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Idiot of the week and Bully of the week

Idiot of the week?  WE GOT THIS COVERED.  Why?

With just as much inevitability as 007 ordering a shaken vodka martini, Tom Hardy has once again entered the conversation to find the next James Bond. The Venom star’s odds to play the world’s greatest secret agent have once again been slashed following increased speculation once more that he could replace Daniel Craig in the role. We’ve been seeing this rumored casting pop up for years now, long before Craig had even vacated the part, and, sure, it’s easy to see why people want Hardy as Bond. But just because fans want it, that doesn’t necessarily mean he’s the right choice.

Don't get you wrong?  We got you dead right.  Even before reading on to how great you think he'd be as a Bond villain.  

Tom Hardy would be an incredible James Bond.  He'd need to be filming within a year or two.  But he'd be great as Bond for about four or five films.

I think the other guy would be good too.  The one Stan's a big fan of.  Jamie Dornan.  That's it.  He's great in HEART OF STONE, in the comedy film with Kristen Wiig and in his HBO TV show.  He could play it.  So could Henry Cavill.  My first choice would be Tom Hardy, then Henry and then Jamie.

So that's idiot of the week, let's do bully of the week.  Doo-Doo Ron Ron DeSantis, come on down. Jake LaHut (DAILY BEAST) reports why:

Quinn Mitchell has seen at least 35 presidential candidates in person since 2019, when he first started showing up at New Hampshire primary events to ask them questions.

Not a single one of them had ever treated the now-15-year-old as if he were a threat—until Ron DeSantis came to town.

It all started with a straightforward question. In June, when DeSantis stopped for a town hall event in Hollis, Mitchell raised his hand in the crowd.

“Do you believe that Trump violated the peaceful transfer of power,” the teenager asked the governor, “a key principle of American democracy that we must uphold?”

DeSantis dodged the question and said Americans shouldn’t get stuck in the past, but not before remarking—in a somewhat impressed, incredulous tone—on Mitchell’s age. “Are you in high school?” the governor asked.

And here's what followed:

Speaking about it for the first time in an interview with The Daily Beast, Mitchell says that he was grabbed and physically intimidated by DeSantis security at two subsequent campaign stops, where the candidate’s staffers also monitored him in a way he perceived as hostile.

The experience, Mitchell said, was “horrifying” and amounted to “intimidation.”

At a Fourth of July parade DeSantis attended, Mitchell was swarmed by security and physically restrained after a brief interaction with the governor—with his private security contractors even demanding Mitchell stay put until they said so.

With his mother alarmed, the situation escalated to such a degree that the candidate’s wife, Casey, spoke directly with her—but to suggest her son was being dishonest about what happened, according to Mitchell.

Then, at an August 19 event—where Mitchell was tailed closely by two security guards—an attendee told The Daily Beast they saw a staffer for DeSantis’ super PAC, Never Back Down, take a photo of the teenager on Snapchat before typing out an ominous caption: “Got our kid.”

Seven other sources corroborated Mitchell’s version of events, either by sharing contemporaneous communications with the family or recounting what they witnessed in person at DeSantis events, including the Fourth of July parade. The teenager and his family say they have yet to receive any kind of apology from DeSantis.

Read the whole article, Doo-Doo is a bully and so is his mannish wife.  

Here's C.I.'s "Iraq snapshot:"

Friday, September 1, 2023.  Crooked Clarence makes more claims, Iraq convicts in the killing of an American citizen (convicts but apparently does not name), we review the clownish Cornel West, a brief moment on water rights and more.

Isaiah's THE WORLD TODAY JUST NUTS "The Billionaire and the Sidepiece" went up here yesterday. 

Harlan Crow has paid for even more travel trips for Crooked Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.  

The news broke yesterday and Betty posted early with "Crooked Clarence lies again" because the media was just repeating -- without question or comment -- Clarence's claim that his security detail told him he should try to travel by private plane.  

As Betty points out, if that was the case -- if he's not lying again -- they didn't tell him to let other people pay for his private plane travel.  

And I'm not sure they told him that.  Clarence has a long history of lying and I'm failing to understand why with all the FBI agents available and with the Supreme Court of the United States Police Department if, after DOBBS was leaked to the press, a threat assessment required more protection, it wouldn't come from government agents?  Doesn't make sense.

I want to see that report.  I want to see a report where his security detail states he needs to travel by private plane.  And since this would be based upon a threat assessment, I want to know why it wasn't covered by the US government.  

Clarence is lying yet again and Betty's right.  This needs to be called out and that's why we're starting with it in the snapshot.

Right-wing U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas revealed Thursday that he took three flights on the private jet of conservative billionaire Harlan Crow last year, a disclosure that came more than four months after ProPublicareported that the powerful judge has been accepting luxury trips from the Texas real estate magnate for decades.

The trips are outlined in Thomas' required financial disclosure for 2022. Last May, according to the document, Thomas flew on Crow's private jet to Dallas, where the justice delivered a keynote address at a conference held by the right-wing American Enterprise Institute.

The disclosure states that the May flights to and from Dallas "were by private plane for official travel" because Thomas' "security detail recommended noncommercial travel whenever possible," citing "increased security risk following the Dobbs opinion leak."

That opinion, which was formally handed down on June 24, 2022, ended the constitutional right to abortion in the U.S.

Kyle Herrig, a senior adviser to the progressive group Accountable.US, said in a statement that "it's no surprise that Justice Thomas has kept up his decadeslong cozy relationship with billionaire benefactor Harlan Crow with even more lavish jet rides and vacation reimbursements."

"For years, Thomas has used his position on our nation's highest court as a way to upgrade his own lifestyle—and that hasn't stopped," Herrig added.

Thomas, who has faced calls to resign over the gifts from Crow and other billionaires, also acknowledges in the filing that he "inadvertently omitted" bank account information in financial disclosures dating back to 2017. Thomas previously had to amend two decades of disclosures after he neglected to include information about his wife's income from conservative groups, including the Heritage Foundation.

"In a pathetic attempt to clear his name, Thomas' latest financial disclosure confirms his financial dependency on right-wing billionaires and his scorn for basic judicial ethics and common decency," said Brett Edkins, managing director of policy and political affairs at Stand Up America. "It's no wonder the Supreme Court is mired in an unprecedented crisis of legitimacy."

And a friend just called regarding DEMOCRACY NOW! yesterday.  I didn't catch it but we're noting this segment.

AMY GOODMAN: This is Democracy Now!, I’m Amy Goodman, with Nermeen Shaikh.

NERMEEN SHAIKH: “America Is Using Up Its Groundwater Like There’s No Tomorrow.” That’s the headline to a major New York Times investigation that examines how the nation’s aquifers are becoming severely depleted due to overuse in part from huge industrial farms and sprawling cities.

The depletion of the nation’s aquifers is already having a devastating impact. The Times reports that in Kansas, corn yields are plummeting due to a lack of water. In Arizona, there is not enough water to support the construction of new homes in parts of Phoenix. And rivers across the country are drying up.

AMY GOODMAN: We’re going now to Oklahoma, where we’re joined by Warigia Bowman, who has been closely tracking this issue, director of sustainable energy and natural resources law at the University of Tulsa College of Law.

Thank you so much for being with us. Can you start off by just explaining what an aquifer is, why these groundwater resources are under such threat, why they’re so critical not only to the United States but all over the world?

WARIGIA BOWMAN: Well, thank you so much, Amy. It’s really an honor to be on your show. I’ve been listening for years, so I am grateful for the opportunity.

For your listeners, an aquifer refers to, essentially, a container of soil and rock that holds water under the ground. This is not an underground river. Rather, it’s water flowing through porous rock and soil. So, if you have an aquifer very close to the surface, we usually call that artesian, and that’s when you see a spring. So, if you see a spring bubbling out of the ground, that means that the aquifer is very close to the surface. Some aquifers are very deep below the surface, and they were formed by glacial rainwater billions and millions of years ago. So, an aquifer is just a fancy way of saying, you know, the place that holds our groundwater.

Now, aquifers are critical for both the United and the world, because we get so much of our drinking water from groundwater. It’s really a significant percentage. In California, it could go as high as 60% in a drought year.

NERMEEN SHAIKH: And so, Warigia, if you could talk about how the federal government and state governments manage public water supplies?

WARIGIA BOWMAN: OK. Well, the federal government does not deal with groundwater. They have the power to. The Supreme Court has said, in Nebraska v. Sporhase, that the federal government has that opportunity. But all water law is done at the state level for the moment. And what that means is that each different state has a different approach to managing its water. So, actually, who manages water at the local level, that’s a municipal issue. That’s a little bit more of an infrastructure issue. But in terms of who owns the water and the legal regime to utilize it, that’s a state law issue.

AMY GOODMAN: And can you talk about how aquifer depletion isn’t solely a problem in the west of the country, how the tap water crisis is emerging in other parts of the country, as well?

WARIGIA BOWMAN: OK, well, I’m not an expert on the tap water crisis, but I will say that all coastal regions in the United States are really being threatened by groundwater and aquifer problems. Some of the hardest hit are going to be Louisiana and Florida. Obviously, New York will eventually be hit.

Let’s take Florida. I’m sure you guys have already heard about how residents in Miami are trying to move their properties or find property on hillier areas, but in places like the Everglade, you have a very delicate balance of freshwater and saltwater. But when we overdraw our aquifers, then you get something called saltwater intrusion, which upsets that balance. And that’s also a serious problem in Louisiana.

And surprisingly, under the Mississippi River between Mississippi and Arkansas, there’s enormous aquifer depletion. It’s hard to believe because the Mississippi is such a big river. But the farmers in that region are withdrawing so much water so fast that actually the aquifers underneath the Mississippi River are one of the most endangered aquifers in the United States.

NERMEEN SHAIKH: So, Warigia, if you could talk about, very quickly, in the last minute we have, how the climate crisis worsens this aquifer depletion and accelerates it?

WARIGIA BOWMAN: Well, there are a few different ways. The first way is precipitation is declining. Snowmelt is declining — I mean, snow is declining. But one thing to understand it that aquifers and groundwater, they recharge incredibly slowly. So, it can take millions of years to fill an aquifer, but they can be depleted, you know, in 50 years. But as surface water supplies, like rivers and streams and lakes, are depleted, farmers and industry are going to draw more from groundwater, and so that accelerates the depletion.

AMY GOODMAN: Well, Warigia Bowman, we want to thank you so much for being with us, associate professor and director of sustainable energy and natural resources law at the University of Tulsa College of Law.

That does it for our show. A very happy birthday to Hany Massoud! Democracy Now! is produced with Renée Feltz, Mike Burke, Deena Guzder, Messiah Rhodes, Nermeen Shaikh, María Taracena, Tami Woronoff, Charina Nadura, Sam Alcoff, Tey-Marie Astudillo, John Hamilton, Robby Karran, Hany Massoud, Sonyi Lopez. Our executive director is Julie Crosby. Special thanks to Becca Staley, Jon Randolph, Paul Powell, Mike Di Filippo, Miguel Nogueira, Hugh Gran, Denis Moynihan, David Prude, Dennis McCormick, Matt Ealy and Emily Anderson.

If you want to sign up for our daily digest, news in your email box, go to I’m Amy Goodman, with Nermeen Shaikh. Thanks so much for joining us.

That's an important story, and there's so much more to it.

If you live in Goodmanville and you've got a lake and you think this doesn't effect you, you're mistaken.

I've whined here for years about how this isn't what I want to write here.  This is what we have to and I've whined since the start that I wanted to cover water rights.  This isn't not going to be that because there's no time.  And let's keep it conversational and emphasize just one key point.

Danny Schechter was a media analyst.  He and I kept bumping into each other in 2004 (we already knew each other) on campuses because I was speaking out against the Iraq War and he was promoting his documentary on the media selling the Iraq War.  Since we were often bumping into one another, we'd sometimes plan a lunch together for a future date.  I believe we were in Dallas -- I was speaking to three campuses and he was doing a film festival there.  He brought along someone who'd done a documentary about water issues who also brought along a college professor. 

The college professor explained that Denton, Texas had all this water around it.  But Dallas didn't have enough for the coming years.  So the City of Dallas actually had the rights -- purchased them -- to Denton's lakes. 

This isn't just an issue to the areas that will be depleted, it's all an issue to areas that can look out the window and think they're safe -- oh, look, the lake's got plenty of water -- because you may not be.  Your city government may have sold off your water rights.

I've condensed that but that's the basic point.  You need to know who has the rights to area's water.

Let's move over to Iraq.  THE CRADLE reports:

The Iraqi government has discussed establishing a nuclear reactor for peaceful purposes as the country grapples with crippling electricity shortages.

The media office of Iraqi Prime Minister Mohammed Shia al-Sudani said in a statement that the most recent meeting of the Ministerial Council for National Security discussed “establishing a limited nuclear reactor for peaceful purposes and the production of clean electric energy that contributes to reducing dependence on other sources of energy such as gas and oil.”

The Iraqi Minister of Electricity, Ziyad Ali Fadel, announced last June that Iraq produces 24 thousand megawatts per day, an increase of 22 percent over last year. However, providing electricity 24 hours a day requires production of 34 thousand megawatts per day.

Oh, look, 20 years after Bully Boy Bush was lying about "yellow cake uranium," Iraq may finally get some.  

So US troops remain on the ground in Iraq supposedly to train and help with terrorism -- rooting it out -- and yet Iraq's the place for a nuclear reactor.  Hmm. 

In other news, the US State Dept issued the following yesterday:

We welcome the Iraqi court’s decision to convict and sentence multiple individuals on terrorism charges for their roles in the killing of U.S. citizen Stephen Troell. It is critical that all those responsible for the brutal, premeditated assassination of Mr. Troell face justice and accountability. We once again extend our condolences to Mr. Troell’s family and hope this verdict brings them some measure of justice.

Sinan Mahmoud (THE NATIONAL) reports:

The officials did not identify the Iranian and provided no further details about the case.

The Interior Ministry also confirmed the sentences in a statement, saying four other accused are still wanted.

"The Iranian man was the mastermind of the crime," one legal source told Reuters. All five were arrested in Iraq soon after the fatal shooting, the source said.

At the time of the killing, Mr Troell was working in the local English school, the Global English Institute, run by the Texas aid group Millennium Relief and Development Services.

A native of Tennessee, he had lived in the Iraqi capital with his wife Jocelyn – who was the language school's manager – three daughters and a toddler son, since 2018.

Shortly after the killing, social media accounts close to Iran-backed Shiite militias accused him of being a spy, although they produced no evidence for the claim.

"Let's just go with Tina Louise." Yesterday's snapshot was an apparently an eye opener for some.  Again, let me repeat myself, African-Americans are not going to line up behind Cornel West because Cornel's Black.  That belief is latent racism on the part of White people.  They are not lining up behind Tim Scott.

B-b-but Cornel's a hero.

Conrel's a hero to White blabber mouths.

You are ignorant of reality if you don't grasp that.  

Cornel is seen as an enemy by some as a result of 2008.  It's not in his WIKIPEDIA, big surprise.  But Cornel went around 'pressuring' or 'attacking' Barack Obama in the 2008 primaries and election.  

You have no idea, if you live in a White-focused world, how scarring that was.

Tavis Smiley partnered with Cornel for that 2008 action.

I know Tom Joyner, love him, known him for decades.  In 2008, Tavis had to leave THE TOM JOYNER MORNING SHOW and Tavis and Tom were very close and neither wanted it to happen.  But despite being a beloved part of the show, by staff and by the audience, it did happen.  What Cornel and Tavis were doing was leading to a huge ton of complaints from listener and there was also some drop off in the ratings with more of a drop off expected.  So Tavis left the show.

NOTE: I am not in the mood for stupid.  I've told Martha and Shirley to delete any e-mails coming into the public account that want to pretend they know facts when they don't.  Do not e-mail, "You are confusing 2012 with 2008." No, CRAPAPEDIA is wrong as usual.  It's a White site, don't trust it for information about any non-White person.  2008 is the issue.  I'll spoonfeed lazy asses once and only once on this: here's a link to ESSENCE and it's from 2008 and that's when Tavis left.  And Tom's quoted in there and Tom told the truth.  I have no idea why Cornel's lying in the interview but Cornel's always lying.  

This is the sort of thing in the Black community that White YOUTUBE can't, won't and doesn't tell you. Sometimes it's because they're young adults too stupid to learn history before opening their mouths to offer 'facts.'  Sometimes it's because they just don't care.  It's not White so it doesn't matter to them and, who cares, they're just going to say whatever they want about Black people because isn't that the White way.

I'm sick of it, I'm sick of these people thinking they can weigh in when they don't know what the hell they're talking about.

After Barack was elected in November 2008, Cornel could never figure out where he stood on Barack which resulted in gushing and in attacks and it never made sense and Tom Joyner's audience was vocal  about that.  After the election, with Barack in the White House, some of the tensions could have healed for Cornel.  And he could have, for example, remained a critic of Barack and that would have been okay.  People would have said he was being consistent.  Instead, he was all over the map -- slamming one moment, fluffing the next.  Over and over.

Cornel's audience is and always has been people who could be male characters on THE BIG BANG THEORY.  A bunch of White men and Raj.  

He talks a lot -- in circles -- he never does anything.  He's a blabber mouth.

He's not Rev Jesse Jackson who's got a lifetime of activism -- real activism -- and then decides to run for president in 1984.  He's a DSA academic removed from reality.  And since YOUTUBE is the same -- and is pretty much hosted by people who could be male characters on THE BIG BANG THEORY -- no one wants to comment on that reality.

He's not a doer, he's a talker.  

He's not an activist, he's an academic.  And not a good academic because a good academic can, for example, criticize Lawrence Summers without sounding anti-Semitic.  Cornel knows all about coded language and used it repeatedly in his war with Lawrence Summers (and that goes far beyond with the ridiculous comparison of Summers to Ariel Sharon).  We have criticized Lawrence repeatedly and harshly over the years and we never had the need to do it with references -- coded or otherwise -- to Lawrence being Jewish.

Your nerd fan boi fantasies about Cornel West are not reality.  

Jesse and Jackie Jackson are fixtures in the African-American community and that's due to the fact that they have roots in and they are part of it.  They have given decades working in the community.  

Cornel and all three of his wives can't make that claim.

I'd say he was busy working in the academic community but that's a lie as well and that was at the heart of his dispute with Lawrence when Lawrence took over at Harvard -- Cornel was too busy trying to become an academic celebrity, churning out co-written 'books' that were sloppy and not scholarly.  

Cornel was not leading protests, he was not organizing within the community, he was shucking and jiving and making funny faces in interviews to increase his own fame and wealth.  

He is weak ass and he's seen as a clown.  

But you keep imposing how you see him onto others and pretend like that's reality.  See where it gets you.

This push to make Cornel West the Green Party presidential nominee (they will choose their nominee at their party convention in the summer of 2024) makes about as much sense as White House chief of staff Jeff  Zients telling Joe Biden that the next cabinet secretary opening should go to Tina Louise "because she was so good on GILLIGAN'S ISLAND as Ginger."

And let's talk the real harm if Cornel is the nominee.  He's not a Green (he's DSA) and you're yet again telling your own party that there is no one in the party worthy of the nomination so you're going to draft from outside the party again.

Today we're all the children of Florida.  Nathan Diller (USA TODAY) reports:

Canada warned travelers visiting the United States about state laws impacting LGBTQ people.

The country added a cautionary message for travelers who identify as Two-Spirit, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex or those who use other terminologies to its travel advice and advisory page for the U.S. on Tuesday.

“Some states have enacted laws and policies that may affect 2SLGBTQI+ persons,” the advisory said. The warning recommended travelers check relevant state and local laws.

“The Government of Canada takes the safety and security of Canadians abroad very seriously and provides accurate and up to date information in its Travel Advice and Advisories to enable travelers to make informed and responsible decisions regarding their destinations,” a spokesperson for Global Affairs Canada told USA TODAY in an emailed statement. 

From the government of Canada's Global Affairs website:

2SLGBTQI+ travellers 

Some states have enacted laws and policies that may affect 2SLGBTQI+ persons. Check relevant state and local laws.

Travel and your sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression and sex characteristics

Travel and your sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression and sex characteristics

Foreign laws and customs related to sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression and sex characteristics (SOGIESC) can be very different from those in Canada. As a result, you could face certain barriers and risks when you travel outside Canada. Research and prepare for your trip in advance to help your travels go smoothly.

The updated advice does not mention any specific law or state policy, nor does it suggest staying away from a particular state. When asked for details, a department spokesperson pointed to laws targeting the transgender community.

"Since the beginning of 2023, certain states in the U.S. have passed laws banning drag shows and restricting the transgender community from access to gender affirming care and from participation in sporting events," the spokesperson said in a media statement.

"The information is provided to enable travellers to make their own informed decisions regarding destinations. Outside Canada, laws and customs related to sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression and sex characteristics can be very different from those in Canada."

I don't know what to say except, "Today, we're all the children of Florida."

Like those poor unfortunates in Florida, we are the laughingstock.  We are looked down on by educated areas of the world, just like the children in Florida who can't learn this or study that or read that.  Government officials have betrayed us and made us seem like idiots.  Hopefully, as we should grasp that the children in Florida are not responsible for Ronald DeSantis' war on education, the people of the world can grasp that we are not all as stupid and hateful as some of our leaders.  

The Florida section above was dictated but accidentally got left out when the snapshot went up.  It was put in on 9/1/23 at 11:27 am PST.

Let's wind down with this from Will Lehman:


The following sites updated:

  • Thursday, August 31, 2023

    Doo-Doo Ron Ron DeSantis says "never" all the time

    We've got a new comic tonight, Isaiah's THE WORLD TODAY JUST NUTS "The Billionaire and the Sidepiece."


     Be sure to check out Betty's "Crooked Clarence lies again" for more on Clarence and his sugar daddy Harlan Crow. 

    The latest on Doo-Doo Ron Ron DeSantis?  His PAC Never Back Down?  It's backing down.  NBC NEWS reports:

    Never Back Down, the super PAC backing Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis' presidential campaign, has ceased its door-knocking operations in Nevada, home to a key early nominating contest, and California, a delegate-rich Super Tuesday state, officials confirmed Wednesday.
    They added that in recent weeks, the group also ended its field operations in North Carolina and Texas, two additional states that vote on Super Tuesday in March.

    The decision to fold its door-knocking operations in Nevada and some Super Tuesday states coincides with DeSantis’ rough summer, which has featured him struggling to gain traction against the GOP front-runner, former President Donald Trump, since launching his campaign in late May. In recent weeks, DeSantis’ campaign has publicly promoted resets and staff shake-ups as he seeks to generate momentum.

    At its peak, Never Back Down employed more than 250 field staffers in those four states, though some had departed prior to the shutdown. In recent weeks, some of those who were assigned to the areas where there are cuts were offered opportunities elsewhere, including on door-knocking teams stood up by the super PAC in Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina — early nominating states where the pro-DeSantis allies continue to knock on doors — officials said.

    The week started with Doo-Doo going to Jacksonville, Florida and getting booed because of his racist actions.  Fabiola Santiago (MIAMI HERALD) reports:

    Standing next to him near the shooting site, the face of Jacksonville state Rep. Angie Nixon, a Black Democrat who stared down at him said it all.

    “He has had an all-out attack on the Black community with his anti-woke policies, which we know very well was nothing more than a dog whistle to get folks riled up in a way it just happened yesterday,” Nixon told MSNBC.

    This is a governor who, on top of unleashing hateful rhetoric to push his agenda, loosened gun laws by allowing permitless carry, so that any nut-job, like the nation’s latest white-supremacist killer, 21-year-old Ryan Christopher Palmeter, can feel comfortably empowered to walk around armed. Palmeter, by the way, had bought his weapons legally, despite being Baker Acted in 2017.

    DeSantis’ awkward response to the Dollar General store shooting, in which Anolt “AJ” Laguerre Jr., 19, Jerrald De’Shaun Gallion, 29, and Angela Michelle Carr, 52, died, was almost offensive.

    He threw money — $1.1 million, which he pledged Monday — to go toward security at the nearby historically Black college, Edwards Waters University, where the gunman stopped and may have been dissuaded from attacking by an alert security guard who followed him.
    As if money can buy lost lives. As if money can change hearts filled with hate and minds consumed by it. As if money could bring back all the Florida sons and daughters lost to gun violence.
    “Blood money does not atone for the egregious way y’alls Governor has vehemently oppressed African Americans in this state,” tweeted former state Sen. Audrey Gibson. “It’s our money he’s sending anyway.”

    Also weighing on Doo-Doo's responsibility regarding the shooting?  Florida AP history teacher Marlon Williams-Clark who spoke with SLATE's Ayman Ismail (Doo-Doo cut the AP history course because he believes that slavery was "beneficial"): 

    Some people have already connected the Jacksonville shooting to DeSantis. Do you have any problem with that connection?

    I think it speaks for itself. Look at the laws that have been signed, and look how that might be encouraging to people who have anti-Black attitudes. Look at the video of DeSantis speaking in Jacksonville. The amount of boos and side-eyes that he received … I think it all speaks for itself.

    Politicians are acting oblivious, as if their words and the policies aren’t encouraging that kind of behavior. It seems to me that the leaders of our state are very much anti-Black, no matter how much they try to mask it. Their policies and speech are anti-Black, which is why the NAACP issued a travel warning for any Black people coming to Florida. Even the “Stop WOKE” Act … “Stay woke” was Black vernacular from the early 20th century, which Black people have used as a way of warning others what’s happening around them in their community. Because, as we know, just being Black in some areas was a crime.

    DeSantis is doing some really hard damage to our state and educational system. We still don’t have the AP course back, even after modifications from the College Board. It’s funny to me that they were about to ban the AP psychology course right before school started again, but then quickly reversed it when there was an outcry about it. But there was a whole march and outcry and complaining and meetings and letters and so many other things about the AP American studies course. So, it seems to me that the government of Florida right now is very much anti-Black.

    Do you see any merit to the conservative concern that teaching the nation’s dark past can lead to disillusionment and cynicism?

    Our governor is quoted on camera saying that white kids should not feel uncomfortable learning about history. History is not supposed to be comfortable for anybody. History is history. We go with the facts. We go with what happened, and we listen to the voices of the past. We look at primary sources. It is not to make anybody feel bad. It is to teach us so that we don’t repeat bad behaviors of the past. And there is a certain element of our country that is hellbent on making sure that we don’t tell those truths.

    It seems that we have many politicians—I won’t call them government leaders—that are okay with a dumbed-down electorate. And that’s not good for any of us. Denying history from being taught is quite insulting to the people that are still living that have experienced these things in real time. We are truly codifying white supremacy, in my opinion, and I think we’re better than that.

    Doo-Doo the destroyer.  And he is responsible for the shooting last Sunday, he does have blood on his hands.

    As for today?  He's in the news for his idea of providing comfort as a hurricane is threatening the coast.  His idea?  Announcing "you loot, we shoot."  Ewan Palmer (NEWSWEEK) reports:

    "Such a weird thing to say when nobody is looting," Bloomberg columnist Matthew Yglesias posted on X, formerly Twitter: "Post-hurricane looting is very rare, but it's like he's hoping for bad stuff to happen so he can be a badass."

    Cenk Uygur, creator and host of the liberal news program The Young Turks, added: "Glad to see Ron DeSantis comforting people devastated by a hurricane ... by threatening to shoot people. This is the GOP game plan: We won't do anything about climate change that keeps intensifying storms ripping through your neighborhoods, but we can shoot people afterward!"

    Former Democratic state Senator Annette Taddeo wrote while sharing a clip of DeSantis' remarks: "If only Ron DeSantis would tell this to the insurance companies robbing us blind."

    The Daily Edge, a social media account which describes itself as "calling out GOP lies & corruption," added: "Not sure encouraging Floridians to shoot their neighbors is the best advice immediately after a hurricane."

    Here's C.I.'s "Iraq snapshot:"

    Thursday, August 31, 2023.  Nouri al-Maliki is talking about the US government, Amnesty International spotlights the missing, Bernie Sanders gets called out (for the last thing he should really be called out for), bad, bad, bad political 'analysis' from THE VANGUARD, and much more.

    Unless you're the US media, Nouri al-Maliki is yet again in the news.  I have no idea why the US media refuses to cover the former prime minister and forever thug.  Maybe it's guilt?  They spent a long time covering for him while he destroyed Iraq.  And they refused to call out the US government overturning the votes of the Iraqi people in the 2010 election.  That's what led to the rise of ISIS in Iraq -- Nouri's second term after the Iraqi people had voted him out but the US government negotiated The Erbil Agreement to give him a second term.  At any rate, MEMO reports:

    Former Iraqi Prime Minister, Nouri Al-Maliki, said America intends to close the border between Syria and Iraq in order to overthrow the regime of Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad.

    Al-Maliki added in press statements that he is not concerned about any American action against Iraq but he is certain that the recent American military movements aim to close the border with Syria.

    He considered the movement of foreign forces, whether in Iraq or neighbouring countries, to constitute a major concern due to fears of a return to the tensions and conflicts that had previously plagued the region.

    THE NEW ARAB also reports on the remarks:

    Nouri al-Maliki, the head of the State of Law coalition, and other Iran-backed Shia militia leaders in Iraq claim that the aim behind the United States military manoeuvres to seal off the Iraq-Syria border is to topple the Syrian regime.

    Nouri al-Maliki, the head of the State of Law coalition, made these claims on Monday, 28 August, but he also ruled out the possibility that the Biden administration might be planning a "regime change" in Iraq.

    "We have a belief based on proof that movements by the US forces in western Iraq seem to be aimed at sealing off the Iraq-Syrian borders," Maliki claimed to Iraq's Al-Sharqiya channel in an interview aired on Monday night.

    He added that while the West had imposed aerial, land, and sea blockade on the Syrian regime, it could "resist" the embargoes via border crossings with Iraq and therefore, the US aims "to tighten the embargo" on the Syrian government and "incite demonstrations" to topple the Syrian regime.

    Maliki was Iraq's prime minister for two successive terms from 2006 until 2014, when the Islamic State (IS) group conquered a third of Iraq. He also claimed that the US forces did not consult the Iraqi government concerning its plans to seal off the Iraq-Syrian borders.

    In October 2021, Iraq held elections and, taking their notes from the US State Dept, the US press hailed Moqtada al-Sadr as the victor and spoke of what would happen -- what never did.

    Now I'm not expecting a journalist be a psychic but when you completely ignore a power player in a country, you are going to make mistakes.  In the lead up to that election, we repeatedly noted Nouri al-Maliki.  He refuses to go away and retains a great deal of power.

    While the US press was basically misleading people to believe that Moqtada would be prime minister -- that was not going to happen, success for Moqtada would have been being the power behind the throne and that was highly unlikely as well -- Nouri was meeting with various blocs and blocking Moqtada.  And we were noting it in real time.  Moqtada's 'victory' was no victory and we were proven right when, finally, over a year (one year and 17 days) after the election took place, a prime minister was named: Mohammed Shia al-Sudani.  He was not from Moqtada's 'winning' bloc.  He is not someone who gets along with Moqtada.  He is the candidate that Nouri backed.

    Before the election took place, the US media refused to see what could happen.  During the year long process after the election, the US media refused to see what was happening.  As late as spring 2022, they were still hailing Moqtada.

    From their bubble, they misreported.  Today, they're still ignoring him.  But let's pretend they 'report.'

    Meanwhile, Amnesty International issued the following:

    Families of the disappeared wage a struggle for justice, truth and reparation in the face of state apathy

    Across the Middle East, both state authorities and non-state actors, such as armed opposition groups, abduct and disappear people as a way to crush dissent, cement their power, and spread terror within societies, often with total impunity. Human rights defenders, peaceful protesters, journalists, and political dissidents are often specifically targeted.

    Families and loved ones of the disappeared are left in limbo and experience constant mental anguish for many years and, sometimes, even decades. Most often, it is women who lead the struggle for truth, justice, and reparation, putting themselves at risk of intimidation, persecution and violence. And it is women who are left to shoulder the financial burden of providing for their families and caring for them, often with little to no state support and while facing oppressive patriarchal norms. They can neither organize a dignified burial nor properly grieve, and they spend their lives campaigning for the authorities to reveal the fate and whereabouts of their relatives.

    In Iraq, Lebanon, Syria and Yemen alone, families have waited and campaigned more than a million years collectively for news of their missing loved ones

    While the governments of most those states have not investigated disappearances nor provided accurate numbers of those missing or disappeared, family associations, human rights organizations and UN bodies have published estimates for the number of people abducted and disappeared in each country. In Iraq, the numbers range between 250,000 to one million disappeared. In Lebanon, the official figure is 17,415. In Syria, human rights organizations estimate the number to be over 100,000. In Yemen, human rights organizations have documented 1,547 cases of disappearance. When these numbers are multiplied by a conservative estimate of how many years these individuals have been missing, a tragic picture emerges of the agonising number of years families have spent waiting for answers – more than a million years.

    In the absence of effective state action, families of the disappeared have united under victim and family associations to demand their rights – often at great costs and personal risks. The right to truth for individuals and societies is recognized in international law and in the context of enforced disappearances, meaning “the right to know about the progress and results of an investigation, the fate or the whereabouts of the disappeared persons, and the circumstances of the disappearances, and the identity of the perpetrator(s)”.

    To commemorate the International Day of the Victims of Enforced Disappeared, Amnesty International is sharing the stories of extraordinary sacrifice and persistence by the families of the disappeared and by human rights organizations in each of these countries. The quest for truth, justice and reparation looks different for the families in each country, but what unites them is their shared struggle and their vision for a more free, safe, and cohesive society. 

    Share these stories in solidarity with the families of the disappeared and demand that meaningful action be taken to reveal the fate and whereabouts of their loved ones.


    Families of the disappeared in the middle east wait more than a million years collectively for their loved ones.

    Iraq: Campaigning for answers

    Iraq has one of the highest numbers of disappearances in the world, with people abducted and forcibly disappeared during the Ba’ath era (1968 – 2003), the US-led invasion and occupation of Iraq (2003-2011), the years of sectarian violence (2006-2008), the conflict with the armed group self-identified as the Islamic State (IS) (2013-2017), and the crackdown against protestors during the nationwide anti-government protests in 2019 and its aftermath.

    Despite Iraq’s ratification of the International Convention for the Protection of All Persons from Enforced Disappearances, consecutive Iraqi governments have repeatedly failed to take meaningful steps to investigate disappearances, reveal the fate and whereabouts of those missing, or hold accountable those suspected of criminal responsibility. Crucially, the Iraqi authorities have still not recognized enforced disappearance as an autonomous crime in national legislation, and there have been no prosecutions for those suspected of criminal responsibility for enforced disappearance.  

    In April 2022, families of the disappeared launched the #DeadorAliveWeWantThem campaign to demand answers regarding the fate and whereabouts of their loved ones who were disappeared during the conflict with the Islamic State. The campaign was supported by Al Haq Foundation for Human Rights, which is helping families organize themselves nationwide and unify their demands across their locations, their backgrounds and the circumstances under which their loves ones went missing. On 15 August 2023, in the lead up to the International Day for the Victims of Enforced Disappearances, Iraqi families of the disappeared, survivors of enforced disappearances and human rights organizations came together in nationwide protests demanding truth and justice for abductions and enforced disappearances. 

     According to the UN Committee on Enforced Disappearances, Iraq has an estimated 250,000 to

    1 million missing persons since 1968, making it one of the countries with the highest number of missing persons worldwide.

    Demands to the Iraqi authorities:

    • Ensure timely, independent and thorough investigations into enforced disappearances and provide regular and transparent updates to the public about the progress of these investigations;
    • Ensure protection from reprisals for those seeking justice.


    Sabby Sabs and others are so offended by what Bernie Sanders said and how he 'stabbed' Cornel West in the back.


    Bernie's been in Congress for decades and this is where you're going to land your outrage?  Not on the day that America learned the VA had two sets of lists to make it appear that veterans were being seen much sooner when they were being delayed and suffering health wise as a result?  We covered the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee hearing that day.  A former Democratic chair of the Committee (not Patty Murray) was as offended by the hearing as I was.  Bernie was the chair and the news of the dual lists was all over the news.  But Bernie began the hearing, as Committee chair, insisting that was not anything anyone needed to raise or discuss in the hearing because he wanted to focus on things like holistic medicine.  

    Veterans were ill and some had died as a result of the delays.  The VA faked a fix by keeping two sets of books and no witness or member of the Committee, per Bernie, needed to talk about anything other than holistic medicine options.

    Again, Cornel's where you land your outrage against Bernie?

    You're ahistorical approach is laughable as is your glaring ignorance.

    I have stated I will be voting for whomever the Democratic Party's nominee is in the 2024 election.  

    I mean that.  And I can tell you why if you need to know that (though we may touch on it below in talking about Bernie).

    I am not telling anyone else how to vote.  Don't plan to.  If you want to vote for someone, you should.  If no one speaks to you and you don't want to vote, that's your right as well.  And if you're not voting due to juggling work and maybe more work and/or family obligations, I understand that we need a national holiday for voting.  Or to do like Oregon and vote by mail.  But however you use your vote is your business.  My only hope for you is that the day of the election, you're comfortable with how you used it.

    "I had to take my kid to ER because she sprained her ankle at soccer practice!"  Good.  That was certainly important.  I applaud you.  

    And you don't need a worthy excuse like that for me.  It's your vote.  As an American citizen, you do with it what you want.  We don't have forced voting in this country. 

    You vote on X and two weeks later the press exposes something you didn't know about the candidate?  That's not on you.  You're not required to be a psychic to be an American citizen.  But if you make your best choice on election day, that's all anyone can do.  

    I did not vote for Ralph Nader.  I had friends who did and some felt awful.  Now Ralph never pleased me on women's issues -- he thought high heels were more important than reproductive rights -- read his 2000 ROLLING STONE interview if you're not familiar with how dismissive he was of women's issues and women's rights.  So in the lead up to the election, if someone wanted to talk to me about why they were supporting Ralph, fine, I'm going to share my opinion and I did.

    After the election when the tallies were closer than anyone expected between Al Gore and Bully Boy Bush, some friends expressed regret for voting for Ralph.  (Not all did.) Those that came to me with, "You were right"?  No, I wasn't.  I wasn't right for them.  They voted on election day using the best information available.  And Gore didn't carry his home state.  Ralph Nader voters voted for Ralph.  And that is a good thing.  I'm strongly against the Iraq War but it's a good thing people had something that they wanted to vote for.  And Gore's 2002 speeches indicate that he might have gone to war with Iraq as well.  

    So my point here is you need to use your vote however you feel is best.  At the end of the day, that's up to you.

    Just as I noted Ralph's refusal to treat as citizens -- I'm not going to be reduced to a "consumer," I am an American citizen -- I'll note things about the Green Party candidate -- when he or she is named.

    And Cornel needs to stop presenting as the Green Party's presidential nominee.  He is not.  (See Ann's "Oh, look, liar meets liar.")  

    More to the point, just as I questioned support for Ralph to friends, I will question support for Cornel West.  

    He knows how to be a bit player in THE MATRIX franchise?  He knows how to bury himself in pop culture and academia?  He knows how to run up outstanding taxes and child support obligations in the amount of half-a-million dollars?  

    Barack Obama was dismissed as "just a community organizer."  No, he was someone who had held public office in Illinois and had been in the Senate for a few years when he was running for the Democratic Party's presidential nomination (sworn in back in 2005, announced in 2007).  And at his age, that was a strong resume.  Cornel is 70s years old.  I'm not seeing strength.

    I'm seeing a motor mouth who wants to turn every Q&A into multiple sermons and pepper them with dated (incredibly dated) pop culture references -- again, Cornel, 11 year olds today are not listening to Tony! Toni! Tone.  He's never come off more out of touch than during that recent exchange.  

    I'm seeing someone who hypes himself constantly.  

    I'm not seeing anyone who actually does anything political. 

    He's going to heal us?  How?  By calling Laura Ingram "dear sister"?  Dear liar's more like it but he apparently needs to fawn and flatter to get FOX "NEWS" media attention -- and as Ava and I noted earlier this week, Green Party members are getting very vocal in their distaste for Cornel and for his right wing media appearances.  We've been added to a listserv and they are getting very vocal.  

    They're also tired of him acting as though he's the nominee and pointing out he's not even a Green Party member and how the party needs to honor its own and not recruit from outside.

    There's nothing he's doing that shows he's trying to appeal to Greens and that's the reality.  You can have your hissy fit and pretend otherwise but you're living in the same world of delusion as a Donald Trump cult member.

    In part, that's due to the YOUTUBERS appalling ignorance.  They don't know the Green Party and don't bother to learn how it works.  (There will be no nominee until the summer of next year when the party holds its national convention).  In part, it's due to their whorish ways and their inbred behavior.

    Serial plagiarist Chris Hedges talks to The People's Party and offers himself up as vice presidential nominee and Cornel as presidential nominee.  Then Ms. Chris Hedges tells her husband he can't run so it's just Cornel on the ticket.  

    Liar Chris goes to all the YOUTUBE idiots that will platform him (Katie Halper, et al) and isn't that interesting that Cornel's running, he's known Cornel for years and, as an observer, he's just real happy.

    Observer?  You worked behind the scenes and secured the nomination for Cornel.  And then you omitted that fact from your written reports and your YOUTUBE interviews and while Katie Halper and that crowd doesn't know a damn thing about journalistic ethics*, as a former NYT-er, one, who lets always remember was the first to front page the false link between Iraq and 9/11, Chris does know his actions violated basic journalism.  (See Ava and my "Media: Marianne's campaigning for right wingers, Cornel's trying to destroy The Green Party" about how Cornel didn't realize what he was exposing when he talked about how Chris secured the nomination for him).

    [*Katie Halper declared that she didn't need to disclose certain relationships because she was an opinion journalist.  No, dear, that's not how it works.]

    Chris, with the help of twice-failed nominee Jill Stein, then tried to force the Green Party to name Cornel the Green Party's nominee.  Grasp that.

    Grasp that they wanted a political party to do a backdoor deal, to ignore their bylaws and written practices.

    I'm sorry, I could never get on board with that.  I called out Donna Brazile  and Debbie Washerwoman for gaming the primaries for Hillary.  I don't have the hypocrite gene that Chris Hedges does -- the one that lets him repeatedly steal the written work of others, that lets him pretend he was against the Iraq War when he actually front-paged the false link between Iraq and 9/11 and did so in October of 2001 beating out Michael R. Gordon, Judith Miller and everyone else, the one that lets him set up backdoor deals and then pretend like he wasn't involved.  

    I'm not ever going to support someone who was part of that.

    And lets go back a moment more.  Lets go back to how he ran to the Green Party.

    I'm sorry, you're a grown ass adult and you take the nomination from a political party and then announce yet less than a week later you're running from that same party.  

    Running for it, running from it.

    I believe that's the definition of a flip-flop.  

    And I believe that a grown adult should do research on the party he wants to be the nominee for before -- before! -- accepting their nomination. In fact, the grown adult should do research on the party before trying to become the nominee.

    Where has Cornel shown any common sense?

    Don't see it.

    If you do, support him.  But you'll never convince me.

    Bernie doesn't think Cornel should run.  He is supporting Joe Biden.  

    I'm a little more open than that because I'll support whomever the nominee is.  

    But Bernie is genuinely worried about the election and about what happens if Donald or some other nut job gets in the White House.  

    I think we'll see at least one death on the Supreme Court in the next four years.  I could be wrong.  But I think it's likely -- and if it works by karma, it'll be Crooked Clarence Thomas.  If you think the Court is packed with extremists right now, let one of the current crop of Republicans vying for the nomination become president and see what happens.

    It's a valid concern.  

    It doesn't have to be your concern.  

    Your concern might be, for example, building the Green Party.  I'm not going to fault you on that.  If that's your concern, that's how you should vote.

    I don't see how Cornel's going to help you there since he keeps acting like they're trotting out the 2004 strategy.  That's the strategy that destroyed every gain Ralph made for the party in 2000.  Whomever the Greens nominate for their nominee next summer needs to answer as to what kind of campaign they're running and what the goals are.  

    Your concern might be that America's not White 'enough' or straight 'enough' -- like so many on Twitter -- and want to vote for Ron DeSantis.  There I think your priorities are seriously off as is your understanding of the world but, again, it's your vote use it how you think is best.

    Bernie thinks it's best for Cornel to run as a Democrat and that he will do damage in a Green or independent run.  That's his opinion and he's allowed to express it.  

    He didn't stab Cornel in the back.  

    The YOUTUBERS wetting their panties need to calm the f**k down.  I don't have any stomach for high drama.  Nothing shuts me down more than someone blinded by hysterics.

    I'm also not big on voting out of fear.  

    Let me go ahead and disclose my reasoning regarding the decision to vote for whatever Democratic is the presidential nominee.  ROE's dead.  And I believe the Democratic Party betrayed us big time on that.  They could have codified it -- as Barack promised to do "first thing" in his first campaign for president.  Ruth could have -- and should have -- retired.  She was too ill to serve and her 'personal' nonsense (Hillary was going to be elected she just knew and she needed to give Hillary a Court appointment).  Nancy Pelosi was Speaker of the House how many times and she never pushed to codify ROE?  Barack failed, yes.  But Nancy was in a very powerful position and she could have done something and did not do anything.

    I'm angry to this day.   

    I would love to sit this election out. 

    But I look around stunned by what's being done to LGBTQ+ persons.  The attacks, the hatred.  The murder of an LGBTQ+ ally (Lauri Carleton) for displaying a Pride flag.  The attacks on education by Ronald DeSantis and others.  The attacks on knowledge -- that's why you outlaw, African-American studies, gender studies, LGBTQ+ studies, to attack knowledge.  The violence towards people of color that these hate merchants are fostering with their rhetoric is appalling.  They refuse to own the outcomes including their role in the murder of the three people killed last Saturday in Jacksonville, Florida (Anolt Joseph "AJ" Laguerre Jr., Jerrald De'Shaun Gallion and Angela Michelle Carr).  As the editorial board of THE MIAMI HERALD notes:

    What happened over the weekend in Jacksonville isn’t a talking point. It’s senseless, yet increasingly common, violence that claimed the lives of three Black Floridians, targeted because of their race, according to law enforcement. The Dollar General shooting shouldn’t be treated as an outlier, an act carried out by a mad man. If mental illness were a factor, as it seems to have been, it’s not the full story. The Justice Department is investigating the shooting as a hate crime. The racist writings by the suspected gunman and the swastikas drawn on his AR-15-style rifle should be treated with the same urgency with which Florida lawmakers treated mental health after the 2018 Parkland school massacre.

    Were the mass shooting to serve as a lesson for Florida policy makers, they would quickly launch task forces to address the white supremacy that’s latent in Florida. This is the state where neo-Nazis boldly marched outside Disney World in June with flags bearing swastikas. Just as disturbing, some flags bore Gov. Ron DeSantis’ image. Last year, Florida hosted the America First Political Action Conference, a white supremacist event that took place in Orlando. And the state is home to many Proud Boys, a group that harbors white supremacists within its ranks.

    A mourning Jacksonville needed a leader, an empathizer, and a statesman, qualities the divisive, ever-aggrieved Florida governor lacks on his best days. And so in that fraught moment, facing constituents his administration has insulted and disempowered, DeSantis revealed himself to be an utterly spent force — lacking even the vocabulary to speak lucidly about the awful thing took place the day before.

    "What he did, what he did, was totally unacceptable in the state of Florida," DeSantis said in a stilted, brief speech during a prayer vigil for the victims of the high-profile hate crime the prior day, in which a shooter entered a Dollar General in Jacksonville's New Town neighborhood and killed two Black men and one Black woman specifically because of their race. Their names were Angela Michelle Carr, 52, Anolt Joseph "A.J." Laguerre Jr., 19, and Jerrald De'Shaun Gallion, 29. 

    Unacceptable, the governor said — as if this shocking act was some social blunder.

    The audience of mourners loudly booed DeSantis, forcing him to stop speaking and prompting Jacksonville City Council member Ju'Coby Pittman, who was originally appointed to the council in 2018 by then-Gov. Rick Scott, to scold the crowd. "Let the governor say what he's going to say, and we're going to get this party started," she said, somewhat awkwardly, of the prayer vigil being held for the victims. It was a moment many politicians might have found a bit humbling if not humiliating, but it's doubtful the arrogant and thin-skinned DeSantis, whose campaign once likened him to an earthly warrior ordained by God himself, found it to be anything other than an unfair — unacceptable? — personal insult.

    Some larger context here: DeSantis pressured the Legislature last year to pass a congressional map that, for the first time in decades, wiped out a Jacksonville district that allowed Black voters to elect the candidate of their choice. It was those very constituents DeSantis was directly facing on Sunday, coupled with their pain and outrage over the shooting. New Town and most of the city's majority-Black neighborhoods are now represented by a Republican in Nassau County who has about as much in common with those neighborhoods as a porcupine does a goose down pillow. And this was no mere accident but a deliberate political project by the governor to challenge a provision in the state constitution that is supposed to prohibit the dilution of minority voting power. Pittman's lifeline to the governor was a generous gift, indeed.


    I know that overturning ROE felt like a gut punch.  I don't want others to suffer because other rights are at risk.

    I'm not Joe's biggest champion but he has refused to sell out the trans community.

    Do you know easy that would be for him to do?  Do you know that advisors have begged him to do that?  And he's standing for equality.  I applaud him for that.

    Ketanji Brown Jackson appears to be a justice who will fight for democracy.  She was Joe's Supreme Court nominee and I don't fault him on that, I praise him for it.

    I can find other things to applaud.  If he's the nominee, he'll have my vote without hesitation.

    (Tara Reade?  She's a homophobic transphobe who would gladly slide into a political bed with Marjorie Taylor Greene -- who she can't stop reTweeting.  She also defected to Russia -- abandoning her 'beloved' pets in the process.  I don't care about her. I think she told the truth but at a certain point when you're doing nothing but advancing hate merchants I just don't care.  And I don't care about Tara.  She's exhausted all the compassion many showed towards her -- even those who didn't believe her.)

    When ROE was overturned (see "Today is a story of betrayal -- one long betrayal"), I thought I'd said everything I needed to that day.  But it felt different the next day, much worse.  Much worse to wake up in a world where reproductive rights don't matter.

    And then all the hate that people flaunted and their organized efforts to destroy -- a film, a store, a personality.  

    That's before what's allegedly a flash drive with Glennyth Greenwald's browser history was dropped off at my agent's office.That was another eye opener -- regardless of whether is Greenwald's or not.  The little punk in Colorado that they're trying to turn into a hero because of "Don't Tread On Me"?  There are other things on that jacket and I'm not sure people grasp what they are and what they mean.

    Having entered the flash drive world, I'm aware of what they mean.  I was disgusted and shocked by that browser history -- whoever's history it was.  The hatred.  The violence.  The organizing to destroy.    I go back and forth over displaying that garbage here -- not the stuff where a woman is battered, that would never go up here.  In then end, I don't want it here.  It's reality and if someone else posted it, more power to them.  But it's vile and disgusting racism and homophobia and transphobia and some of this is Tweets (other things as well -- there's a manifesto in there as well) and they're up at Elon Musk's site (even women cowering with black eyes and bloody noses).  They feel fine Tweeting publicly about their racism, specifically, their hatred of African-Americans.  And clearly Elon Musk agrees with them because this stuff has been up on Twitter for months and months. 

    We're up against more than we know.  

    And I'm not going to use whatever time I have left on this earth letting hate merchants destroy this country. 

    Those are my reasons.  I disclosed that I would be voting Democrat for president regardless of the nominee as soon as I realized that was what I was going to do.  I'm disclosing my reasons above.  Those are my reasons.  They don't have to be your reasons.  It's your vote and I'm not going to shame anyone for voting Green or anything like that. And if you vote by voting (or vote by not voting), you shouldn't let anyone else shame you for how you vote.  

    You also shouldn't be listening to idiots.  And you can toss me in there if you want, that's fine.

    But I'm referring to Zac on THE VANGUARD.  He really needs to push his chair away from the table.  He does not have the knowledge necessary and he refuses to learn from his mistakes.

    He speaks what he wants to happen and pretends he has factual backing for it.  He doesn't.  It just his uneducated hopes and dreams passed off as fact and I'm really getting tired of it.  He has plenty to offer on YOUTUBE but political analysis escapes him.

    His big mistake was when he was convinced Marianne Williamson was the candidate and used that to insist that the just-announced candidacy of Robert F. Kennedy Junior wasn't going to matter.  And of course it did and any educated person knew it would.  If you said it wouldn't you either were an idiot or a liar.  The country lost President John F. Kennedy.  That's a wound that has never healed.  To fail to grasp that was shocking.  Now Junior let everyone down and his polling's going down but, point of fact, he's still more popular than Marianne.

    Long before POLITICO wanted to report reality on Marianne's interaction with others, we told you here about that.  I know Marianne.  But Zac (and I think Gavin too) wanted to tell you those reports from POLITICO were hit jobs and not true and blah blah blah.

    They were exactly right, those reports.

    Now we've got Zac basically blowing Cornel West on air.  He's not the Green Party's presidential nominee despite Zac misrepresenting him every time.  Zac is not a Green Party member.  Zac has clearly not followed the Green Party's history.  

    At one moment in yesterday's segment on Krystal Ball, Zac was saying Jill Stein did this and Jill Stein did that -- praising the idiot (she's a liar and a coward and those of who care about Iraq will never forgive her for 2012 -- Zac scratches his head and says "Huh?" because he's never done the work required) and then in the same segment getting upset with Krystal's implication that Jill cost Hillary Clinton the 2016 election.  Hillary cost Hillary the election.  In 2008, running for the nomination, she went everywhere, she mingled with the people -- was there a bar in Pennsylvania she didn't go to in order to meet potential voters? -- in 2016, princess didn't want to be out on the campaign trail and couldn't make it states in the lead up to the general election.  When she did show, she presented one celebrity after another.  Her 2008 campaign was people-based and her 2016 was a bunch of celebrity nonsense.  She was trying to copy Barack in 2008, copy how he won the nomination.  It did not work for her, she is not Barack.

    But Zac's telling you all these idiotic -- I hope good pot-based -- thoughts that are miles away from facts.

    Cornel's going to get this amount of vote and Cornel's going to do that and . . .

    Stop it.  Put the joint down for a moment, splash some cold water on your face and wake the hell up.

    Cornel's not the nominee and he may not end up being the nominee.  You're infatuated with him for some reason and your latent racism leads you to conclude that because Cornel's Black a lot of Black people will vote for him.  

    Ajamu Baraka was Jill's running mate and he's Black.  Didn't help the ticket.  

    African-Americans vote Democrat.  African-American saved Joe Biden's ass both in the primaries and in the general election.  There's no indication that this is changing.

    You're simplistic beliefs -- latent racism -- that an untested politician (Cornel) is going to get X number of votes and do this and do that?  There's no basis in reality for your comments.

    Reality: Only 2000 saw the Green have real impact.  That's when Ralph Nader ran.  He got 2.4 million votes in the general election.  Jill?  She got 1.4 million in the 2016 election (469,000 in 2012).  She's a loser and she'll always be a loser and the people of Iraq suffer to this day because of her.  Again, 2012.  Don't have the time to spoon feed you, go read "Let the fun begin (Ava and C.I.)."

    Zac just gets worse as the segment goes along as he starts talking Cornel just getting votes in states that are already going to go blue.  "Safe blue states."  

    I just want to slap him.  If the Green Party wants to build -- and certainly if it wants at least 5% of the vote -- it can't do the 'safe state' strategy -- it can't do it again.  It did in 2004 and destroyed all the inroads that had been made via the 2000 election. (They went from Ralph's 2.4 million votes to idiot David Cobb's 119,000 votes.)  That's not building a party.  That's a vanity run.  And people have every right to call that out.

     Here's the video because I'm done talking about it.  I don't understand why you would grin and speak in a boastful voice when everything you were saying was so factually incorrect.

    Zac has his strong points, analysis of campaign politics is not one of them.

    The following sites updated: