertés et territoires), François Ruffin (La France insoumise) and Jennifer de Temmerman from Macron’s La République en Marche party.

The world is watching and Joe Biden is going down in history as we speak.  It won't be a historical entry of praise.  He's the man who persecuted journalist Julian Assange.  That will not be forgotten.  Joe could order all charges dropped and save his own image -- maybe even be seen as a hero.  But he appears to want to be despised for hundreds of years to come.  He wants the name "Joe Biden" to be met with curses and hoots of laughter.  

At Swathmore's PHOENIX, Tarang Saluja notes:

On Dec. 10, 2021 (which was ironically international human rights day), the U.K.’s high court ruled that Julian Assange may be extradited to face trial in the U.S. and on Jan. 24, Assange won the right to appeal against the extradition. Assange’s team will now appeal to the Supreme Court in early February to see if he can be saved from the talons of the US government. The case against Julian Assange began when Wikileaks published information provided by U.S. Army Intelligence Analyst and whistleblower Chelsea Manning. Documents from Manning, including the Afghanistan War Diary and Guantanamo Files, revealed embarrassing and atrocious details of misconduct and deception by US military officials. One of the most horrific leaks was the extremely disturbing Collateral Murder video which uncloaked how U.S. military pilots murdered two journalists when they opened fire without provocation and further fired at unarmed adults and children who came to help the wounded. This humiliating and shameful experience for the U.S. national security state triggered a thirst for revenge which has made the crude destruction of one man’s life an instrument for assaulting the freedom of our press. If Assange, after being systematically abused by many so-called democratic countries and misrepresented by media stenographers for national security ghouls, is prosecuted with an indictment that criminalizes typical journalist activities based on the ill-defined term “national defense information,” it will deeply chill investigative reporting on the most secretive, unaccountable institutions in the U.S. and set a precedent for the violation of press freedom. 

[. . .]

A shocking report also revealed that the CIA, unable to tolerate the leak of Vault 7 in 2017, had plotted to murder Assange by abducting and then assassinating him in a London shootout. This plot complemented the 2020 revelations that the CIA had a Spanish security firm spy on Assange and his fiance, Stella Morris, extensively. They went as far as using cameras and microphones to spy on meetings Assange had with his lawyers, tracking both Morris and her mother, and trying to steal their baby’s pacifier and diaper to do a DNA test.

Even though these shameful details reveal the danger U.S. officials pose to Assange, the U.S. has continued the extradition process, providing a flimsy assurance that they would not apply Special Administrative Measures or place Assange in a supermax prison unless Assange gives them a reason to decide otherwise. This is a condition that can be easily abused. However, the high court responded by ruling that Assange may be extradited, paving the path for his prosecution in the U.S. Eastern District Court of Virginia. As the Eastern District Court is near the Pentagon and CIA, the jury pool is far more sympathetic towards intelligence agents, and therefore it is unlikely that Assange will be acquitted if he is extradited to the U.S. Shortly after the ruling, it was revealed Assange had a stroke on Oct. 27, which was the first day of the high court appeal hearing, and Morris attributes this to his poor treatment and stressful experience during the extradition battle. Even if the CIA couldn’t personally kill Assange, he has been systematically abused to the point where there are legitimate fears he could die by illness or suicide. (It is noted on the Useful Idiots (42:30 – 43:30) podcast that Assange himself has clearly expressed he will not come back to the US alive because of what he expects to face here.) Recently, he has been given permission to appeal the decision that he can be extradited, and his legal team is currently working on that. 

The astonishing part of this twisted political saga is the behavior of many mainstream media outlets. As Assange is being indicted on uncorroborated charges for the very activities which investigative journalists engage with all the time, this trial has massive implications for the freedom of the press. However, mainstream media has mainly focused on contributing to the smear campaign against Assange. When Assange’s asylum was revoked, plenty of mainstream outlets, with an almost sick glee, reported extensively on allegations of “dirty,” unhygienic behavior. These same outlets never bothered to examine the change in Ecuadorian political leadership and the political motivations of Ecuadorian officials making these claims. Furthermore, they parrotted alarmist claims from national security officials about how Assange’s actions were irresponsible and dangerous, despite the fact that the government cannot prove that any harm was done to its sources and that their favored whistleblower of the Pentagon Papers, Daniel Ellsburg, also argued that Assange’s actions are in the public interest.

Joe Biden is speeding on his way to being considered one of the worst presidents ever.  He could have stayed 'retired.'  Most people would have ignored Hunter Biden if that had happened.  They would have ignored how 'working class Joe' became a millionaire on the taxpayer's dime.  He would have been the drunk uncle that you wanted to believe was basically a good guy at heart.

Instead, he's now someone who threatnes journalists, who can't handle the economy, who can't respond to COVID  . . .

In fact, maybe Jen and Joe need to use that anger and malice they keep aiming at Joe Rogan and focus it instead on actually addressing COVID.  That would mean firing Fauci, of course, something Joe was told to do the first week after he was sworn in.  Wasn't smart enough to do it that week.  Hasn't been smart enough since.

The dottering old fool.  

I have no idea if Donald Trump plans to run for president again or, if he does plan to run, whether he could get a nomination (from the GOP or any other party).  But Joe's certainly worked hard to build a case for Donald.  Where are the stimulus checks, Joe?  What the hell have you done for the American people?  Gifted them with inflation?

He's an abject failure.  Ray McGovern (ANTIWAR.COM) notes:

The leaked text (to Spain’s El Pais) of Washington’s response to Russia’s December security proposals augurs well for an eventual peaceful denouement on Ukraine. The U.S. response may still seem to be only half a loaf, but includes an appetizing sweetener – verification.

Washington’s "non-paper" response directly addresses Putin’s chief concern. (Spoiler for any new readers of It is not what you are probably thinking; it is not Putin’s reportedly insatiable lust to get NATO to sign a piece of paper banning membership for Ukraine; that’s the other half-loaf, and it has become rather stale – as well as moot.)

Rather, Putin’s primary worry has long been that missile launchers now deployed in Romania and soon, if not already, in Poland (ostensibly for anti-missile defense) can accommodate Tomahawk cruise missiles with ranges that put Russia’s strategic forces in jeopardy. Putin has voiced that concern loudly for years.

For example, after the US-orchestrated coup in Kiev in Feb. 2014, Putin explained publicly that US/NATO plans to deploy ABM systems around Russia’s western periphery were an "even more important factor" in Moscow’s decision to annex Crimea than the prospect of Ukraine joining NATO. (For one particularly telling example, readers are invited to view a short clip showing Putin’s frustration six years ago at his inability to impress upon Western reporters the urgency of the "ABM" missile emplacements.)

At Tuesday’s press conference, Putin began with a reminder that Russia had been "conned" when the West promised in 1990 not to move NATO one inch eastward. Putin then pointed out that, after the US withdrew from the AMB Treaty:

"Now anti-ballistic missiles are deployed in Romania and are being set up in Poland. … These are MK-41 launchers that can launch Tomahawks. In other words, they are no longer just counter-missiles, and these assault weapons can cover thousands of kilometers of our territory. Isn’t that a threat to us?"

What about similar deployment to Ukraine? The U.S. has already agreed not to do that. Western media largely missed this, but Russia’s readout of the Dec. 30 telephone conversation between Biden and Putin included this:

“… Joseph Biden emphasized that Russia and the US shared a special responsibility for ensuring stability in Europe and the whole world and that Washington had no intention of deploying offensive strike weapons in Ukraine.” [Emphasis added.]

Smoke That Peace Pipe Bury Those Tomahawks

The US "non-paper" revealed yesterday by El Pais, was labeled "confidential", and small wonder. Clearly, the Biden administration did not want its concession on inspection, for example, to leak. It will come as a shock for those predicting (some of them actually hoping for) the worst. Washington’s non-paper expresses willingness to discuss "a transparency mechanism to confirm the absences of Tomahawk cruise missiles at … sites in Romania and Poland." In other words, verification; which has worked well in the past – with the INF Treaty, for example, which saw the entire class of intermediate- and short-range missiles destroyed.

Nor is it surprising that the US asked the Russians (and everyone else) to keep its "non-paper" secret. The Military-Industrial-Congressional-Intelligence-Media-Academia-Think-Tank (MICIMATT) complex will be up in arms, so to speak. Not to mention Raytheon, which makes and sells the Tomahawks (at $2 million each). See, for example: Top Weapons Companies Boast Ukraine-Russia Tensions Are a Boon for Business.  

In Iraq, no political news.  Still no government.  October 10th was election day.   If you really wanted to stop ISIS, you wouldn't drag your feet about foriming a government.

We'll wind down with this from Senator Bill Cassidy's office:

WASHINGTON – Today, the United States Senate Veterans’ Affairs Committee (SVAC) unanimously passed legislation to offer Post-9/11 combat veterans, including those suffering from conditions caused by toxic exposures, such as burn pits, access to Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) health care.


U.S. Senators Bill Cassidy, M.D. (R-LA), Jerry Moran (R-KS), and Jon Tester (D-MT) led the committee in introducing the Health Care for Burn Pit Veterans Act yesterday.


“Veterans should not be denied health care because of federal bureaucracy. We made a commitment to these men and women,” said Dr. Cassidy. “Our bipartisan bill honors veterans’ service and expands VA health care for those exposed to toxic substance. Today is a step forward in fulfilling that commitment.”


“Post-9/11 veterans are the newest generation of American heroes to suffer from toxic exposures encountered during military service,” said Senator Moran. “The Health Care for Burn Pit Veterans Act is an important first step to make certain our veterans receive the care they need as a result of their service. I’m urging my colleagues to read our bill, to grow their understanding of this complex challenge, and to join our committee—every single member of the Senate Veterans’ Affairs Committee—in passing this bill to get one step closer to providing care and relief on one of the most pressing challenges facing veterans today.”


“Today, we took a critical step toward fulfilling our obligations to toxic-exposed veterans with our bipartisan Health Care for Burn Pit Veterans Act,” said Senator Tester. “This bill will connect more Post-9/11 veterans with the VA care they’ve earned to treat seen and unseen wounds of war, while moving the ball forward on addressing toxic exposure in the comprehensive way our veterans deserve. This is a necessary step in doing right by our nation’s veterans, and I urge my Senate colleagues from both sides of the aisle to join us in passing this critical legislation that’ll help us deliver on that promise.”


This bill will now go to the full Senate for consideration.


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