Thursday, November 30, 2006

Iraq Study Group calls for all US troops to leave Iraq Immediately

The Iraq Study Group has issued the following recommendations:

1) All US troops should be brought home immediately.
*a) "Brought home immediately" does not mean "pull back" or "redeploy." It means all US troops serving in Iraq shall be returned to the US.
*b) This can be read as an endorsement of the the July 2006 editorial "Time to Head On Home."

2) Reparations shall be paid by the US government to Iraq through the United Nations.

3) The US Congress should immediately begin impeachments hearings.

4) A War Crimes Tribunal should hear testimony into the destruction of Falluja.

5) Dexter Filkins shall be charged with crimes against humanity for his 'reporting' on Falluja and, in fact, all of his reporting on or from Iraq.

These are the recommendations of and from the Iraq Study Group, the original one, the people's Iraq Study Group.

Chairs: Mike, Nina and Tony