Saturday, September 22, 2007

Brief Saturday note

Wally just called me and said, "C.I. is pissed." Community member Amanda found an article (at the awful site -- I won't ask Amanda why she was there! :D) where a Monkey News guy who hasn't read Naomi Klein's book (that's how Amanda found the piece, she was googling Naomi Klein) comparing Klein to Thomas Friedman. So Amanda e-mails C.I. about it and suggests that C.I. visit Monkey News and check out their links. C.I. does and sees "men, men, men."

I hadn't noticed that. And hadn't been to Monkey News since 2005. (I was on the panel that selected Monkey News as a permalink for The Common Ills, just disclosing.)
Wally had called C.I. to get a test audience for his joint-post with Cedric. After he got off the phone with C.I., he called me and said, "You link to Monkey News, right?" Yep. Or I did.

I've pulled them. I also considered pulling the anti-recruiting site because it hasn't updated since 2006. I have no problem with the site but it's dead now. I went ahead and left it linked because I figured that even though there is nothing new there, it's still a good resource.

But I did pull Monkey News.

When Wally explained the problems (and told me C.I.'s daughter is writing about the weasel there for Polly's Brew tomorrow -- you know it's a big deal if C.I.'s daughter is going to write something), I decided to pull Monkey News.

And let me add that if I had noticed that it links to no women before, I would've pulled it then.

I stopped visiting it in 2005 because I did notice the 'warrior' mentality there. A bunch of little boys trying real hard to act like big boys. Playing who's more manly. I thought that was actually funny because they all struck me as little pipsqueaks. But if I'd noticed that no woman was linked to, I wouldn't have just laughed at how they try to be 'manly' (while ripping off Guerilla Grrls? :D), I would've pulled them.

The lesson here is if you have kids or are planning on having them, it's your job to educate them. You can't assume that just because you stand for something, they do as well. So strong women shouldn't be raising little pigs who try to squeak macho.
Learn the lesson so you don't raise a Monkey Boy.