Thursday, September 26, 2019


ABC's MODERN FAMILY kicked off the final season last night.  Did you catch it?

I really think the show would be better if they wrote off Manny and Alex.  Their storylines were boring as is always the case if the story doesn't loop Haley or Luke in. 

Manny wanted Sherry Shaker back.  Why?  Don't try to think about it too much, it's a Manny story.  So Gloria showed him how, when she was mean to Jay, Jay would work harder.  Manny used that 'tip' while directing Sherry in the commercial for Jay's dog bed company.  Manny overdid it -- isn't that always the case? -- and Sherry went from liking him to hating him. 

Alex was off in a cold place -- even Claire calls her the "ice queen" -- and no one cares.  She just gripes.  Manny whines and she gripes.  They're the two most boring characters.

It was a very weak opening show.  Very weak.

Luke had two funny lines -- he was on briefly, though. 

Haley holds our interest even now.  The show should have been Luke and Haley and Lily.  I don't even remember seeing her, but she may have been on.  The only thing worse than Manny and Alex was the stupid story for Mitch and Cam.  Cam terrorized these children because they threw away something of his.  After this nonsense went on and on, finally it turned out they were acting -- the children -- as part of Cam's plan to force Mitch to confess that he threw away Cam's stuff. 

Cam and Mitch can be funny but this wasn't funny.

And Gloria as a controlling shrew really isn't funny either.  It didn't matter that she was trying to 'help' Manny, finding out that she's been mean to Jay intentionally for years in order to manipulate him didn't score points for Gloria.

How bad was the episode?  Claire was human compared to Jay and Gloria.

Here are some Tweets from Bernie Sanders.

  • I was proud to stand together with the members of this week. Park workers deserve a fair contract — not a doubling of their out of pocket health insurance costs.
  • Unlike Donald Trump I do not believe the children of America should go hungry. We're going to guarantee universal, free school meals to kids year-round.

  • Here's C.I.'s "Iraq snapshot:"

    Thursday, September 26, 2019.

    Starting in the US where the race for the Democratic Party's presidential nomination continues.  War Hawk Joe Biden wants to be president.  And so does his family.  Including his niece who stole over $100,000 and just got a slip on the wrist (see Ruth's "Biden's only tough on crime when it comes to people of color") because, well, "as a Biden."  Joe's word as a Biden is looking even more laughable.

    Apparently, Caroline Biden's family didn't use that record player enough at night or maybe they didn't have social workers coming in teaching her parents how to parent -- that's Joe's answer for African-Americans, right?  What's his answer for spoiled White kids in his own family?  Oh, right, look the other way.  Always.

    With more on the trashy Biden family, Ben Schreckinger (POLITICO) reports:

    Joe Biden’s brother told executives at a healthcare firm that the former vice president’s cancer initiative would promote their business, according to a participant in the conversation, who said the promise came as part of a pitch on behalf of potential investors in the firm.

    The allegation is the latest of many times Biden’s relatives have invoked the former vice president and his political clout to further their private business dealings. It is the first that involves the Biden Cancer Initiative, a project Joe Biden made the centerpiece of his post-White House life following the death of his son Beau. 

    Biden’s brother, James, made the promise to executives at Florida-based Integrate Oral Care during a phone call on or around November 8, 2018, according to Michael Frey, CEO of Diverse Medical Management, a health-care firm that is suing James Biden. At the time, James Biden’s business partners were pursuing a potential investment in Integrate, according to Frey and court records. Frey, who had a business relationship with James Biden and his associates, had introduced the group to Integrate. 

    James Biden told the Integrate executives that he would get the Biden Cancer Initiative to promote an oral rinse made by the firm and used by cancer patients, Frey, who said he participated in the call, told POLITICO. He added that James Biden directly invoked the former vice president on the call. "He said his brother would be very excited about this product,” Frey said. 

    Crony capitalism.

    Joe claims wisdom.  His family is unethical and he wants to be president?  His niece stole over $100,000 and she's not going to do time?  That's not fair, that's not fair and equal. That's the Biden corruption that runs through that family.

    Simon Lewis (REUTERS) reports:

    U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren on Wednesday edged past former Vice President Joe Biden for the first time in a major national opinion poll for the Democratic presidential primary, making her largest gains among white voters with a college degree. 
    Warren drew 27% support to Biden’s 25% in a Quinnipiac University poll of Democratic voters and independent voters who lean Democratic, though her lead was within the margin of error.
    The results marked a significant shift from Quinnipiac’s prior polls for the Democratic nominating contest to choose a candidate to take on President Donald Trump in November 2020. Biden had been ahead of Warren by double digits since it began polling in March and by 13 points in the same poll in August.

    Joe had been ahead.  He had been.  Before people started seeing who and what he was.

    And what happens to his niece is an issue  This goes to the whole 1% argument.  And this is not fair -- again, we're talking $100,000.  There are actresses who are in trouble  for using their money and influence to get their children into colleges.  But his niece steals $100,000 and she's not serving time?

    If she wasn't his niece, she would be doing time.

    Joe wants to be president as this happens and feels no embarrassment.  This goes back to Hunter Biden getting caught for cocaine usage while in the reserves and being allowed to walk when many others would have served time.

    This goes to the issue of corruption and his family -- his brother and his son Hunter -- using his name and his positions to make money.  It's unethical.  This is not a new development.  This nothing new.  It did not develop last week, last year or last decade.  These are policies that have been in effect throughout Joe's political career -- in fact, before his career started.

    Joe's allowed this unethical behavior to go on and on.  And now he wants to be president.  It is a serious issue and he needs to be asked about it and he needs to answer for it.  Serious issues are not addressed by sitting down with Jimmy Kimmel, for example.  And that's not slamming Jimmy.  He does an entertainment talk show, he has no background in news, his audience is watching for laughs.  The problem is not Jimmy or any other late night talk show host.

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